Foreign Fridays: Dragonball Online (Ep. 2)

On this episode of Foreign Fridays, Spunkify checks out Dragonball Online an MMORPG currently only available in some Asian countries. Check out what made it into the MMO from the anime, including dragonballs, scouter levels, iconic abilities, super saiyans and more! Dragonball Online Guide here.

Foreign Fridays is a series where we take a look at free to play MMO games currently only available in Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, China, and more. We try it out and tell you what is interesting about it, whether we think it will be a success in the EU/NA markets, and if you should try it out right now! Watch this exclusive series right here on every Friday!

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  1. Looks fun especially since its DBZ.

    1. Btw another good episode of foreign Fridays Spunk keep up the great work.

  2. This looks horrid. The entire Dragon Ball series was based on fast-paced fighting. This would have worked a lot better if they hadn’t used the cliche point-and-click type combat system and opted for something more action-oriented like Dragon Nest and Vindictus.

    1. true, also bandai handed it over to some rookie game companie, this is their first game also since they didnt have a lot of budge , they used an old and cheap engine. And the game is a lot grindy as well. But for a dbz fan the game is indeed quite fun.

    2. well if you tihnk about it thats gonna take lots of work cmopared to the whole dbz series it may take about a year to complete and the fast paced fighting? no game actually has that yet but i cant wait till they do would make games cooler

  3. ooh, great video spunkify. Awesome footage indeed.

  4. Once again Spunkify, an excellent episode. I’ve known this DB MMO has been around for a while, but i never thought it was a well thought out DB MMO, just by watching this episode, it made me to really want to play it. Again, great episode!.

  5. when i download do i have to download all 3 parts or just 1 part?

  6. what the game site

  7. Spunkify has a guide for installing and such under the video. Just click the hyperlink labeled “here” for it.

  8. Also, Thanks Spunkify for making this. I’m a huge fan of DB/DBZ and would just play it even just a few times just for the nostalgic feel of it. Keep the show coming. Really enjoying these a lot. :)

  9. You’re growing on me spunkify. I didn’t approve at first but now I’m starting to like you, I guess it’s just you getting better, I’m not sure.

    Anyway, looks great, but I won’t try it because it ;looks ungodly grindy.

    Also, I’m sure people would want an english patch for this game, there’s one for PSO2 so I’m sure there’s one for this, maybe somewhere you can put a link in for an english patch? I doubt people actually prefer to play in japanese.

    Great video. :)

  10. dragon ball is that of Taiwan, where Chinese is the language used,spunk was using the English patch, you can see when it will create a character and when an item is picked up, the english patch also translate other things UI

    site of the game is

    forum for issues:

  11. i’ve been playing this game for about two weeks(HK version) and i absolutely love it. the only thing i don’t like(specific to the HK version) is the fact that there is only one server and you can only have two characters, however i think it is still technically beta, so no real complaints.

  12. my old post got deleted or something.. anyways.


    how the crap did you get into the game? i tried your guide. downloaded the game.
    But according the DBO community the only people that can play are Korea and Taiwan. They even make people register using a KSSN (Korean SSN)…

    1. You can create at least 5 accounts with the same email on wasabi’s website, the only thing required are username and password, nothing else.

      1. the game takes you to the netmarble website though to launch it. not the Wasabi website.

        1. Netmarble is KR DBO, you have to play or TW (the Video) or HK, KR needs a lot of frills to play;

          TW Website:

          HK Website:

          1. So theres two version of the game. Okay.
            that explains why im having problems.

            Can we get a torrent for the TW version.. these downloads on the guide are rediculous…


    in case anyone wants a better download option.
    You can download the client manually from the website. or using bittorrent.
    The speed on the official torrent is actually quite good.

  14. Why does my english patch not make storyline dialogue, like what i choose, show as english? I don’t even know what i’m saying to them so I just click top choice to be safe…

  15. wait a minute were the hell is the freakin saiyn i think it should judt be a rce or at least call it half saiyn half human coz tht would make more sense

    1. -facepalms- Read more into the game before you post…jesus. It’s only on the human. You find 7 Dragonballs and it gives you a wish for Super Saiyan.

  16. if you saw Dragon Ball (anime or manga) you know that every son of man with Saiyan, the Saiyan powers are becoming weaker.

    so human in the game can only become superhuman with the desire of sheenlong

    wiki for DBO :

  17. I played the game, after hours of trying to get the english patch to work, and must say…unless the quests are translated the game is extremely annoying. You never know what to do and no one else is going to help you. Other than that its a very bright game and has potential.

    1. all the quests in the game has a huge circle on the map showing,. and even where to go to shows on the minimap

  18. Could some one plz leave their upload on in HK version cause their torrent is insanely slow

  19. Someone Please Create Dragonball Blade and Soul Edition XD!

  20. Been playing this game on the TW servers since this Foreign Fridays episode and I have to say it isn’t bad.
    There’s lots of iconic skills from the show like Kamehameha, Special Beam Cannon, Distructo Disc, and tons more.
    For most of the quests there will be a red circle on the map all you have to do is go to the red circle and either kill or collect whats there. If it says 0/1 for the quest that most likely means you have to kill a rare monster which are shown as a red symbol that looks like this <.
    If you have a quest finished there will be a red X on your map showing where to turn it in.
    Some of the others are tutorial quests which will NOT show anything on the map just look up something like DBO tutorial quests on google and you should be able to find a full rundown on them.
    OH also when you first get off the island talk to the guy or girl standing there when you arrive at the next area and get the quest from them. Then scan them with your scouter by pressing T and that will finish your first tutorial quest which had me stuck for a long time.

  21. I wanna play this just so I can get my power level over 9000…

  22. this game actually looks quite interesting..

  23. will it come to europe

  24. dude it takes like 12 hours to download the file…

    1. Yea, its from korea and the download is so bad because you have to get it from korea unstead of like UK.

  25. holy …. it said it needed 4 days to download WTFx1000000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X_X

  26. when this FIRST released in korea, I got it to work on my laptop. after hours of trying to create an account (needing to be a korean citizen) I finally got it to work. since fixing my pc, i havent tried it. has it got any better?

  27. i am form greece can i download it??

  28. how did you get dbz online? I’ve been trying for months to make one.

  29. Really? I got it working after a full nights of work. it was awhile ago, wish I could remember the link I used that helped explain it. basically google how to download it in us, (DL Korea version) find the link or if worse comes to worse ill try sendin you the file itself. then I downloaded a translator patch (which doesnt work in game for everything, but for menus and sign ins and stuff) and just followed instructions on how to create an account. Theres sites explaining it. Or use google translator. sorry im not more help its just been about 6 months since ive done it and that was on my laptop. should still have my account though. wanna buy it? :P

    1. HaHa I don’t know but thanks I downloaded it last night and working on how to create my account for the game:D thanks! that was enough info for me:D

  30. Is there an easyer way to download the game with the english dubbing or is there a US verion of the game yet, i dont think i can play the game with all the Chinese/jap lang popping up all over the place.

  31. yeahhhh we wont a US verion

  32. i agree with you Gohan

  33. in korean…

  34. do you have to use a credit card to play this?

  35. still doesnt make since to me that a human can go SSJ . :P

  36. To go SSJ you had to get all 7 DB’s But anyways you can’t play this game anymore it shutdown October 31st

  37. The game shutdown but the english community is making a private server that wont be up for some time

  38. how do you play this game

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