MMOBomb Client: Stay in the Game

MMOBomb Client is a free software powered by Overwolf that lets you do tons of stuff while playing your game. Record your gameplay, browse the internet, capture screenshots, share game experiences, use Facebook, Skype, Messenger and much more!

Web Browser
Not sure how to kill the last boss? Besides checking your emails, MMOBomb’s chrome-based in-game browser ensures you’ll actually find whatever it is that you are looking for, without leaving your game.

Video Recorder
The MMOBomb Client Video Capture widget allows you to record gameplay videos, save them on your hard drive or upload them directly to your Facebook or YouTube accounts and post them on Twitter. Using the in-game widget media player, you can watch videos you recorded without ever leaving your game.

Shoot To Record
100% pure action. No more boring 10 minutes round recordings or long editing work – get what matters, instantly.

Screen Capture
Capture a high resolution screenshot with a single click while you continue to play. See the result immediately, and share it on Twitter or Facebook with just one click without leaving your game.

Social Networks
Use YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to share your triumphs. Update your own status and upload screenshots and videos from the game while you play. Also, you can use MMOBomb Client to do the non-gaming related social activities: view and comment friends statuses, check out hot chicks profiles… wait, what?!

Use the MSN widget to chat with your friends while you play. Oh, and get this: Whenever an MMOBomb-Messenger friend of yours starts to play a game, you’ll be notified. This way you can join him so you can kick some asses together.

Video Player
Okay, you’ve just had an amazing knife kill. If it was recorded, you can now check it out without leaving your game, and upload it to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

Web widgets
Experience the web through MMOBomb…

More Coming Soon
Music player, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and much more!

System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7, Vista or XP. (Mac users, we are working on it).
50MB on your hard drive
In-game support: DirectX9, DirectX11.
CPU / RAM: If your computer runs your game, it will run MMOBomb Client with it.

Note: MMOBomb Client is in beta stage, we are improving it all the time and supporting more games.

Support: Need Help? Go here


    1. thank you mmobomb you are the best to do this.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Awesome !!! :)

  2. Sweet! Thank you MMOBOMB, you’re the best. You always know what we want!

  3. dose it have spyware or viurs’s in it?
    if it dose i wont download

    1. No it’s powered by Overwolf the program give you a browser and a messenger and some shortcuts for the mmobomb website and facebook page and a video record all customized :D It gives you what they say in the description.

      1. ok but one and never be too carefull these days

        1. Why would MMOBomb post a virus? that just sound stuiped

          1. THAT IS exctly why they would do it cuz no 1 think they would lol jk jk they wont
            they ar awsome

    2. lololol Why would they release something with spyware and viruses in it?! XD Think, COME ON!

      1. Yeah, why would anyone ever do that… ;p

        1. Because they thinks the Anonymous is cool? Which is basically crap but… yea… w/e…


  5. The dream of every mmogamer *.* Thank u so much mmobomb!!!!

  6. thats realy awesome lol now i think this is beter then all recoreder thx MMOBomb

  7. EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. No one cares stupid low life

      1. this is sir butthurt above me

  9. Thank you!

  10. Very nice, but this programs is for only mmo games or every genre games, with not are only mmo?

    1. You can use in all games :)

      1. I tried running it with Eden Eternal, it won’t show up in the game D:

        1. thats because your a mac

  11. this isn’t new playxpert is the same thing but different XD

  12. Wow thats incredible. I hope it works with things like Steam and OnLive.
    Gonna try it out.

  13. this is freaking awesome and germaximus if you look good youll be able to find the place where it says all the games that this client is avaible for

  14. This looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it out! Nice one mmobomb.

  15. I LOVE this! a great way to make this website a well established community[: You guys are working your way up! I can honestly say i go to this site more than ********* :D

  16. This is good and all, but I doubt anyone would really use this when its so new, compared to Xfire.

    1. i also have Xfire but i am kinda disapointed. The in-game and web-browser interface lags so much, it’s kinda impossible to do something with it

      1. yeaaa, i hope mmobomb makes it more like xfire :O

      2. Its still beta :D

  17. thanks for this and keep up your good work

  18. When i run it i got error ? lol

      1. Hellgate:London Global doesn’t work with this program either.. Would be awesome to have it as a tool in that game too ;)

  19. How do I use this while on a game..? I tried using it earlier while on Company of Heroes but it didn’t stay up :(

    1. Hi Madmatt,

      Unfortunately CoH isn’t one of our supported games (yet).
      You can check the list at Settings>Games.

      Will definitely work on that!

      Thank you

  20. How do i actually operate this? I have it open, but when I go into a game I don’t see anything. Also, im not so sure about the fire to record thing, isn’t that going to affect my framerate all the time?

    1. Hi AuntyJ,

      You might not see the software in the game if the game isn’t on our supported games list.
      To see the list and to check if your game is in it, go to Settings>Games.

      About the Shoot To Record – As most recordings which affect FPS to some extent, STR will also affect it though only when you record. This feature records each time you click the hotkey assigned to it (can be changed by you), and keeps recording a few seconds after release (you can also modify this time). So when you are not recording, you should not feel FPS drop.

