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Author Topic: MMOBomb events info  (Read 2617 times)

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MMOBomb events info
« on: April 11, 2011, 12:52 PM »
Here we will post new and upcoming events for MMOBomb.


1st Event: Prius Online Closed Beta - "Meet the MMOBOMB staff"

Event Description: Everyone that has access to the closed beta is invited to meet the mmobomb staff and all our members online. We will also be helping you in game (i.e quests, training etc.)

List of those who might attend:
Pherione; ethaniopia; Zergling_man

List of attending people:
☆Yuki☆; Radeld644; Nox; daywalker; Faxion; deadmou5; Entarri; Ursa; taianto; NinjaBird; Thuru

Time of the meeting:
(read below)

Area to meet:

Character class:
any classes

Server 1 channel 1

We would like to ask for everyone that is attending to reply to this topic

And include your timezone so we can all find a suitable time for the event to take place.
Thank you all in advance for your participation! ;)

(this topic will be edited according to the feedback we receive from this thread)
No one else has applied so far so we are counting with this 11 people to show up. If anyone else decides to join in at the last minute we will be more than glad to wait.

The gathering will take place on April 29th so you have 1 day to explore the world and level past the beginner quest area before you join the event.

As for the time well Radeld and I will most likely be there all day (i know i will) but the time will be most likely after dinner time for me (considering half of the people here are on my timezone +/-1 GMT and the other half is in the American side which means 8 hours difference or more) having all this into account lets make it so everyone can understand so instead of talking about PST,EST,GMT...
(my head hurts with so much info)
We are making it UTC so it should start at around 21.30 is that ok with everyone?!
(this time was estimated based on the time where most people were online on the forum)

Above is a list of the corresponding time so just find your city in the list and see what time it will be...
This subject is still up for discussion so if you have any suggestions please reply here
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Re: MMOBomb events info
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2011, 02:13 AM »
Here is the info to download the game: