Climb That Tree – Tree of Savior BombLive

Time to spend some more time in Tree of Savior, the upcoming free-to-play game from IMCGames. Does the game offer everything you hoped Ragnarok Online…


Forcing Myself to Learn My Class – SWTOR BombLive

Come and back seat game as I am really just learning how to play a tank again in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Hey, at…


Taking Down Mordremoth – Guild Wars 2 BombLive (Starting @4:30 EST/1:30 PST)

This is it! The final-ish fight with the Mouth of Mordremoth in Guild Wars 2’s Heart of Thorns expansion! It kicks off at certain times…


Combo Away! – Blade & Soul BombLive

Time to get our hands on Blade & Soul in the West. We’ll be talking combat, questing, and everything else you could want to know…


Journeying Into The Heart of Thorns – Guild Wars 2 BombLive

Guild Wars 2’s first expansion is out in the wild, and I’ll be gliding and slaying and making a mess of the jungle dragon’s carefully…


ARPG/MMO Goodness – Devilian Online BombLive

Time to check out some more Devilian Online, the upcoming (in the West) free to play ARPG/MMO published by Trion Worlds Come enjoy the livestream…

Block N Load Tony

Calling All Blockheads! – Block ‘N’ Load BombLive

Jagex’s Block ‘N’ Load just went free to play a couple weeks ago, so Jason’s going to jump into the fray to build and destroy……

WildStar thumb

Checking Out Free to Play! – WildStar (Unscheduled) BombLive

The wait is over. If you were looking forward to WildStar’s free to play conversion, download the client and get started….although based on our play…


Marching On! (PART 3)- Guild Wars 2 BombLive

Join me on our weekly stream as I continue my leveling in the newly free to play Guild Wars 2! Come enjoy the livestream broadcast…


Rolling a New Character PART 2- SURPRISE Guild Wars 2 BombLive

A TOTALLY unscheduled BOMBLIVE episode where I continue my leveling in Guild Wars 2! Come enjoy the livestream broadcast on our official Livestream page every…


Rolling a New Character – Guild Wars 2 BombLive

With the news of free to play being made available for Guild Wars 2, it’s time to jump in and roll a new character and…

Hearthstone Grand Tournament

Enter the Grand Tournament – Hearthstone BombLive

Today, Jason will take his first run through the Hearthstone Arena mode using the new cards in The Grand Tournament. Cheer him on and Inspire…


Skyforge Post “Launch” – BombLive

Time to check out some Skyforge since the open beta launch. We already know people hate the weekly caps but we’re not going to hit…

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