      Thank you

  21. Hoho~ nice but of course hope it can improve even further. Do u think u can put in the email notification in the msn widget, so u can know if u got new mail coming in like the msn messenger.

    1. Hi Vilser,

      Sounds good! We will consider this idea.

      Thank you

  22. Um I need help because I can’t install it. It says its installing and its been installing for four hours. I have no clue whats wrong I have enough mb.

  23. Incredible job MMOBomb. This will only continue to get better and better as time goes on!

  24. Nice job!!!!

  25. keeep got this stupid error ??

    1. Hi Danger,

      I’ve posted above but it’s awaiting moderation due to the link to our support mail I guess.
      I’ll post again so we could take care of your error as soon as possible.
      Please send us a mail to support *at* overwolf *dot* com and tell us exactly what you are experiencing – at what stage you are receiving an error, which error etc.
      Also – include in the mail your operating system please.

      Thank you

    2. Posted on It has always been my beelif that good writing like this takes research and talent. It’s very apparent you have done your homework. Great job!

  26. Totally unexpected, and AWESOME! :D

  27. nice, but i use steam and xfire… i guess i culd try,but it should offer better stuff and all

    1. Hi Kraaws,

      We are currently at beta stage and we keep developing new widgets and features all the time.
      What would you like to see in the software?

      Thank you

  28. i installled flash on the mmobomb browser an the program wont start up now

    1. Hi TomiWar,

      First time we hear of this, so I’ll suggest a restart of the computer and if that still doesn’t work please send us a message to support *at* overwolf * com and we’ll continue this conversation there.

      Thank you

  29. 11/10 mmobomb.Good work!

  30. Awesome!

  31. sound cool ima download

  32. I love it! Thanks mmobomb

  33. This is really great I definitely will use it. It would be really great if you can put some kind of media player controller(winamp or windows media player [buttons like play/pause,stop,next track,previous track,volume controller and a small list that can show you the tracks that are in the playlist] ).
    Keep up the good work :) .

    1. Hi NGX,

      We’re definitely going to create some kind of a media player widget that includes music :-)

      Thank you

      1. Yey I am glad to hear that :) , plus i reported game that you are missing and a lot of players play it, hope you will add it :D

        1. Sorry about the report with the game I wrote the game name bad :) (sorry about my English, i know it’s not perfect :P )…

  34. It seems i cant see Mmobomb when im playing league of legends or starcraft 2 and those 2 are supported games. Theres no mmobomb client there when i launch them

  35. The msn client does however not support group chat.

    And not only the ones where you invite a few people, but the ones you make and you’re always a part of until you decide to leave it.

  36. Is there a version for Linux or will it run using wine? This is a fantastic idea

  37. i have one thing to say. This is definitely a must for the free gamer. No more 2nd page opening on the game to have access to everything, good recorder, easier to use than lots of recorders, msn, skype, gmail for social gamers, and the best: A LINK TO MMOBOMB.COM

  38. Suggestion for overwolft… you guys could development a chat tool (you guys have one for skype i know) in this case for all the people that it is currently using mmobomb client. It would be could to talk with ppl about mmobomb, random talk and games. I think would be awesome to the client :D

  39. Don’t forget if the american government passes its latest bill Americans won’t be allowed to share their gameplay videos without written consent by the game’s developers. And everyone knows companies don’t respond to emails. So the only way to get the consent without email is to hire a lawyer and set up a meeting.

    1. Btw cool program, the list of supported games is very small though. And I can’t record half the games I play. Why not instead of making the recording game mode only. Make it so that it records screen (like the tool in skype)?

  40. does this work with any game?

  41. I tried to use it in WoW, but I coudn’t see it!

  42. how can i “Log out” a remember acount of facebook?

  43. no for AION ONLINE .(

  44. too slow, is REALLY SLOW to upload a video to youtube, and the video that this record are so… bad, in REALLY bad quality

    1. i have not used it yet but i think you can see if there are settings for it

  45. can’t use it for all the games..:(

    1. It is a beta, we are improving it all the time and supporting more games.

  46. this is total epicness O.o

    1. if only it worked for all the games i play though x…x

  47. my problem solved nice programm keep going

  48. i can’t see it in game.

  49. This is great and I’m not gonna scream n whine that this doesn’t work for all my games just yet. People; you gotta realize this is new and still in beta fro what I heard so give it time already, sheesh. I am still going to be using Fraps though as my main recorder but the other functions of this just sound fun. Thanks for this, hopefully the games list will be updated to some of the more popular ones people are whining about. I dunno how or if this could work with Minecraft though.

  50. Do not work for any for the games in the list! Why?

  51. wait wait it doesnt work in the games i play like APB and i wanna Record how i own ppl and how i get ownd!!!

  52. I installed it, and I can say it’s pretty big dissappointment. It won’t show up in League of Legends or Team Fotress 2, even though the games are on the “Supported Games” list. If it would work, it would be cool. But for the moment it doesn’t. So it’s not cool. NOT COOL.

