Free to play Weekly

Free To Play Weekly: Snail Games Sued Twice?!? (Ep. 145)

Snail Games Sued Twice?!? Tera Fate Of Arun launch date announced, Aion and Blade & Soul get the mobile treatment, all that and more, this……


Prismata – Lunarch’s Genre Blending “Card” Game

Ok, right out of the gate I’m going to be honest with you. Prismata really interests me. I can’t help it. I enjoy a good…

apple image_thumb

Did Apple Take The First Step In The Erosion Of The Free-To-Play Name?

There are no more “free” games on the App Store any more. Now, “free,” “free-to-play,” “freemium,” or whatever-you-want-to-call-them games are still there, but they’re not…


Zombies Monsters Robots… ‘Mechs? En Masse Brings The Heavy Guns To ZMR

Do ‘mechs count as robots? “Close enough” must be En Masse Entertainment’s view, because they’re now in the company’s frenetic shooter Zombies Monsters Robots. The…


TOME: Immortal Arena Now Available On Steam

A few weeks ago, we chatted about TOME: Immortal Arena on an episode of the Free to Play Cast. Today, KIXEYE is now unleashing their…


SMITE Ao Kuang God Premium Giveaway

MMOBomb and Hi-Rez Studios have teamed up again to give our users 5 premium SMITE god codes – The SMITE Ao Kuang unlock code. Each…


Royal Quest DLC Steam Code Giveaway (Worth $800)

MMOBomb and Royal Quest have teamed up to give our users 10 premium Combo DLC Steam keys , the Royal Guard Pack ($19.99 each) and…

First Look

Brawlhalla – Gameplay First Look

Brawlhalla is a 2D, 4 person brawler in the spirit of Super Smash Brothers. Easy to jump into and action packed, Brawlhalla is a fun…


Elsword Celebrates Eve’s 3rd Birthday and Adds New Raid

Elsword players may remember way back when KOG Games introduced Eve to the North American character lineup three years ago. Now it’s time to celebrate…

Archwing - Warframes in Flight

Warframe’s Archwing Update Soars Onto Consoles

PC players have been taking to the skies for a while now, but the latest update for Warframe has added a whole new dimension to…


Elsword: Eve’s 3rd Birthday Giveaway ($500 worth)

MMOBomb and KOG Games have teamed up to give our users 10 packs of K-Ching ($50 worth each) for Elsword to celebrate Eve’s 3rd Birthday!…


This Means War! War Thunder BombLive

It’s been a while since we hopped into War Thunder, so today Jason will get behind the wheel of his 10-ton plane and pilot his…


Tera: Fate of Arun Expansion Launch Date Announced

The first expansion to Tera Online was previously teased as releasing “sometime this year.” It looks like En Masse Entertainment is going to squeak by…

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