Armored Warfare Reputation System: Upgrades Start Here

In Armored Warfare,’s upcoming free to play tank combat simulator, Reputation is the name of the game. Reputation is the main currency used to…

Marvel Heroes Avengers

Marvel Heroes Celebrates Age Of Ultron With Movie-Themed Costumes, Free Avengers, New Game Modes, More

Gazillion’s rolling out the red carpet for the Avengers and the new Marvel movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, with a set of new features and…


New Neverwinter Lead Says, “Mistakes Were Made with this Release”

Having previously been the Content Lead for Star Trek Online and the Lead Designer for the XBox One version of Neverwinter, Scott Shicoff is used…


Wipes, Weapons, And Wood: Our Chat With The Devs About The Upcoming Landmark Patch

Daybreak Game Company hosted a roundtable discussion on Wednesday to talk about Landmark, which will be getting some big changes in a patch scheduled to…


Unlocking True Power: Skyforge Delves into Divine Forms

The path to becoming a god in Skyforge,’s upcoming free to play MMORPG, is a long one. Adventuring, saving the world one follower at…

max-aristov-disruptor-render3 thumb

Dota 2 Renders Look Amazingly Lifelike

Valve artist Max Aristov has been experimenting with some high-polygon-count images for Dota 2 characters, and the results look like something you could buy as…


Path of Exile: The Awakening Closed Beta Begins

Path of Exile, the free to play ARPG from Grinding Gear Games, has officially kicked off the closed beta for its upcoming patch, The Awakening….

Free to Play Cast

Free to Play Cast: Everquest Patching, Updates, and the Cash Shop Ep. 137

This week we get all “Everquest-y” on ya and chat about every version of the MMO franchise and their futures, Heroes of the Storm gets…


Rise of Incarnates Adds Kali to Character Lineup

Rise of Incarnates, the 2v2 free to play fighting game from Bandai Namco, has revealed the latest addition to the character roster. Kali will be…


Triad Wars Developer Gameplay Stream Today

United Front Games appears to be listening to player feedback that has come rolling in since the free to play title Triad Wars started its…


Echo of Soul Closed Beta Starts May 4th, Founder’s Packs Available

Aeria Games has announced that the closed beta for their upcoming Free to Play MMORPG, Echo of Soul, will start on May 4th. Of course,…


Russian LOTRO Service to Close June 1

Citing “contracts concluding,” Games has announced that the Russian Service for Lord of the Rings Online will come to an abrupt end just a…


Let Skyforge And Everquest Handle Your Money, And Other Curiously Named Entities

Google is my spirit animal. I do probably a hundred or more Google searches a day, many of which are related to the work I…

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