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Star Wars: The Old Republic Galactic Starfighter Expansion Preview

Spunkify returns to SWTOR to check out the MMO’s first space themed expansion, Galactic Starfighter. The PvP only expansion allows all players (F2P included) to hop into one of four types of fighters, each with their own system unlocks and upgrades.Does Galactic Starfighter satisfy players’ needs for uninhibited space combat? Tune in to find out. […]

Added 7 months ago - 2014-01-09 - 7 comments

War Thunder: Ground Forces – Closed Beta Preview

MMOBomb had the chance to preview some of the early gameplay available within the War Thunder: Ground Forces closed beta. Spunkify was able to try out some of the early German and Soviet tanks while giving his initial thoughts on where Ground Forces currently sits and whether it has what it takes to take on […]

Added 7 months ago - 2014-01-06 - 8 comments

Hawken Ascension Update – Gameplay Action

Spunkify teams up with Jason to check out the new Hawken update Ascension. The new patch changes a myriad of features based around player feedback. Ascension revamps mech tuning along with player progression, allowing players to earn new mechs much faster. Does the new update add a breath of fresh air to the metal mangling […]

Added 10 months ago - 2013-09-18 - 6 comments

Infinite Crisis Coast City Sneak Peak – Gameplay Action HD

Turbine invited Spunkify to take a look at the latest map to be made available in the Infinite Crisis closed beta. Coast City opens up new gameplay opportunities through everything from capturable points which increase each teams drone damage, to destructible environments that open up new pathways. Players must also fight over the ultimate doomsday […]

Added 11 months ago - 2013-08-16 - 8 comments

Brave Adventurers: F2P Cast Survives Hello Kitty Online

We’re risk takers here at MMOBomb. Just look at our name, it has an explosive strapped right on the end. We live life on the edge. So in a recent F2P podcast, our rag tag team of pod-casters decided it would be a good idea to explore Hello Kitty Online. A place previously only reserved […]

Added 12 months ago - 2013-07-29 - 18 comments

WarThunder Dual Commentary w/ Jason – Gameplay Action

In this gameplay action, Spunkify recruits his F2P Podcast co-host Jason to take to the skies in Warthunder. Watch as the two wingman spruce up on their ace piloting skills with various fighter planes from both the USSR and Japan. Dogfighting, close calls with mountains, and Star Wars references abound in this excitingly hilarious commentary! […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-07-01 - 11 comments

Elsword: New Classes ft. Devs – Gameplay Action

Recently, KillerCombo released two new classes for the characters Eve and Raven in Elsword. Spunkify was invited to check these new class skills out in both PvE and PvP against the devs themselves! Come watch as he bathes his enemies in flames and fireballs! Let us know what you think of these new classes. To […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-04-18 - 14 comments

Neverwinter Control Wizard w/ Cryptic Q&A – Gameplay Action

Leading up to the third beta weekend, Spunkify was invited to check out the latest mini-dungeon mode called Skirmish along with the Domination style PvP. Watch as he tries out the new Control Wizard class while speaking with Cryptic devs about Neverwinter’s open world aspects, foundry content, user feedback and more! To find more about […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-03-20 - 10 comments

Firefall Event: Raid Boss Baneclaw – Gameplay Action

In celebration of Firefall’s recent open beta weekends, Spunkify teamed up with some community members and devs from Red5 in order to take on the game’s introductory open world “raid boss” Baneclaw! Watch as the action gets heavy and the frames begin to plummet. There’s even time to stop and have a couple luau dances! […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-02-28 - 22 comments

Neverwinter Cloak Tower Dungeon – Gameplay Action HD

During an exclusive closed beta, Spunkify was invited to check out Neverwinter’s first major dungeon available called The Cloak Tower. Watch as he fights off hordes of brutish Orcs with flashes of steel from his rogue’s deadly blades. The video offers some insight into the games dungeon mechanics while showing off player parties and companions! […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-02-08 - 24 comments

PlanetSide 2 Classes: Heavy Assault and Max Guide (Part 3/3)

In each video of this humble special mini-series, we will be taking a look at the classes that make up the backbone of any futuristic army. In this episode we will talk about the Heavy Assault, the designated anti-vehicle class of Planetside 2, and the Max class, which is essentially a walking tank with modular […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-02-06 - 7 comments

City of Steam: Exclusive Dev Interview – Gameplay Action

It’s been quite some time since out Alpha First Look for the upcoming browser game City of Steam. We were lucky enough to catch up with game developer Gab Laforge who spent some time with us to give YOU the info on how this anticipated title is shaping up! To find more about City of […]

Added 2 years ago - 2012-12-17 - 11 comments

Arctic Combat: Where’s The Recoil? – Gameplay Action

After a fairly lengthy closed beta period, Webzen has released Arctic Combat into open beta. Spunkify returns to Arctic Combat to check out some of the new maps and see how his skills measure up to the vets. Let us know your opinions on the open beta down below! Want to try Arctic Combat? Check […]

Added 2 years ago - 2012-12-07 - 19 comments

PlanetSide 2 Classes: Medic and Engineer Guide (Part 2)

In each video of this special Planetside 2 mini-series, we will be taking a look at the classes that make up the backbone of any futuristic army. In this episode we will talk about the Medic, the designated healing class of Planetside 2, and the Engineer class, who repairs vehicles and turret installations, gives out […]

Added 2 years ago - 2012-12-04 - 7 comments

Desperate Gods: Board Game Gone Awry! (Triple Commentary) – Gameplay Action

MMOBOMB hosts Jessica Brohard, Spunkify, and Magicman sit down to a virtual board game of Desperate Gods. Watch as they attempt to explain vital game mechanics in this Diablo meets Monopoly virtual board game, while simultaneously appearing to have never played a board game before. This can’t end well. Want to try Desperate Gods? Check […]

Added 2 years ago - 2012-11-30 - 19 comments

SWTOR: High Level Dungeon – Gameplay Action

The newly free to play MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic offers a somewhat unique experience in their story rich dungeons. In this Gameplay Action episode, Spunkify teams up with 3 others and infiltrates the mysterious Foundry, an ancient factory in space producing killer droids! To find more about Star Wars: The Old Republic check […]

Added 2 years ago - 2012-11-21 - 11 comments

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