Free To Play Weekly – Hellgate, Warframe, Path of Exile (ep.137)

Hellgate is making a comeback through Steam Greenlight, Space wings are on their way to Warframe, No More Room in Hell adds a new casual…


History Lesson: Chaos Heroes Online Gameplay video details game’s old-school origins

While many MOBA’s are trying their hardest to keep themselves from being compared to the genre’s origins; sometimes going so far as to create splinter-genres,…


Hearthstone Expansion In The Works, Will Add About 100 New Cards

Curse of Naxxramas had some nice gameplay, but what CCG gamers really want is new cards — lots and lots of new cards. Blizzard hears…

ACE thumbnail

Arena: Cyber Evolution Character Bundle Pack Giveaway

MMOBomb and Spearhead Games have teamed up to give players 50 bundle packs to get off to a great start in Arena: Cyber Evolution. Each…


Welcome To The Apocalypse: My First Go At H1Z1

Death was waiting for me. No sooner do I spawn into H1Z1 for the first time than I’m set upon by a pair of zombies,…


Watch Red Riding Hood explain Arena of Fate in new Gameplay Trailer

Was it fate that Crytek would one day make their own MOBA called Arena of Fate? Only the MOBA gods truly know. What we do…


Roomier: No More Room in Hell gets new maps, casual mode and more

Once a mod for Half Life 2, No More Room in Hell continues to somehow find room left for more. The hardcore cooperative shooter just…

First Look

Arena: Cyber Evolution – Early Gameplay First Look

Arena: Cyber Evolution (ACE) is a futuristic physics-based sports game with minor MOBA elements.Similar to sports like Ice-Hokey, players join in 3v3 matches with special…


The Forsaken Masters Expansion for Path of Exile is now live

Seven deadly masters await in the shadows to train you in Path of Exile’s newly launched expansion, Forsaken Masters. As the name suggests, the content…


Heroes & Generals Exclusive Video Interview – Gamescom 2014

At Gamescom 2014 MMOBomb sat down with two of the developers from Reto-Moto to talk about the latest upcoming changes and additions to their strategic…


Hellgate Looks For Resurrection On Steam

Hellgate’s coming to Steam! Maybe, kind of… The original Hellgate: London was a dark, moody, post-apocalpytic demon-infested shoot-’em-up that received minor acclaim in 2007, but…


Building Bombastic Bots – Robocraft Bomblive

What do you get when you combine Mechwarrior with the Mars Rover? Robocraft! On this episode of Bomblive, Spunkify returns to the cubular shooter in…

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