First Look

Guild Wars 2 — First Look Gameplay

Guild Wars 2 is now free-to-play! Jason’s been playing the game ever since it launched three years ago, but he created a new account to…

Inspirit Online - First Look Gameplay
First Look

Inspirit Online – First Look Gameplay

Inspirit Online, previously called ELOA, is an anime based MMORPG by ESTA Games that’s free to play and kind of meshes that ARPG clicking experience…

First Look

Duelyst – First Look Gameplay

Currently in a closed beta stage, Duelyst, from Counterplay Games, is a turn based, strategy game played in a browser. Players can sign up for…

First Look

Magic Duels – First Look Gameplay

You’ve been able to play on your tablet for a while but now Magic Duels has been released on the PC. Although launch came with…

First Look

World of Warships – First Look Gameplay

Time to set sail with’s 3rd title in their free to play “World of” franchise. First we had tanks, then warplanes, and finally World…

First Look

CABAL 2 – First Look Gameplay

CABAL 2 is a free to play MMORPG that utilizes tab targeting but adds in a Combo system and a skill chain system in a…

First Look

Armored Warfare – First Look Gameplay

Armored Warfare is the new tank-battler game from Obsidian Entertainment and published by Go to war with modern-day fighting vehicles and dominate the battlefield!…

First Look

Victory Command – First Look Gameplay

Victory Command is a mash up of RTS and MOBA conventions into a surprisingly enjoyable little time sink. Petroglyph Games and PlayGrid have made the…

Echo of Soul - First Look Gameplay
First Look

Echo of Soul – First Look Gameplay

Echo of Soul is a free to play MMORPG developed by Nvius and published by Aeria Games. Currently in closed beta, the game comes to…

First Look

Total War Battles: Kingdom – First Look Gameplay

In Total War Battles: Kingdom, a simpler version of Creative Assembly’s Total War games, you become a lord in medieval England, dealing with bandits, invaders,…

First Look

TDP5 Arena – First Look Gameplay

Looking for some mindless 2D (but kind of 3D) multiplayer mayhem? Maybe TDP5 Arena will fit the bill. However, the cash shop might get in…

First Look

Triad Wars – First Look Gameplay

Time to check out United Front Games’ jump into the online space with Triad Wars. While NOT a sequel to the popular Sleeping Dogs title,…

First Look

Skyforge – First Look Gameplay

Skyforge is the free to play “becoming a god” MMORPG developed by The Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment and published by Start as an…

First Look

Elvenar – First Look Gameplay

Elvenar is a browser based, strategy/city building, resource based game currently in Closed Beta. Innogames has stuck to the formula they use in other browser…

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