Exsanguinate! Exsanguinate! – Nosgoth BombLive

No, it’s not a Doctor Who game Jason will be playing today. Instead, he’ll be hopping into Nosgoth to see just how wild and chaotic…

World of Warships thumb

All Aboard The Friend Ship – World of Warships BombLive

Jason’s returned to the high seas and is blasting his way through naval blockades galore in World of Warships! Come join him to celebrate his…


Still Leveling Up – Blade & Soul BombLive

We continue our leveling in Blade & Soul’s Head Start on this week’s BombLive. Feel free to come back seat game! Come enjoy the livestream…


Ending the Boycott – Rift BombLive

Kicking off the new year with a Rfit BombLive. It’s time to end my boycott and get some practice with the Primalist in Trion Worlds’…

Hearthstone League thumb

The Hall of Explorers – Hearthstone BombLive

Jason’s saved the last wing of Hearthstone’s League of Explorers for today’s BombLive! What perils await us, now that we’ve found the Staff of Origination?…


Burn it Down! – Paladins BombLive

Yep…I’ll be PvP-ing today…this ought to be good! Come hang out and watch as I play Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins! Come enjoy the livestream broadcast on…

Total War Arena tower thumb

This Is Sparta! – Total War: Arena BombLive

Grab your spear and shield and head off to the battlefield today to join Jason as he plays Total War: Arena! Come enjoy the livestream…


Climb That Tree – Tree of Savior BombLive

Time to spend some more time in Tree of Savior, the upcoming free-to-play game from IMCGames. Does the game offer everything you hoped Ragnarok Online…


Forcing Myself to Learn My Class – SWTOR BombLive

Come and back seat game as I am really just learning how to play a tank again in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Hey, at…


Taking Down Mordremoth – Guild Wars 2 BombLive (Starting @4:30 EST/1:30 PST)

This is it! The final-ish fight with the Mouth of Mordremoth in Guild Wars 2’s Heart of Thorns expansion! It kicks off at certain times…


Combo Away! – Blade & Soul BombLive

Time to get our hands on Blade & Soul in the West. We’ll be talking combat, questing, and everything else you could want to know…


Journeying Into The Heart of Thorns – Guild Wars 2 BombLive

Guild Wars 2’s first expansion is out in the wild, and I’ll be gliding and slaying and making a mess of the jungle dragon’s carefully…


ARPG/MMO Goodness – Devilian Online BombLive

Time to check out some more Devilian Online, the upcoming (in the West) free to play ARPG/MMO published by Trion Worlds Come enjoy the livestream…

Block N Load Tony

Calling All Blockheads! – Block ‘N’ Load BombLive

Jagex’s Block ‘N’ Load just went free to play a couple weeks ago, so Jason’s going to jump into the fray to build and destroy……

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