Ask MMOBomb: Gunnar Giveaway and More

On this week’s show Magicman takes a peek at Gunnar Optiks and gives his opinion, talks about the “First” comment, and then gets down to the nitty gritty of video game companies in court! Your questions lead to a discussion about ad-supported games and even how Magicman got his name… if you didn’t already know. Keep YOUR questions coming and don’t forget to enter the Gunnar Giveaway (Rules Below)

How to get your Gunnar Optiks:

Watch the Ask MMOBomb episode and comment on the video on YouTube or here at in the comments section about the weirdest place you are willing to wear your Gunnars. If chosen you will be asked to submit a picture of you in your glasses for a future show!

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Ask MMOBomb is a exclusive show where we answer questions from our viewers. While questions should be Free to Play games related, they don’t always HAVE to be if you question is something we think viewers REALLY want to know. So feel free to ask anything you want! Questions are chosen from YouTube, Facebook and our website comments on the previous episodes, and emails sent to [email protected] Get those questions ready and let’s have some fun!

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  1. MOUNTED! :)

    1. I love that you are the one to do this lmao.

      I agree that ad based games could be a bad move. I for one am not okay with joining a game and creating my Orc Barbarian fighting off trolls and on my way back to town I get a loading screen that shows me a 30 second commercial about McDonalds. I do however believe that it wouldn’t be as big of a deal if it only showed it upon logging in or even upon choosing your character. I just think that if you are going to make a game with it’s own, fantasy based, lore you should try to stay to that lore.

      On another note, I could see it on some of the modern based games. Like if Call of Duty decided to create a F2P model of their Modern Warfare series you could make a map where you run through a city with billboards covered in mountain dew and monster energy drink or even the gunnar glasses. Maybe even on a subway level with posters around for other games they have released that are B2P or P2P. I wouldn’t throw the idea out just yet.

      If they did implement ads in a fantasy world however, how do you think they would go about it if it were as simple as a picture ad and not exactly video commercials?

      As always keep up the great work I love watching your show and visiting the website. :D

      1. Magicman, don’t even….

        As far as ad-supported F2P games, they are already doing that, mostly in browser-based games I think. When I used to play Quake Live, I always had to sit through a Verizon(?) ad before every match. I guess Id was banking on its nostalgia factor to ensure eyeballs on the screen. As for it being successful…who knows? The ironic part is, you can pay to NOT see the ads.

        Lastly, “I wear my Gunnars at night…”

        Yeah, I’m old…

        1. … so I can, so I can
          watch WoW weave and breath story lines~

          lmao, my dad is addicted to old music so yeah…… I am only 19 though (soon to be 20 D:)

          1. ^^ you get cake (no beer though)

            “And I wear my Gunnars at night
            so I can so I can
            keep track of the dailies in my eyes”

  2. Everyone below me must spell out their favorite game backwards or forever be MOUNTED by the great Musicman!!

    1. stnemmoc diputs fo nuf gnikam

    2. !emag elbissopmi ehT

  3. Magicman, what about organic advertising, like on in-game billboards? Do you think that would be viable?

  4. There are alot of games that uses ad’s to give free cashshop coins/money to players that have to watch, click or register on these ad’s.

  5. enilno :roirrawchech

    1. It is spelled “enilno: roirrawchem”

      1. D’oh. “enilno: roirrawhcem”

  6. I would wear them at a gay bar.

  7. I’m willing to wear my gunnars… while taking a shower!

  8. Hey Magicman. Another great episode. Its good to see you staying busy making content for all us junkies!

    For the contest: I’m willing to truck surf wearing the Gunnars on one of my 16′ box trucks! I’m sure my employees would love to get a chance to throw me off while doing it, so I will have to make my choice of drivers carefully lol.

    Question: What are your thoughts on gamer ADD in the current market? Seems every bounces around a lot without any loyalty to one game.


    1. Ye I think that is a really good question as well, in the F2P market people to seem to bounce around from game to game bc all they have to do is download it without any commitments. And then they tend to give games bad reviews bc they didnt get to any of the good stuff, new form of trolling I guess -_-

  9. I hope Warner Bros takes theme to court as well and OWNS theme in court

  10. I’m willing to wear my gunnars… while i play chess….IN THE REAL LIFE !


  12. im willing to wear my gunnars at a feminin underwear shop, so i can have the truth in-depth vision… however, i would have to wear a tuxedo and look like some company CEO, otherwise i would look like a perv and that’s not the point at all…

  13. I would wear them coming out of the sewers manhole with a PS3 controller in one hand….. ^_^

    (favorite game backwards? rebmoB tneliS )

  14. i’m willing to wear the glasses while… hello baby, have u lost some weight or is it just me?

