EA Embracing F2P and Microtransactions: Is That a Good Thing?

Electronic Arts Labels President Frank Gibeau recently offered a tantalizing glimpse into his company’s plans for their future revenue models. Talking to Edge magazine, Gibeau…


League of Legends: Riot doesn’t care about the game anymore? (MemberZone)

Attention: The following post was submitted by a MMOBomb reader, so please please keep in mind that this is one individuals opinion, his views do…


Complaint Against Forge of Empires (MemberZone)

Hello I wanted to make a complaint on behalf of several users publicly injured in the game Forge of Empires. The users in the game are being repressed on the forum when they complain about the game, with threads deleted and complaints excluded. Those who complain on the forum have their profiles banned in order to mask the problems of the game.


An Open Letter to City of Heroes Fans and Developers (MemberZone)

There is a community of great friends and family that is on the verge of being destroyed. There are those that might not take this…


Rappelz: This is How Gala-Net Treats Paying Customers (MemberZone)

I have been a dedicated, loyal customer of Gala-Net for five years, playing their USA version of the free to play game Rappelz. In the…

battleforge (3)

A Lesson In Strategy (MemberZone)

An Introduction To The Course: Ever since being popularized by 1994’s “Warcraft: Orcs and Humans”, the Real Time Strategy genre has held a large share…


Is a Manly Woman! (MemberZone)

This discussion seems to never end. One group that are males playing female characters are called raging homosexuals, the other group who are males playing…

Tribes Ascend (4)

Good Old Days of FPS and Today (MemberZone)

I’m pretty sure most of you remember the good old days of FPS games, the days that you would never want to leave the house…

Rise of Immortals

Why Rise of Immortals is Doomed (MemberZone)

It seems that most of the MOBA style games coming out these days aren’t really trying to do any revolutionary things with their game-play. Rise…

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How to Survive the MOBA Community (MemberZone)

Many people find the MOBA genre unappealing simply because they cannot deal with the community at large. The fact is no matter where you are…

Rappelz (4)

Rappelz Under Hacker Attack (MemberZone)

As a player of Rappelz, and it being a rather large online gaming community, I feel I need to get this information out to all…