Island Fever!: EverQuest Landmark’s New Patch Brings New Horizons

EverQuest Landmark saw a list of changes today, with a new patch update that brings more features and developments to Alpha testers.

While the patch fixes a number of bugs (client crashes, mobility, UI hiccups and ect.), two of the added features that have everyone talking are the new biomes; Old Growth Forest and Tundra. To avoid doing any kind of claim wiping to implement the new biomes, developers instead added 12 new islands to each world that feature the new biomes, bringing the total number of islands per world up to 50.

Developers also implemented an attached claims system, in which players can create extra claims to attach to an already existing and placed claim. Up to 2 new claim flags can now be created through the forge in order to establish extra attached claims.

Also amongst the new additions is the Smoothing Tool, which makes building a little bit easier by allowing the system to add/remove voxels while smoothing in order to create more natural shapes and casual curves.


  1. 1st,and well i was specting some release date =( no more teasing stuff

    1. what do you mean teasing, its in alpha, on march 31 its going in to closed beta.

  2. Ok being a alpha tester i must say that the biggest issue this game has at the current state is the FPS cap not implented making Especially ATI cards to overheat. other then that im looking forward to its development.

  3. my ati 6870 overheat and died from the game xD so be carefull :)


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