  53. When does it come for mac!!!???!!!??? i wanna try!!!!!

  54. is there a list of all the available titles it works with so far we could access?

    1. come on come on come on

  55. I NEED 1

  56. may fire may fire

  57. loks good

  58. I cant seem to install the client at all, each time it asks about Microsoft Net 3.5 SP1, which I cannot install because I have Microsoft Net 4.0 already on my laptop. Is there any way you can make it Net 4.0 compatible?

  59. why this shit its getting stuck at installing ?
    I can leave it like that for hours , still won’t say complete wtf..

  60. Could you guys maybe add support for Perfect World International at some point in the near future?

  61. i found that it dosent work for APB reloaded

  62. This is a nifty little piece of sofware indeed. The only problem is that it dosent support every game out there yet + its missing some features like facebookchat, and so on.

  63. can you tall me wut game is that?


  65. Great job but i wish if it supports more games but iam sure u will add more soon SOooo overall great software Keep up the good work MMOBomb

  66. Will it make you lag in game like fps game’s?

  67. I would like League of Legends to be included in the supported games list ^^

  68. Doesn’t work 4 FPS games T____T

  69. sry but dont play it 24/7 because it does one crazy

  70. lol evryone get this

  71. this is very good indeed its the best 1 i have seen so far thx mmobomb u guuys are good keep up the work and this site will be a legend 1 day

  72. Its not working. Its acting like it is trying to run it but it never stops trying

  73. I used to use camtaisa then fullscreen took an arrow to the knee and now i use this

  74. Sorry Xfire is better.

    1. Well for me the Vid record works way better in xfire.

  75. Awesome! this is gonna be so epic

  76. pls help me i dont know how to record a video because I want to record special force singapore pls help me

  77. Installs and runs just fine on windows 8 ;) cool little thing to have

  78. Hello there, I just ran across this about 10 mins ago, liked the video you had posted and read up on this, now I was wondering tho I doubt it, will there be a way to live stream with this program in the future for free?

    I would hope so, tho knowing to live stream games probably costs the site quite abit of money to host your streams and in turn I can guess it also costs this people who made the program some cash aswell when you stream with their programs, so the monthly fee would probably cover it some.

    Well it would be nice to find a HD way to stream games for free that will not kill your computer and eat up all the bandwith, tho knowing how slim that will be, will well it’s probably not going to happen lol.

    1. I’m not trying to steal the lime light from or anything, but if you want to stream live gameplay, why not just try It’s free and from what I’ve heard, very easy to use.

  79. oh this is awesome.. ty

  80. Can i record speaking in the videos?

  81. it says “ah captain MMOBOMB client was unable to do something” COME ON IM PISSED NOW!

    1. same problem really angry


  83. Firstly, some games to put on the todo list:
    Dawn of War, as many games as you can from both 1 and 2. (Total of 7 of them or something.)
    Warcraft III, even though it is dying, it’s not dead yet!

    But more than this, I’d like to know if you could find a way of supporting other chat clients. I mainly use Pidgin, but rather than asking specific support for this, would you be able to have a generic way of supporting programs within the client?

  84. Could you support Dolby Axon??

  85. i love that tool !!!!!
    best tool ever !!!!

  86. Oh yes! i have been waitng for this for quite some time now :)
    and now i can finely make some gameplay videos of me and some friends playing all cind of games togetter :) thx you so much for this MMOBOMB your the best…

  87. hello when i start playing vindictus with mmobomb client the vindictus hackshield pick up an error
    saying hack is on or something like that..

  88. Ive been using overwolf for a bit now and its just amazing, though it does get picked up by nibshield. Dont trust anything nexon.

  89. well i have an question the record size is big?? cuz i don t want to upload 1 GB for 15 min video

  90. Total AWSOMNES!

  91. evryones been thanking mmobomb which is cool but lets thank overwolf too. and just in case no ones else does…..THANKS MMOBOMB GREAT IDEAS OVERWOLF KEEP IT UP!


  93. woooow i love this program mmobomb is the best really i like you man

  94. MMOBomb is clearly the best ever no doubt , MMOBomb FTW!! always ways and everyday.. :D

  95. Wow this is just really amazing. Thanks mmobomb and acourse overwolf Thank you :)

  96. what a crap. the social feeds aint working for me

  97. that is awesome!!!!

  98. Needs Absolute Force Online added to its game list

  99. wow this is really awesome thanks a lot mmobomb

  100. Needs a mac version

  101. I’ve downloaded this and made a few recordings, but one thing ive noticed is that my friend’s voice can barely be heard. You can hear mine clearly, but his isn’t coming in loud enough to really hear. I’m using Skype. Any options to remedy this?

    1. Make it louder. It might work.

  102. mmobomb you are the best

  103. I found out it doesnt work for browser games…

  104. Hey in what resolution does it capture video??

    Thank you in advance.

  105. what are the games who work with

  106. First of all I would like to thank all the people behind this program. I play World of Warcraft and I’m not seeing an Icon appear where I can access MMOBOMB. I play in Fullscreen mode if that matters.

  107. How do u use this is game? I want to use this on Nostale but it is only working on my browser and desktop not in game ):

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