NCSoft Announces New MOBA, Will Use Characters From Other Titles

NCSoft is adding an all new action MOBA — Master X Master (MXM) — to their free-to-play lineup. The company announced the new game today,…


Latest Continent Of The Ninth Seal Update Adds Awakened Level System

Free-to-play game publisher Webzen announced today that the latest Continent of the Ninth Seal is available. The new update introduces the new Awakened Level system…

FNaF World thumb

Five Nights At Freddy’s World Pulled Off Steam, Will Return As Free-To-Play

Following some nasty criticism, horror-game-RPG-spinoff Five Nights At Freddy’s World was yanked off Steam by its creator — with refunds given to all buyers —…


Exclusive: Elsword Revamps Eve And Chung

Two Elsword classes are getting some serious revamps soon. The free-to-play game is reworking Eve and Chung — fixing up not just abilities and skills…

League of Legends splash thumb

With $1.6b in 2015, League Of Legends Is The Biggest Digital Game In The World

League of Legends brings in more money than any other video game in the world — and it’s not especially close. That’s the news from…


Gigantic Reveals New Character And Announces 24/7 Closed Beta

A new Hero is joining the ranks of the free-to-play team shooter, Gigantic. Beckett — a new “tactical shooter” character — comes equipped with machine…


Brawlhalla Announces First Ever World Championship Tournament

Brawhalla, the popular 2D platformer fighting game is getting its very own world championship tournament. Announced via a YouTube video by developer Blue Mammoth Games,…


ELOA Adds “Den Of The Looters” Dungeon

Webzen has announced expansion 3.1 for its free-to-play hack ‘n’ slash MMORPG ELOA today. Titled “The Looters,” the new expansion adds an all new raid…

GW2 Shatterer thumb

Guild Wars 2 Adds Gliding In Central Tyria, Updates Shatterer Boss Fight

Ever since Heart of Thorns introduced gliders to Guild Wars 2, players have been plummeting to their deaths at a greater rate than ever —…


New Heroes of the Storm Video Highlights Upcoming Li-Ming and Xul Skins, Lunar Festival, And More

Following the reveal of Li-Ming and Xul as the next Heroes to join the fight in the Nexus, Blizzard has dropped a new video showing…


Over One Million People Are Trying To Play Blade And Soul

Over one million people have played the western version of Blade and Soul since its launch on the 19th, according to a press release from…


Nexon Announces New MMO With Aerial Combat: Riders of Icarus

Nexon and WeMade Entertainment are adding a new game to their free-to-play lineup. Riders of Icarus is a new MMORPG featuring aerial combat using flying…


Paladins Releses the Chicken Patch

Hi-Rez dropped another patch full of changes to the beta of their free-to-play FPS-MOBA Paladins. The patch added quite a few tweaks and smaller changes,…

WildStar AlphaSanctum thumb

Former Carbine Employees Blast WildStar Work Environment

Started on NeoGAF and summarized on Reddit, a few alleged former employees of Carbine Studios have opened up about some of the, er, “issues,” that…

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