MMOBomb reaches 100,000 registered users and half a million readership is proud to announce that it has surpassed the 100,000 registered users, with a very active and friendly community.

Launched in April 2011, MMOBomb is regularly seeing an increase in its readership, with more than half a million unique visitors per month and 2,5 million page impressions during last April. These are remarkable figures for any website and particularly for one that just recently celebrated its first year online.

Lastly we would like to thank all the members and readers, without them there would be no MMOBomb.


    1. e _e 2nd

  1. Nice!!MMOBomb deserves it, since you guys are the best around here!!Now lets make a huge celebration!!!!

  2. well yeah….. you guys do good work :O

    1. 100.000 people that come here to get free beta keys and items and that don’t even say thanks, sad.

      1. Where’s the like button?

      2. just like me , lol D:

  3. You guys deserve it!!!you are the best!!!you are the BOMB!!!!

  4. Are we going to celebrate this with a big party? “Where is the cake? I was told there would be cake! The cake is a lie.”

  5. congratulations guys! i hope we well be over 10 million registered users.

  6. Your site, to lay free-to-play games!!

    Great work guys, you really deserve this and much much more that is coming

    Thanks a lot for all the work, dedication and for share every part of your news,reviews and content with all of us!

    Keep with the awesome work!


  8. I’m proud to be one of your followers :)

  9. Congratz!!! :D

  10. Great and AWESOME work.
    You give us a site full of F2P content and we are very grateful of that :D

  11. Yeah !!! AWESOME !!! )

    Now !! We need See How Magicman and Self will dance on the next Show ! Damnt )) That will be great SHOW )) … So Congratulation Us All!! ))

    MMOBOMB good luck and i know you are the Best !

  12. Yeah !
    Grats !!! You made an awesome work until now ! Waiting for even more XD
    Take a rest ^^

  13. MMOBomb is the best site for games… I’m sure

  14. Thank you for the feedback guys ! :)

  15. nice MMobomb you rock hard keep it up good job

  16. This make Magicman very happy! Congrats MMOBomb!

  17. Congratz!

  18. Give us some free shitttt to celebratee !:D

  19. Holy moly :D congratulations! wish you the best luck in the future of F2P casting :)

  20. even made this my homepage :p

  21. No need to thank us, you guys are the bomb!

    …see what I did there?

  22. contando ate com usuarios do Brazil

  23. For me is the site that I see firts when i put on my pc

  24. It truly is an interesting community, but many people make a few posts hoping for an increased giveaway chance and then disappear into the abyss.
    Loyalty is much less common, but those who DO choose to be loyal are rather awesome.

  25. Always been intrigued by since the time I started looking around for MMOs, especially the First Looks & Free to Play Weekly (the intro music and scenes are awesome).

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