Foreign Fridays: M.A.R.S (Mercenary Ops) Ep. 4

On this episode of Foreign Fridays, Spunkify checks M.A.R.S (Mercenary Ops), a new free to play AAA third person shooter that uses the Unreal engine. Check out the cover system, power weapons, varied PvE modes, map hazards, executes, and more! M.A.R.S Guide here.

Foreign Fridays is a series where we take a look at free to play MMO games currently only available in Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, China, and more. We try it out and tell you what is interesting about it, whether we think it will be a success in the EU/NA markets, and if you should try it out right now! Watch this exclusive series right here on every Friday!

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  1. Interesting. It doesn’t look as bad as I expected. Nothing groundbreaking of course, but good enough to at least try I guess. Wait, why is this located at “”? 0_0

  2. Looks better than that crash and burn title Ghost Recon Online

  3. It’s not friday… But great vid Spunkify :D

  4. If only APB:R had this type of combat…

  5. PvE seems a lot more interesting than PvP, with PvP, there’s tonnes of shooters out there with the same modes.

    As a suggestion, maybe at the end of each Foreign Friday (maybe the Friday should be dropped haha…), maybe tell viewers what game the next episode will be about if there’s one planned?

    One last thing…Spunk, you said often that it was a Third Person FPS…FPS = first person…so it can’t really be an FPS if it’s a third person shooter…

  6. It’s already open in Brazil and its a freak pay-to-win.

  7. Awesome episode once again Spunkify. The game looks great!.

  8. he said that on the video, if you did watch it.

  9. is this game now for US?

  10. Is this released in South Asia??

  11. The game is also available in Brazil, Taiwan, and China

  12. I’m getting a ridiculous arcade feel from this, like Sega could’ve made it. I dunno, it might be all the covering and whatnot but it reminds me of time crisis–well, minus the third person view. Doesn’t look bad.

  13. Imma gonna play this!

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