UPDATE: The compensation packages have been released and here are the contents:

  • 1x Pure New Year Activewear
  • 1x Scroll: Winged Love Paddleboat
  • 3x Bound Worker’s Compensation: 1000
  • 50x Bound Tax Certificates
  • 3x Superior White Regrade Charms (Guaranteed regrade success on Rare gear only)
  • 10x Bound Greedy Goblin Gummies
  • 10x Bound Frakenflavor Jawbreakers
  • 30x Bound Tyrenos’s Index
  • 30x Warrior Medals
  • This past weekend, ArcheAge players got ready to jump into the 2.0 Heroes Awaken update that brought new features and new land for housing to the free to play MMORPG. As the maintenance time ticked down, the predictable flood of players trying to log in and claim some land quickly got ready.

    And, almost predictably, there were issues.

    This time around though the issues weren’t with the Heroes Awaken patch. The issues came in Glyph’s, Trion Worlds’ authentication tool, ability to actually let players log into the game. After launching and checking the data, Trion Worlds has found that only about 10% of the ArcheAge playerbase was actually able to log in causing a serious unfair advantage when it came to land grabbing.

    On the plus side though, update 2.0 has also given the ArcheAge team the ability to actually rollback servers (something they previously could not do), and Trion Worlds did just that. Yesterday, servers were rolled back, APEX purchases were refunded, and the 2.0 update was rolled out again with a staggered schedule starting in Europe.

    In the way of an apology, Trion Worlds kept players informed on the forums and will be putting together a special package of in game items for all players. Contents of this package will be determined later this week.

    ArcheAge players: Let us know how the “re-launch” of 2.0 went yesterday in the comments below!

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    1. Andrenz on September 17, 2015

      Gotta love all the “I hate ArcheAge” trolls. It’s not a matter of dislike for a game. You people are angry at other players if they actually enjoy it.

      • Todoran on September 23, 2015

        and you my frend u are a ignorant morron!

    2. Archeageisshit on September 16, 2015

      Are there people still playing this shit? Humanity gets more stupid every day. TRION screwd you how many times now??? And you still paying for that?? I cant belive it how stupid and blind some people are. I never ever would pay a cent for a broken game like this…..
      I hope they close the servers soon. And we never hear agin from this shit fail excuse of a wanna be game…..

      • Andrenz on September 17, 2015

        I’ve never been screwed by Trion and neither has anyone in my guild. If you don’t like the game, don’t play it. You act like a 12 year old spoiled kid who got banned from the game.

        That’s what happened isn’t it. You’re butthurt.

        • Billy on September 18, 2015

          This game is broken and p2w, that’s why the majority of votes for Archeage is very negative steam and mmobomb wise. Obviously you’re the one that is butthurt @Andrenz. If @Archeageisshit doesn’t like the game he obviously doesnt play it.

    3. rickshaw on September 16, 2015

      Honestly TRION are hopeless as this all shows.
      Their options are to throw sweets, but they are sticky full of grit and loosely unwrapped, just like Trion is in game nursing – hopeless.
      XLGames needs to sack their arses, then maybe the game might be worth re-playing.

      • Andrenz on September 17, 2015

        actually, most of the problems with exploiting and bugs isn’t Trions fault. That fault lies squarely on Xl Games, the developers of the game. Trion is just a publisher.

    4. moo on September 14, 2015

      That 10% is the player base.

      • Derpina on September 17, 2015

        Impossible since it is a derived percentage. You should have mathed better and something like: 5 players total 10% blocked = only half a person was stopped.

    5. Lagwin1980 on September 14, 2015

      Fekking failboats….at least they rolled it back this time.
      And thank fook i don’t play it……..

    6. Jack on September 14, 2015

      ^Bwahahahaha its cursed

    7. Shamo on September 14, 2015

      What is it with this game that just spells disaster over and over again.

      • Obvious on September 15, 2015

        T R I O N, that’s how it spells disaster.

        • Merkadis on September 15, 2015

          I wouldn’t be that hasty, after all they run Rift pretty damn amazingly well from what i remember at least.
          I have no idea what is going on with this title, maybe cursed indeed lol.

        • Andrenz on September 17, 2015

          Its not Trion. They’re only the producer. The devs of XL games are to blame for the exploiting and bugs. The launch was rough because no-one predicted that it was going to be that popular.

          Server merging with a game like ArcheAge is a massive undertaking.

          • Billy on September 18, 2015

            Game is still bad and p2w even without the bugs. The game is popular now.. as a laughing stock and them fat redneck gingers will still pay for the game.