  15. im willing to wear my gunnars at……….FUS RO DAH!

  16. in the sewers with a pc installed there

  17. I will be putting them on in a graveyard

  18. in true fortune cookie fashion… I’d wear my gunnars in bed while playing 3DS, because thats totally hard core gaming right?

  19. I will wear them in a playground screaming “GUNNARS” to kids while swinging!

  20. I would wear them wile fishing to see if the magnification helps with the tying off the hook to the line.

  21. Everywhere since I where glasses.

  22. They expect me to take it all off, but I’d wear them in a massage parlor. Knowing how good I’d look in them, I am sure they will understand why I can’t take them off.

  23. Oh yeah…speaking of lawsuits, was the one between En Masse Entertainment/Bluehole Studio & NCsoft resolved? There’s sketchy notes about people being guilty and all, but I’m not sure whether that lawsuit has been done and dusted.

    About ads in games, I do think it could be a viable complementary way of earning revenue besides cash shops, but perhaps only when logging in, logging out & maybe even in loading screens (though the latter would definitely be pushing it).

  24. I would Were Them in a Public Bathroom on my bare feet lol sounds weird but im up for anything…. MagicMan great job on the show .. MMOBOMB FTW

  25. Basically wear them whenever I play CSGO :D LANs, Scrimming, Pubbing etc.

  26. I would wear them at at a gay black bar

  27. I would wear my Gunnar while walking around inside the LONDON MUSEUM!

  28. Id wear my Gunnars while dancing to Gangnam style out front of a grocery store!

  29. If I become a sniper in the army, I’ll be sure to wear those glasses. They might make a terrorist’s day end very badly.

  30. I’d wear it around my school during class and act like Oprah saying, “YOU GET A GUNNARS AND YOU GET A GUNNARS… Sike” And get detention. ._. Like last time.

  31. I will wear them while inside an Igloo that I construct this winter.

  32. Damn im from Germany :(

  33. i would wear the gunnars in bed dont ask why, i just would xD

  34. I’m willing to wear my gunnars….. everywhere the shower bed while beasting on games swimming during sex while I drive on top of the house while I practice my dragon shouts I would wear them while I fly even in a fight against friza I owuld go super sayian with my gunnars on I would never take them off even while I snipe my enemy’s from 6 miles away BOOM HEAD SHOT !!!! GUNNARS MORE THEN SHADES THERE A LIFE STYLE ; )

  35. Ah! I’ve been wanting a pair of Gunnars so desperately!
    I’d be willing to wear them while watching more MMOBomb videos bahahah.

  36. I’m willing to wear gunnars while my wife is giving birth to our daughter in December!

  37. I’d wear my Gunnars on the top of a car…


    NO PANTS?!


  38. I been in mmobomb giveaways incluiding beta keys , since the first one ever made , i never get a shit , its only for the people from the state mmobomb its been founded , so doesnt worth even try it lol..

    BUT , good luck to all :)

  39. I would wear these glasses in the woman’s bathroom at a crowded mall.
    Though it may sound creepy, this would be the creepiest thing I would ever do.

  40. Thanks for the Show.

    About ad’s in gaming, Maiet has sorta done this in Gunz, When they added the weapon shop map they added a few poster’s of thier upcoming game RaiderZ… When i first seen it in the game thats when i started doing research on RaiderZ, Year’s before it was released into a beta stage.


    1. One more thing, About those glasses. I personnaly would not want them.

      Why : They would not fit over my 3D glasses.And at 49$ for a pair of 3D,That;s just where my gaming has gone to now.
      I only added this for there areAlot of F2P game’s going 3D or already have it implied in the programming.
      Grabbing Tridef’s trial 14 day, then reactivating when expired is 3D cheap and easy.

      But good to see you all are starting to do give away’s, This just ain’t for me even though i am not state side. Eh !


  41. I’ll wear them while eating a turkey leg, and being spun around in a giant pumpkin/gyroscope as the entire world watches me while spinning away from slenderman

    Because in my dreams is the most important place to wear them shows they’re always on my mind like my PC

  42. I shall wear gunnars underwater while playing with my iphone. Did i mention underwater!?

  43. hey magic the gunner glasses sooo WTF is your day job just asking? any is MMOBOMB a company or just a small site and youtube channel.

