Foreign Fridays

Bless Online First Impressions – Gameplay Action/Foreign Fridays

On this episode of Gameplay Action/Foreign Fridays, Zach Sharpes gives his thoughts on one of the most highly anticipated free to play MMOs currently in…

Gameplay Action

Everquest Skeletons Are Still Scary – Gameplay Action

I never spent a ton of time in the original Everquest so I figured we should revisit the classic MMORPG as it celebrates 15 years…

Gameplay Action

Is ArcheAge Pay to Win? – Gameplay Action

With ArcheAge now launched, some players are questioning Trion Worlds monetization system. Zach Sharpes discusses this system in depth, and concludes whether or not it’s…

Gameplay Action

Black Desert Preview – Korean Closed Beta 3

Spunkify takes viewers through a preview of the final Korean closed beta test for the upcoming Hack-n-Slash action MMORPG, Black Desert Online. What separates Black…

Gameplay Action

Has Firefall changed for the better? – Gameplay Action

With Firefall now finally launched, Spunkify discusses the new content added to the MMOFPS, and gives his thoughts on some of Red 5’s design decisions….

Gameplay Action

Star Wars: The Old Republic Galactic Starfighter Expansion Preview

Spunkify returns to SWTOR to check out the MMO’s first space themed expansion, Galactic Starfighter. The PvP only expansion allows all players (F2P included) to…

Gameplay Action

War Thunder: Ground Forces – Closed Beta Preview

MMOBomb had the chance to preview some of the early gameplay available within the War Thunder: Ground Forces closed beta. Spunkify was able to try…

Gameplay Action

Hawken Ascension Update – Gameplay Action

Spunkify teams up with Jason to check out the new Hawken update Ascension. The new patch changes a myriad of features based around player feedback….

Gameplay Action

Infinite Crisis Coast City Sneak Peak – Gameplay Action HD

Turbine invited Spunkify to take a look at the latest map to be made available in the Infinite Crisis closed beta. Coast City opens up…


Brave Adventurers: F2P Cast Survives Hello Kitty Online

We’re risk takers here at MMOBomb. Just look at our name, it has an explosive strapped right on the end. We live life on the…

Gameplay Action

WarThunder Dual Commentary w/ Jason – Gameplay Action

In this gameplay action, Spunkify recruits his F2P Podcast co-host Jason to take to the skies in Warthunder. Watch as the two wingman spruce up…

Gameplay Action

Elsword: New Classes ft. Devs – Gameplay Action

Recently, KillerCombo released two new classes for the characters Eve and Raven in Elsword. Spunkify was invited to check these new class skills out in…

Gameplay Action

Neverwinter Control Wizard w/ Cryptic Q&A – Gameplay Action

Leading up to the third beta weekend, Spunkify was invited to check out the latest mini-dungeon mode called Skirmish along with the Domination style PvP….

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