Free to play Weekly

Free To Play Weekly: PlanetSide 2 Sets A Guinness Book World Record! (Ep 155)

Tera’s Skycastles get a release date, PlanetSide 2 sets a record, a Dragon’s Dogma MMO is announced, all that and more, this is Free to…


Otherland’s Next Beta Scheduled for February

If you’ve been waiting for more details about the on-again, off-again development of Otherland, Drago Entertainment’s sci-fi MMORPG, then you aren’t alone. Otherland had a…

First Look

Elvenar – First Look Gameplay

Elvenar is a browser based, strategy/city building, resource based game currently in Closed Beta. Innogames has stuck to the formula they use in other browser…


Heroes & Generals Goes To Server-Side Hit Detection

Shockingly, proper hit detection is very important in an FPS. Reto-Moto’s taking that to heart with the newest update for Heroes & Generals, which completely…

Elsword Dark Knight

Elsword’s Elesis Goes Dark With A New Job Path

Sometimes, a good girl just has to go bad to get the job done. Elsword‘s Elesis isn’t putting up with Lord Wally’s (yes, “Lord Wally”)…

Hearthstone Undertaker

Put Back Your Dead: Hearthstone Tones Down Undertaker

Patch for Hearthstone is now live, and its biggest change to the game is a slight reduction — which sounds kinder and gentler than…


PAX South 2015: Hands On With Dreadnought

Sometimes, size really does matter. We’ve covered Greybox and Yager’s giant spaceship combat game Dreadnought a few times here at MMOBomb, and I got my…


Interview: STO Lead Developer 5 Year Retrospective

Cryptic Games is celebrating 5 years of Star Trek Online and we scored some time with Lead Developer Stephen Ricossa to reflect on the half…


TERA’s Skycastles Coming February 24th

Ten days ago we reported on TERA’s Producer Letter and detailed a bit about the upcoming February update which would add the much anticipated guild…

Free to Play Cast

Free to Play Cast: Which Console Does F2P Better? Ep. 126

On this week’s show, Mike and Jason debate on ArcheAge’s “new communication” direction and if it will come to pass, drop some of their thoughts…

Aion Abbey thumb

Aion Changes Socketing And Incentivizes Returning Players

You hear “We made these changes based on player feedback” a lot with games, but NCSoft is putting something behind those words with today’s Aion…


PAX South Preview: Cabal 2

At PAX South, I was granted an exclusive look at Cabal 2, an upcoming MMORPG from ESTSoft that pulls no punches. When I asked about…


League of Legends Soundtrack Available for Free

Not much to report on here in the way of beefing up the article a bit so I’ll just come out with it. Riot Games…

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