    1. magic ignore part bout gunner glass

      1. Check this for more info about MMOBomb: :)

  44. I’d wear them while gaming :O So original right?

    Anyways thanks for featuring my question. =3

  45. Wearing a motorcycle helmet while in my pajamas dancing on the highway.

    Oh god, I hope I don’t really have to do that…

  46. I would wear in a party in antartida night, during a storm, playing D & D, naked.

  47. I’d wear them in the shooting range.

  48. I would wear them while skydiving on to a black diamond mountain when I go extreme snowboarding.

  49. Magicman About ad supported gaming. Square Enix has made it so you can play Hitman: blood money with ad support. The more ads you watch the more time you get to play the game.

    I tried it, it worked pretty well and its easy to “fake it”. I was basically watching TV and played some ads, didn’t even watch any of them and racked up a couple hours of game play. Easy. That’s could be seen as a problem to advertisers when doing this, the game is free because of eyeballs watching the ads and there isn’t a way (unless they make you have your camera on while watching the ads) to prove you watched them.

    I came up with another way to ad support games, but i won’t get into it because I hope to develop it sometime.

    1. LMAO , that is to awsome , Forget F2P, Foget B2P, Forget P2W &Forget Sub’s

      We now have the Next Big Thing .. Watch to Play – W2P !

      Definately W2P for the Win !!!!


  50. I would wear my Gunnars while watching “The Controller: Battlefield 3″

  51. Hey Magicman, You seem to be losing weight. If so, good for you!

    1. Thank you kindly :)

  52. Oh well…can’t participate (why u no international. Me so sad T_T) but, for the fun of it:

    In an Amish camp outhouse.

  53. I’d wear that to school and go up to a random person and say: “‘I’m a gamer” (take off glasses) “A MMOBomb gamer.” And hopefully I’ll be able to get one of my friends to play that YEAHHHHHHHHHHH song-part-thingy as I walk away. XD

  54. I would wear them at school

  55. I would wear them at parties :D lol

  56. I would wear them in the gay bar ( but i’d never go to the gay bars ) and also on the parties. :) MagicMan i love your show and i would reaaaaaaally need those glasses :)

  57. I’d be willing to wear Gunnar’s on a date in my underwear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. I am willing to wear them in a night club , in a hot tub with my girlfriend.. Pretty much everywhere I go. Because I can’t buy gunnars in my country,,,

  59. i think most of ppl havent got this one hahaha and i havent got too lol

  60. Well easy I will wear it while peeing so i will look at yellow piss with yellow glasses wearing a yellow shirt!

  61. I would wear these cool glasses while watching mmobomb on youtube. Now how awesome is that huh?!

  62. I would build an big fat pumpkin and gonna play there computer with the an energy transformator, which gets energy from the pumpkin. Then I’m gonna play with my new cool glasses ^^

  63. In bed with my ex girlfriends dad checking my laptop. (where I could wear them)

  64. I’d wear glasses to a cinema and see what effect they’ll have there.
    …Maybe even watching a 3d film, who knows…

  65. ill wear them while having sex with my woman and or down town on here slash gaurd

  66. I will wear them when go i club and do gangnam style in club :D

  67. where else ? my graduation

  68. The real question is where wouldn’t I where them?

  69. I would wear them in a corner all depressed eating a Klondike Bar…. Because…. What would you do for a Klondike Bar….

  70. Im a bannana ima bannana peanut butter jelly time!

  71. I would be willing to wear them on The back of my head while I wear all of my clothes backwards and walk around on the streets in my local big city of Fort Worth, I would also get a few photos with some random passerby

  72. I will wear them.. NON STOP. And take pictures for every places i go ! =p

  73. I would wear them at church.

  74. I would be willing to wear them while streaming on, cus well.. the damn things are made for gaming! xD

  75. I would wear them to a resturant :D

  76. I would wear them when I go to meet my girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Cause you know, they have to know I’m a committed gamer!

