Come watch MMOBomb explore the frontier in Albion Online – Bomblive

This week on Bomblive, Spunkify braves the new frontier of Albion Online. Crafting is a high priority in the Sandbox MMO and Spunkify will need to brave the wild wilderness in order to find the resources he needs to build himself a new future. Will he build himself an empire or lose it all to [...]

Added 29 days ago - 2014-03-26 - 7 comments

Come watch a showdown of Supers in Infinite Crisis – Bomblive

This week on Bomblive, Spunkify turns to the streets of Gotham in search of justice served with a side of destructibility. Turbine’s DC-Multiverse MOBA has reached super-sonic levels as it barreled into Open Beta last week. The Open Beta has brought three new heroes and Infinite’s third map to the table, but is the allure [...]

Added 36 days ago - 2014-03-19 - 8 comments

Terrorize the townsfolk in Nosgoth – Bomblive

This week on Bomblive, Spunkify stalks the rooftops of Nosgoth as a ferocious vampire in search of unsuspecting morsels. His hunt wont prove easy however, as the forces of Seraphim are keen on driving the Vampire race out of Nosgoth and into extinction. Who will prevail in this age old struggle of man and Vampire? [...]

Added 49 days ago - 2014-03-06 - 8 comments

Going Rogue in Renegade: X – Bomblive

This week on Bomblive, Spunkify marches into battle in the new and completely free FPS-RTS hybrid Renegade: X. Does he have what it takes to turn the tide of battle between the GDI and Nod factions? Well with access to over 30 weapons, 15 vehicles, and the ability to call in nuclear strikes let’s sure [...]

Added 57 days ago - 2014-02-26 - 9 comments

Striding into Strife – Bomblive

This week on Bomblive, Spunkify strolls once more into Strife to check out how S2 Games, Gorilla filled MOBA is doing. Are S2′s efforts in curbing player toxicity working in their favor? And can the heroes in Strife possibly get any cuter? Tune in to find out! Come enjoy the livestream broadcast on our official [...]

Added 64 days ago - 2014-02-19 - 13 comments

EverQuest Next: Landmark Alpha – Bomblive

Spunkify explores the lands of Landmark as he searches for precious ore and encounters many a manor to admire! Does Spunkify have what it takes to craft himself a new pickaxe? Tune in to see what the Alpha crew in EverQuest: Landmark have been up to! Come enjoy the livestream broadcast on our official Live [...]

Added 70 days ago - 2014-02-12 - 6 comments

Balls of Tesla Steel – Loadout Bomblive

Today on Bomblive, Spunkify drops in to see just how many ways he can blow up others (and himself) in the high octane shooter Loadout. Dismemberment is the name of the game today and Spunkify’s on a mission to create the ultimate weapon for reducing the enemy into a pile of putty. Will it be [...]

Added 78 days ago - 2014-02-05 - 2 comments

Duelist Gameplay – Aura Kingdom Bomblive

Spunkify gets down and dirty with the Duelist class in Aura Kingdom on this week’s episode of Bomblive. Watch as he shows off some of the more unique quest types Aura Kingdom has to offer. Come along for the ride! Come enjoy a livestream broadcast on our official Live Stream page every Wednesday at 2PM [...]

Added 126 days ago - 2013-12-18 - 7 comments

Foreign Thursday? – Blade and Soul Bomblive

Spunkify streams Destroyer gameplay of the Chinese Blade and Soul open beta. It’s quite a hoot, but is it worth playing in Chinese or should players hold off until its released locally? Tune in to find out! Come enjoy a livestream broadcast on our official Live Stream page every Wednesday at 2PM PST. Follow us [...]

Added 132 days ago - 2013-12-12 - 28 comments

Old School: Blackthorne Bomblive

It’s a blast from the past that just so happens to be F2P! On this episode of Bomblive, Spunkify takes on one of Blizzards’ first games, the cinematic platformer Blackthorne. Can our hero figure out the controls in time to defeat the evil menace known as Sarlac? Tune in to find out! Come enjoy a [...]

Added 139 days ago - 2013-12-06 - 7 comments

Magicka: Wizard Wars Alpha Preview (Bomblive Ep. 38)

On this episode of Bomblive, Spunkify teams up with his Stallion of a F2P Cast Co-Host Jason Winter! Watch our valiant F2P Cast members work to defeat the enemy wizards in this fast paced PvP battler. With so many different combinations of spells to choose from, will the heroes find the right ones to lead [...]

Added 189 days ago - 2013-10-17 - one comment

Card Hunter PvP: Squid takes on Spunkify! (Bomblive Ep. 37)

On this episode of Bomblive, Spunkify faces off against his most worthy opponent yet, F2P Cast Co-Host Squid! Watch as Squid dukes it out with Spunkify in an all out brawl of card supremacy. The duo shows off several of the competitive multiplayer scenarios available in the browser based CCG. Come enjoy a livestream broadcast [...]

Added 210 days ago - 2013-09-26 - 6 comments

Warframe: Attack of the Robot Chicken Legs (Bomblive Ep. 36)

On this episode of Bomblive, Spunkify returns to Warframe after many months to survey the changes. How has the hack-and-slash MMO fared since we last visited? What new features, foes, and friendlies are now available? And why are robotic chicken legs out for blood?! Find out on this episode of Bomblive! Come enjoy a livestream [...]

Added 223 days ago - 2013-09-12 - 5 comments

Picking Fights in Forge (Bomblive Ep. 35)

Today on Bomblive, Spunkify masters his inner MMO as he attempts to showcase PvP in Forge! Does Forge have what it takes to make it as a competitive F2P game? How does it compare to other skill-based arena titles? Find out on this episode of Bomblive! Come enjoy a livestream broadcast on our official Live [...]

Added 230 days ago - 2013-09-05 - 16 comments

Hearthstone Commentary: The Murloc Master (Bomblive Ep. 34)

On this episode of Bomblive, Spunkify tries out his ultimate Murloc Warlock deck in Hearthstone. In order to better his chances he has enlisted the help of our resident CCG expert Kevin from the F2P Podcast. Coupled with Kevin’s tactical mind, the dynamic duo seems unstoppable! Watch as Murlocs rain from the sky in this [...]

Added 245 days ago - 2013-08-21 - 5 comments

Path of Exile Commentary: Must summon all the zombies! (BombLive Ep. 33)

On this episode of BombLive, Spunkify explores haunted catacombs and deadly jungles in the ARPG Path of Exile. Path of Exile allows for a great array of character customization and Spunkify has made his Witch class into a summoner, pulling zombies and skeletons from the earth to fight for him. Watch as his army of [...]

Added 252 days ago - 2013-08-15 - 11 comments

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