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Warface First Look Video

Warface is a military FPS set in the near future. In Warface players can choose between 4 separate classes, with most possessing a unique supportive ability for your team. The FPS offers both PvE and PvP modes with a variety of mission goals and gameplay modes for both. Players can unlock new gear and swap […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-03-29 - 84 comments

Scarlet Blade First Look Video

Scarlet Blade is a mature sci-fi themed MMORPG published by Aeria Games. Beyond the obvious mature graphics, Scarlet Blade offers a lush world filled unique looking monsters. Players can choose from 6 classes that actually offer quite a variety of gameplay styles. Players can unlock pets and a special mech suit which is specific to […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-03-16 - 94 comments

The Aurora World First Look Video

The Aurora World is a 3D MMORPG by GBE games. In The Aurora World players can choose between 3 factions and participate in open world PvP. The game has an interesting Maijin pet system where players can collect pets of different types (similar to Pokemon) and train them to different stages which unlocks special abilities […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-03-12 - 30 comments

Kartuga First Look Video

Kartuga is a 3D pirate themed MMO developed by Innogames which has players piloting a pirate ship across perilous seas. Players have the opportunity to choose from 3 ship types which they can level up and spend skill points on in order to customize their ships abilities. The game features interesting combat mechanics which sees […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-03-07 - 9 comments

ChronoBlade First Look Video

ChronoBlade is a 3D sidescrolling brawler MMO developed by Nway. Players can choose from several characters, each with their own attack combinations, abilities, and skill trees which can grant their character both offensive and defensive abilities. Upon release, ChronoBlade will feature 4 player co-operative much like other dungeon crawler MMOs as well as competitive PvP. […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-03-05 - 23 comments

The Banner Saga: Factions First Look Video

The Banner Saga: Factions is a 2D turn-based strategy game developed by Stoic Studio. The game features interesting tactical combat that allows players to choose between weakening an opponents armor or damaging their health and attack strength. Players can customize a variety of units, each with their own specialized upgrade paths and tailored stat points. […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-02-27 - 15 comments

Neverwinter First Look Video

Neverwinter from Cryptic Studios is an upcoming DnD inspired action MMORPG. It features free targeting combat and cooldown based special abilities. Players have the opportunity to craft their own unique backstory and customize their character using many of the familiar mechanics in the original Neverwinter DnD campaign. To find more about Neverwinter check out the […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-02-07 - 45 comments

Tera: Rising First Look Video

Starting on February 5th, Tera is a Free to Play Action Combat MMORPG Developed by Bluehole Studios. The game features familiar MMO mechanics in an action combat environment. Crafting, Dungeons, PvP, and high end graphics combine to create an MMORPG familiar enough for MMO veterans and engaging enough to draw in players new to the […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-01-31 - 56 comments

ArcheBlade First Look Video

ArcheBlade is a 3D PvP focused fighting game developed by CodeBrush Games. In ArcheBlade players choose from a full roster of characters each with their own unique fighting style, combos, weapons and abilties. Players can change between the characters freely while they wait to respawn. The gameplay is a mix of street-fighter style arcade games […]

Added 1 year ago - 2013-01-26 - 36 comments

FreeFall Tournament First Look Video

FreeFall Tournament is a 3D third-person shooter by Free Range Studio. In FreeFall players can choose from 8 different jetpack supersuits, each equipped with unique abilities and weapons. Players will be able to engage in both melee and range midair combat, with each player jetting around and picking up power ups scattered across the levels. […]

Added 2 years ago - 2013-01-19 - 43 comments

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters First Look Video

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters is a 3D action RPG developed by Spicy Horse Games. The game is set during 19th century Japan and features gameplay similar to Torchlight and Diablo. As players level up they can invest points into different disciplines which allow them to use abilities and weapons from all available classes. This allows them […]

Added 2 years ago - 2013-01-09 - 8 comments

Ragnarok Online 2 First Look Video

Ragnarok Online 2 is a 3D Anime MMORPG by Gravity co. The official sequel to the original 2D MMO, RO2 offers players the ability to play as 5 separate classes each with their own sub-class.The game features a crisp artstyle with interesting locations and well orchestrated music. Players are able to collect cards and titles […]

Added 2 years ago - 2013-01-08 - 34 comments

Star Conflict First Look Video

Star Conflict is a free to play spaceship combat MMO by Gaijin Entertainment. Players can pilot a variety of spaceships, each with their own weapon loadouts, handling stats and unique ability modules. Those favoring a lone wolf style of gameplay may find Star Conflict difficult to get into. The game requires effective teamplay and lots […]

Added 2 years ago - 2013-01-06 - 26 comments

Warframe First Look Video

Warframe is a free to play sci-fi third person hack-slash shooter by Digital Extremes. Players can choose from multiple “warframes” each with their own unique powers and attributes. The gameplay is somewhat similar to Left 4 Dead with players teaming up with friends to complete co-op PvE levels against hordes of challenging AI. To find […]

Added 2 years ago - 2013-01-03 - 37 comments

War Thunder First Look Video

War Thunder is a free to play aviation combat MMO by Gaijin Entertainment. Players can pilot a variety of fighter planes from the WW2 era as they engage in unique missions in huge detailed environments. To find more about War Thunder check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional […]

Added 2 years ago - 2012-12-31 - 26 comments

Salem First Look Video

Salem is a crafting/gathering based MMO by Paradox Interactive. The game is set is the New World with every player taking on the role of a pilgrim trying to survive and learn all they can as they build their way to a safe and happy life. To find more about Salem check out the game […]

Added 2 years ago - 2012-12-28 - 11 comments

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