  77. I will wear them with high on Drugs at My job!!!.Doing gangnam style danceing around the customers!!.

  78. ^while high on drugs^

  79. i will wear them while standing on top of mount everest

  80. I’m gonna wear them while doing exercises at the gym. :)

  81. Without watching the video, I’m going to assume the purpose of those glasses is attracting other men.

  82. I’d wear those Gunnar Optiks on my balls, then start talking to it

    1. I would pay not to see that lmao

  83. I would wear them while sleeping, going to college (even in winter), dancing, going to my own wedding and of course for gaming…

  84. I would wear them to the patent office to submit my design of a button to turn on and off my gaming machine.

  85. MMOBOMB is the best :)

  86. In a nuclear power plant or on the toilet.

  87. I would wear my gunnars ….. in the sewer canal just outside my house

  88. I would be willing to wear them to an Amish ball.

  89. pooping in the urinal at Walmart…

  90. i would go to mexico and hug a mexican flag pole wearing a sombrero with my gunnars

    1. if you could afford to do that then why not just buy your own Gunnars?

  91. I used to be a gamer like you, but then i took some Gunnar Glasses to the face.
    -Where would i be wearing them?
    -While gaming and doing free time stuff like cinemas etc.

  92. I’ll wear them every day, while I game :(

  93. I think i’ll wear Gunnar while i play or work at PC. :) )

  94. Man, I would wear my Gunnar while I dance to Gangnam Style!

  95. I played Flyff Philippines a couple of years ago, they where running this event about Nescafe where you collect the ingredients (coffee, milk, sugar, etc) to create a Nescafe coffee that gives you a buff. I don’t know if they are paid for it or not but I did earn a lot of in-game currency for selling the ingredients.

  96. I would wear them while flying on a broom into the underworld wearing a batman costume.

  97. Hey Magicman !

    Just wondering if you and the cast were out of Sandy’s path.

    Don’t quote me on this , but for some reason i thought you lived in NJ.

    To the Community & The Host’s, my heart goe’s out to all of you that are suffering through this ordeal.

    Hopefully see alot of you back here again soon.



    1. I am East Coast and Sandy made life exciting this week. Thank you for your well wishes. We are all fine and not as impacted as those in NY/NJ are.

  98. I hope i win this never won anything online before *crossfingers*

  99. I would wear them at work, I’m sick of headaches, and maybe they will actually work. Of course when I am gaming, and don’t know, if I like them I will wear them all time, they actually look nice, I like them :D (this is the real thing)
    For the funny one: I would wear them while I sleep so I can see my dreams better :) )

  100. I will use them while i work at night time getting trash, while driving a golf cart. I will be fighting the trash monster that comes at night no joke! I will provide a Pic!

  101. Wear them on my first girlfriends family dinner. Nothing like first impressions with the Gunnars ;)

  102. When I go to Vegas to loss all my money and end up passing out in the casino buffet.

  103. I would wear them while building an igloo this winter

  104. those look so amazing i would wear those

  105. i wanna wear it while i playing PWI , QQ i think i should have something to protect my eyes since my gaming time is 14 hurs+ a day

  106. i would wear my gunnar gaming glasses at school and anywhere else i can

    1. also on the toilet like a boss

  107. I’d wear these to an Arsenal Gunnars game, once I visit England of course.

  108. Aloha

    I’d wear my Gunnars at work and of course while running rampage in LoL^^

    To win i would make a picture of me every 10 minutes for 24 hours and combine them to a video…144 pics i quess… 25 frames per second –> 5,76 seconds of video… hmm yeah that should be good^^


    ps: my name is MightVision…. mightVISION…. i am the man that the gunnars deserve, not the one they need. So i will wear them, because i can take them, because i am not a hero.
    I am a loud neighbor, a almost blind gamer,… i am the Dar…. oh i mean… MightVision!

  109. On the roof of my local Woolworth’s ^.^

  110. Of course I would try them out at work as I am in front of a two computer screens all day, would also wear them to the the up coming release of The Hobbit on opening night :)

  111. while making a cover video of gangnam style. cuz yolo #swag

  112. I will wear the gunnar optiks inside a plane’s lavatory while urinating O_O

  113. thx I love yow mmobomb

  114. i would wear them at high school……..yeah i went there!

  115. I’d wear them in the guy’s gym locker room at school. >:D

  116. I would wear them anywhere. I would even wear them during my school classes :-)

  117. id wear mt gunnars while… t-bagging an asian man in an elevator while wearing a cowboy hat.

  118. Can you give giveaway for CS:GO?

  119. Very Interesting… i work to my PC 12-16 hours of day. will be Gunnar protect my eyes?

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