First Look

Master X Master (MXM) – Gameplay First Look

Time to check out the Alpha test of NCSoft’s upcoming free-to-play Master X Master or MXM. With Co-op PvE, solo PvE, deathmatch PvP, and even…

First Look

Fantasy Tales Online – Gameplay First Look

Cold Tea Studios hearkens back to the days of 2D MMORPG goodness with Fantasy Tales Online. Turn the nostalgia up for 11, but will the…

First Look

Energy Heroes – Gameplay First Look

Looking for a TPS/MOBA with cel shaded animation? Well, there’s a REALLY popular one by another company that you have to pay to play, but…

First Look

Riders of Icarus – Gameplay First Look

Take to the sky in Nexon’s upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Riders of Icarus. Featuring a massive list of creatures to tame and an impressive collection aspect,…

First Look

Trinium Wars – Gameplay First Look

Splash some Sci-Fi onto an older feeling MMO, mix in a dash of MOBA-esque PvP, and you get the newly free-to-play Trinium Wars. But does…

First Look

Fractured Space – Gameplay First Look

Take command of a huge capital ship and fight for the galaxy in Fracture Space, Edge Case Games’ take on space combat that has a…

First Look

HeroWarz – Gameplay First Look

HeroWarz brings their dungeon crawler to the West in this Closed Beta. As the game nears full launch, we take a look at the basic…

First Look

Dreadnought – Gameplay First Look

Take the team battle into space with Dreadnought, the free-to-play game from YAGER, Greybox, and Sixfoot. Buy, customize, and blast your way to team success…

First Look

Atlas Reactor – Gameplay First Look

Mix a brawler game with a lot of strategy and some insane personalities and you get Atlas Reactor, the latest free-to-play offering from Trion Worlds…

First Look

Crossout – Gameplay First Look

Crossout is an upcoming free-to-play automotive combat game from Gaijin Entertainment that features amazing customization and intense action! Build your vehicular manslaughter machine from the…

First Look

The Skies – Gameplay First Look

Check out The Skies, currently in closed alpha, if you’re into wide open sandbox worlds with player driven economies, RPG elements, full stat customization, and…

First Look

Luna Online Reborn – Gameplay First Look

Were you upset when Luna Online and Luna Plus went away? Now SubaGames has your back with Luna Online Reborn. The free-to-play title reworks a…

First Look

ARK: Survival of the Fittest – Gameplay First Look

Better find some cover and quick! This free-to-play spin-off of the B2P ARK: Survival Evolved challenges players to enter the fray solo or in teams…

First Look

Paragon – Gameplay First Look

Mix up some TPS elements, cards, and a heavy helping of MOBA and you just might get Epic Games’ latest project, Paragon. Taking a page…

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