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Dead Island: Epidemic First Look Video

Dead Island Epidemic is a self described “Zomba” which pits three teams of four against each other in an all out bid for survival. Players will select from multiple types of survivors and band together, scavenging for supplies among hordes of zombies and enemy players, all while vying for control over crucial supply points. To […]

Added 4 months ago - 2014-04-03 - 9 comments

Infinity Wars First Look Video

Infinity Wars (profile not up yet) is an asynchronous cross-platform TCG in which players create custom decks made up of hundreds of themed and animated cards across multiple factions. In Infinity Wars features a large variety of game modes includes full single player campaigns, draft, and a special combined deck mode. Players earn cards through […]

Added 4 months ago - 2014-04-02 - 15 comments

Eclipse War Online First Look Video

Eclipse War Online is a fantasy MMORPG published by Playwith Interactive. In EWO, players can fight for one of two at-war factions. Players can choose from four separate classes and participate in dungeons, open world PvP and battlegrounds. In EWO, defeated enemies including bosses can drop special transformation cards which grant a new form, stats […]

Added 5 months ago - 2014-03-11 - 11 comments

Renegade: X First Look Video

Renegade: X is a TPS/FPS based on the Command and Conquer Universe and developed by Totem Arts. In Renegade: X players fight for either the G.D.I or NoD faction each with its own set of unique characters, weaponry and vehicles. Players must use these tools to protect and destroy the enemies main base structures which […]

Added 5 months ago - 2014-03-06 - 12 comments

Nosgoth First Look Video

Nosgoth is an asymmetrical PvP arena title set in the Legacy of Kain universe and developed by Psyonix Studios. In Nosgoth, players fight for control over the city as either Humans or Vampires. Humans are weak at close range, but posses deadly long range weaponry while the Vampires must use their agility to close in […]

Added 5 months ago - 2014-02-28 - 22 comments

Gunz 2: The Second Duel First Look Video

GunZ 2 developed by MAIET Entertainment is the sequel to the popular GunZ. Focusing on high-mobility and precision timing, GunZ 2 offers players the opportunity to wall run and freely dash in any direction while in combat. The third person shooter offers both casual and competitive modes of play with 4 unique classes each possessing […]

Added 5 months ago - 2014-02-23 - 13 comments

Strife First Look Video

Strife is a new MOBA from S2 Games. Designed from the ground up to reduce player toxicity and promote teamplay, Strife aims to streamline the MOBA experiencing by altering mechanics which take the player out of the action for long periods of time. The MOBA features extensive progression outside of matches through the use of […]

Added 6 months ago - 2014-02-05 - 18 comments

Yulgang 2 First Look Video

Yulgang 2 is a free-aiming action MMORPG developed by KRGsoft and based on a popular Korean manga. In Yulgang 2 players have access to a myriad of real-time combos capable of sending enemies flying. Yulgang 2 features an intricate Air Sprint system with over 15 air sprint moves which propel players through the air. Those […]

Added 7 months ago - 2014-01-15 - 21 comments

Eldevin First Look Video

Eldevin is a browser based MMORPG developed by Hunted Cow Studios. In Eldevin, players aren’t restricted to a particular class or even armor type. Players can freely mix and match skills from Eldevin’s 6 classes, attributes, and gear creating their own hybrid class. Eldevin features hundreds of worlds, 14 professions, and branching quest dialog with […]

Added 7 months ago - 2014-01-11 - 15 comments

Evil Genius Online First Look Video

Evil Genius Online is a browser based Dungeon management game whereby players assume the role of an evil genius and build a lair for world domination. Players must hire henchmen and manage them as they construct new areas of the lair; as well as perform various henchmen duties. Resources gained allow for further expansion and […]

Added 7 months ago - 2013-12-23 - 6 comments

Aura Kingdom First Look Video

Aura Kingdom is an Anime MMORPG developed by X-Legend, creators of Eden Eternal. In Aura Kingdom players get a choice of 8 classes and venture forth accompanied by a special companion called an Eidolon. Players can perform special combos with their Eidolon and collect new ones on their journey. A unique passive tree and cross-class […]

Added 8 months ago - 2013-12-17 - 23 comments

Monster Madness Online Alpha First Look Video

Monster Madness Online is a cooperative shooter spanning most available platforms which pits teams of players against an alien invasion with over 70 types of enemies to battle. Currently in Alpha, the shooter features an RPG progression system, with stat points to spend upon leveling up and blueprints to find which players can use to […]

Added 8 months ago - 2013-12-16 - 12 comments

Dungeonland First Look Video

Dungeonland is a cooperative hack-and-slash which lets players adventure through a dangerous medieval theme park. Players must work together to face deadly suicidal ducks, lactating cows, and hordes of other monsters as they fight their way through the Dungeon Master’s tragic kingdom. Players may even play as the Dungeon Master, customizing a deadly army and […]

Added 9 months ago - 2013-11-14 - 8 comments

Dogs of War First Look Video

Dogs of War is an arena turn-based strategy developed by Cyanide Studio. In Dogs of War players can recruit squads of diverse mercenaries from three distinct factions. Each faction offers a range of fantasy units which can level up individually, granting them bonus abilities and traits. Once completed, the game will offer three modes of […]

Added 10 months ago - 2013-10-18 - 7 comments

Hero of the Obelisk First Look Video

Hero of the Obelisk is a chibi dungeon based MMORPG which features 3 non gender-locked classes each with branching specializations. The MMO offers action oriented combat, and allows players to group in order to tackle challenging bosses or engage in PvP. Hero of the Obelisk offers both open world PK combat and guild sieges which […]

Added 10 months ago - 2013-10-14 - 9 comments

America’s Army: Proving Grounds First Look Video

America’s Army: Proving Grounds is a squad-based tactical FPS that attempts to mimic true realistic military combat. The FPS offers impressive visuals and encourages players to work together in order to complete the objective based scenarios. Proving Grounds is completely free (no cash shop), with players able to access all available equipment from the loadout […]

Added 10 months ago - 2013-10-04 - 11 comments

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