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Author Topic: New Browser Strategy Game My Profit Land  (Read 776 times)

Offline kayrol

New Browser Strategy Game My Profit Land
« on: January 18, 2017, 05:47 AM »

MyProfitland Tutorial how to play


This is my ref link. if you not register with this link, you still end up as admin referral
So its the same. But at least i provide you with tutorial :)

Its seems cloth price already increase, so i suggest buy only 1* cloth if you can't afford 2*. price of wine also change. so just work for now if u cant afford buying anything.
also drink wine from 1st day. dont miss. make sure u have high energy on third day to earn max bonus wage

It is an online browser game, therefore you do not need any other programs installed in order to play. It is one of the few business games where you are rewarded for your daily activity. As a simulation game, it offers you the possibility to fight, work, open companies, start wars. It is a very complex game, and the more you play it, the more options you will find for your own development

This game still in beta and launched about 1 month ago. If you familiar with MarketGlory or other similar game, this game exacly the same. Right now only centain country open to play. When you register its better to choose Portugal because they have highest bonus if you work 3 days in row and have a lot of company that you can work

You can Register Here
Remember to choose Portugal for country to play. we can choose Malaysia once somebody unlock from dev

1st day
- your energy still high and you able to get high wage
- work twice a day
- done

2nd day
- same as 1st day

3rd day
- the third day is bonus day. right now maybe u have 1% energy. dont worry

- go to market > local good market >food > wine
- buy 2* wine for 5 PTE. you should be able to buy if choose portugal
- work 2 times. you will earn bonus base on your energy and experiance( ES- economy score)

(energy + ES)/2 = your % productivity

- if you have 10% productivity and the bonus right now is 650 PTE , you earn 65 PTE

repeat step 1-3 until you get about 70 PTE at least.

Now you can buy cloth 2* from the market. the price rite now is 5 PTE. U need to buy this to prevent energy dropping. Energy is required if you want to be productive when you work and to do more damage in wars, you also get paid more by your referrals. Energy drops 1 point every hour, 5 points when you fight and 20% (of your current energy) when you work. Below you can see how you could be getting your energy up!

Buy all types of clothes. 10 types x 5 PTE =50 PTE.

Clothes give you energy over a span of 24 hours, the energy is distributed each hour and they last 15 days. If you buy a piece for a slot you already own, that piece will be replaced.

For next day and so on , just buy wine before you work. wine can consume once a day

i will update for next tutorial. This game is new so not many guide.


 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Offline kayrol

Re: New Browser Strategy Game My Profit Land
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2017, 10:17 PM »


Regarding working at companies, the most important factor is productivity, on work places screen you can see the formula to calculate the productivity, which is dependent on 2 factors energy and how active u are, so daily u have to work 2 times a day to increase activeness count and to increase energy there are different means available, u can have a house (rented/purchased), u can own clothes, u can drink milk or coffee as many times as u want or can drink wine once a day, or u can eat cheese as many times as u want or u can have meal (4 times a day based on system's schedule).

If you buy wine, it is consumed automatically and immediately.

If you buy meal, it is consumed based on system's schedule.
If you buy milk jug, coffee or cheese, u get them under My Inventory screen and consume them when u want to.
If you buy/rent a house, u have to move into the house by clicking on My Real Estate menu from left side of screen.

If you work 2 times a day, consecutively for 3 days, u become eligible for Work bonus, on home screen u can see how much work bonus is approved by the government. You get % of work bonus based on your energy.


Recruits are a good source of income, you can have recuits by 2 means:

1. bring your friends to the game, once a friend joins through your link, s/he remains as your recruit for 3 months and u get income from his/her earnings, after 3 months u have to block that recruit by paying 0.5 euros and that recruit is blocked for 1 month. If you dont have any euros with you, it will be good to put that recruit on sale, for amount in gold, otherwise that recruit will be taken from you, which is 2nd mean of having recruits.

