Firefall Dual Commentary (Spunkify – Magicman)

Recently, Firefall had a large update which removed the levels within the game and added a new class called the Biotech. Spunkify and Magicman hopped in to talk about what has changed and to show off their not so talented fragging skills!

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  1. High 5 to Red 5 for the milestone patch. I beta tested a serious crap tone of games and i never saw a dev team change its development plan mid beta. Beta was always used only for bug squashing. And their open world concept is rock solid. I will be my PVE game. It is undeniable that the dev team cares about its game.

    Good dual commentary. Interviews are nice and all but it is the MMOBomb Originals that make me come back to MMOBomb.

    1. Its the trend nowdays Ive never seen changes in the CBT (maybe im missing some game) But with path of exile they alsso changed the developement in various diferent directions and the Devs are great too.

      1. most publishers use beta to test the cash shop

  2. I too think that I’ve seen remarkable improvement every time a patch comes out in this beta. It’s obvious that they’re doing a good job of getting down to the nuts-and-bolts and although it does teeter wildly on some of the balance issues I’ve seen, the best place to do balance tweaking (or smacking) is in the beta.

    I’m still a little bit bothered by how dark it gets, but perhaps that’s just me. The battleframes at least create this weird neon-effect when running around that’s easy to target, and of course the HUD marker, but it’s rather crazy.

  3. spunkify why did you leave mmohut you and omer where good duel commentary

    1. He’s fired in MMOhut. Now he’s in MMObomb.

  4. Spunk ur good at pvp it seems. idk maybe i havent try the game and i dont know but i would believe it owuld be better if u tried to get up close and personal with the shotty to do more dmg instead of firing it off at distance :S and magicman i aint gunna say anything apart from good job first round for getting positive kd WooYa! :D cant wait to try FF

    1. I’m usually always above 1 in Firefall. :)

      1. If so gj man ^_^ i just thought after the little massacre on the 2nd round and well the Smite fight u needed a little push :D

        1. HEHE! Now I have always admitted being bad at MOBAs lol. Now with shooters, I’ll never be a tournament player or anything, but I can hold my own at least lol.

          1. Well then if that is the case Cant wait to see u on the battlefield (that is when i get a key) see if ur all that ur cracked up to be aye :P

    2. Don’t have a key?

      I have 2 friend invites i can send you one just pm me here and i will get back to you tommorow after work. Just need your email adress in message box and i will send.

      No actual key from site just email invites from them is what i got.


      1. How do i pm u mate? im not very good at using this system :S

        1. lol
          You figured it out,I sent.. If problems on my account i have a resnd button for you.

          Enjoy !


  5. got 4 keys too give away again

    1. I want one please

    2. I’d love one been qued up since some time last year lol

    3. Yo hit me up, please. I’ve tried almost every shooter this year, except for this one. Want to see what all the buzz is about.

    4. id like a key ,havent played yet

    5. Buddy id love to play but i need a key. you willing to give me one?

    6. hi can u give me 1 key pls if u have …i like so much this game and i whanna play it..thank you

  6. I am not a PVP player I really like questing & PVE. Is the PVE any good in firefall I think the game looks awesome!!! Hope questing is awesome as well. Can some one please tell me how the PVE is for firefall!!! I liked borderlands a lot so i hope firefall is as good in questing. I have been looking for a shooter mmorpg for a long time. Wish they would make a borderlands mmorpg!

    1. Not counting in the loot drops, in my personal opinion, Firefall has better designed open world then Borderlans. At the moment the world is rather empty but once all the missions are in, all the random local and global events are in place and the open world pvp is in force with the thumping for minerals finalized and defending towns from enemy invasions there will be a whole lot of stuff to do. Stuff that isn’t just narrowed down through a path paved by quest lines followed by endgame raiding…

      Mmmmmm… sandboxyness…

    2. I’ll give you my secret on getting into alpha testing & beta’s!

      For FireFall for example : I made 4 account’s ( all were a19 year old FEMALE account’s )
      2 i got my invite in the first wave.Other 2 second wave.

      R2 online Alpha test : 3 FEMALE made account’s ( ALL were givenaccess in the first day)

      Don’t be a minority JOIN the Majority. lmao

      Once game goe’s totaly open , then make your real account if you plan on using the item malls.

      That’s my tip of the day !


  7. can someone give me beta key?

  8. Turn on the god damn flashlight ffs..

  9. I can invite two people but i need your emails. Actually you would be doing me a favor, if two people accept my invite i’m getting a weird looking pet.

    1. i would love a key man!

      1. E-mail !

        1. hey man sorry hdj33 at

  10. XxSTEELxX
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  13. I want so much to try this game and for some reason I never got a beta key><. Never thought it'll be so hard to get a cbt key before o.o.

  14. Red5 Studios was nice and gave one another key. 5th reply gets it

  15. XxSTEELxX— already got his
    bad1one— already got his

    1. the other 2 reply to my email

  16. * Sigh *
    No free to play cast last week !
    Seen enough FireFall that i can’t watch this.
    Cya next week Magicman.


    1. It’s coming VERY soon. :) Just got delayed because of Gamescom.

  17. I know,
    You just needed a week for a summer holiday.

    Where is Selfius?
    Been along time, I kinda miss that Grumpy Bas*ard. lol


    1. I WISH i had a holiday!! :) He’s had MASSIVE PC issues, he’s actually been scheduled as normal but we had to make substitutions because of his PC. Hoping all will be well soon.

  18. XxSTEELxX— already got his
    IHateMMOs— already got his
    bad1one— already got his

    Soxx you the last one. send me your email so i can send invite

  19. The CBT for this game is so broken that it is unplayable I find zero fun in this game as it stands. Also by the time this game comes out Planetside 2 will be out or at least in open beta. The person who picks this game over Planetside 2 is just plain retarded.

    1. I’m going to love when SOE proves you wrong by being what they are

  20. hmmm so he spawned inside you and then gets someone from behind…just got my full serving of gay for the day,hahahaha


    Now I have to unlock bunch of garbage stuff that i don’t want to and never gonna use … to get to stuff i really want …
    and after advancing to next frame i have to buy frame bay and frame … so old one i just delete or keep it is just dump stupid idea ….u got only tree free bay’s next 4th cost 50 red beans ( when u can buy package of 40 80 168 and 440 red beans from 5-50$ only buy credit card )

    previous i was able to craft only the things that i want on my lvl … now I’m force to waste time and xp .. cause every unlock cost xp for now only battle frames cost CY ( crystals )

  22. i hope it is good game

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