2. When a recruit is not blocked any more that recruit becomes available for recruitment by other players, such recruits can be found under Recruitment menu of Activities menu. You can recruit any of them, which gives u that recruit blocked for 24 hours and also recruitment bonus as defined by government. You can sell that recruit or block her/him by paying 0.5 euro for 1 month.

Another advantage of recruits is that there is a global fund, which on daily basis gives gold to the players who have active recuits with them. :) From Markets menu, select Global Market, on that screen you will find a link to Global funds, on global funds you will see current rate per active referral and criteria of active referral.


Wars is another good source of income, wars occur between countries to occupy regions. One country can attack another country to occupy any region except Capital region.

War can be started by an organization of a country, an Organization can be opened by paying 5 euros and at the moment can have maximum of 10 members.

To participate in a war, u need to have defence or attack weapons based on which side u r fighting for. Your impact in the war is based on number of weapons u have, quality of the weapons and your energy. With every hit in a war, you loosed some energy and 1 hit point of each weapon. You can gain energy by using products or in war u have option to buy energy packs by paying 0.1 to 0.9 euros based your selection. Also reaching a specific damage point (found on war screen) u earn a medal and after having specific numbers of medals of one type u get an army rank, which gives a damage bonus to your weapons. These army ranks are country specific, so if you are a General in USA and later you become citizen of Spain than in Spain you will start your rank journey from Zero and later if you move back to USA, u will be a General :)

There can be 3 reasons to participate in war as far as I can see:

Money: If you are fighting for money than on war screen at bottom u can see how much gold exist in war fund, if war fund has gold in it, you will get gold against the medal that you secure, otherwise you will only get medal.

Register in Portugal as it has the highest working bonus

WIthdraw via skrill or bank transfer
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Offline kayrol

Re: New Browser Strategy Game My Profit Land
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2017, 08:19 AM »
here documentation about this game. also the guide. check it here


Offline kayrol

Re: New Browser Strategy Game My Profit Land
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2017, 11:43 AM »

If you read my other post, it is not relevan anymore. so much things has changes and i will do another guide for latest update from MyProfitLand.

So i discover more efficient way to earn money in MyProfitland. This works if you are new player still not work after register. This is how you earn money faster

1. Register new account. You can register HERE

2. Login. Dont work!. Go to activities > recruitment. Recruit 10 times. each recruit will take 10 minutes. So with your current energy, You will earn more then you work.

3. Try to recruit 10 times. wait if there is no recruit until they show up. If you think you earn enough then you can work. Work will takes 4 hours per shift. So you cant do anything while working.

4. If you cant recruit coz there is no more player,, resume it after work. Do recruit until you get 10.
After that work the second shift for 4 hours. Remember you need to work 2 times in 24 hours or 6 times in 72 hours. At the sixth time, you will receive huge bonus depend on your bonus offered by goverment, energy and economic score.

(energy + ES)/2 = your % productivity

- if you have 10% productivity and the bonus right now is 650 PTE , you earn 65 PTE

 This how you gonna earn faster more then other new player. You need to do recruit while your energy still high on first day.

If you lucky , you might find a mansion for rent that cost you 2 PTE if you choose Portugal. Grab that house for a week and have party! If you didnt find any, try aim for homeless shelter when they available. Got to market > Real estate market

Homeless shelter is limited. Its depend on goverment to provide how many room for citizen.

Dont Bother To Do War.

You need to maintain high energy to join war unless you wanna bankrupt early. Rent a mansion or stay in shelter. Get money until you can buy all set of cloth. High energy means High damage done in war.

Ill update later for more content. Feel free to ask on comment below. Until next time
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Offline kayrol

Re: New Browser Strategy Game My Profit Land
« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2017, 11:40 AM »

And for faster earning - you can do offer job at Home Screen

the other way to gain money is invest and open company. also you can become reseller and gain profit from people who invest

Offline kayrol

Re: New Browser Strategy Game My Profit Land
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2017, 07:41 PM »
bump. Dont Forget to join our skype chat room on bottom left of page after you register. A lot of info might useful for you