Nexon America Announces Changes At The Top: One CEO Out, Another In

Nexon America, which handles the North American operation of many free-to-play MMORPGs, including Riders of Icarus, Mabinogi, Maple Story, and more, is getting a new…


Hi-Rez Expo Announcements Include SMITE Rivals Reveal, SMITE Tactis CBT Announcement, And Paladins Season 1 Update

At the Hi-Rez Expo in Atlanta Georgia, Hi-Rez Studios revealed the next game to join their free-to-play lineup. SMITE Rivals, is a Collectible Card Arena…


NCSoft Has A New Game In The Works, Could Be Aion 2

After it launched in late 2008, Aion quickly became NCSoft’s top earner — especially after its NA/EU launch in September 2009. Before Lineage went crazy,…


Elsword Elysion Finale Launches

KOG Games announced the launch of the final chapter to the Elysion story line in its free-to-play MMORPG Elsword. This new chapter ties up the story…


Here’s What You Need To Know About Watching The Hi-Rez Expo On Twitch

Hi-Rez’s annual expo officially kicks off tomorrow in Atlanta, GA. While there are plenty of us who can’t be there officially, the good news is…


Create Your Own Custom Gwent Cards On Fan-Made Website

Need more naked Geralt in your life? Like, who doesn’t? Now you can satisfy all your wet Witcher needs with the Custom Gwent card creator!…


SolForge Shutting Down At The End of January

Free-to-play CCG SolForge is headed for the discard pile. Nearly three and a half years after its early access launch, Stone Blade Entertainment will close…


WildStar’s “Power Of The Primal Matrix” Update To Arrive In February

Carbine Studios’ free-to-play sci-fi MMO WildStar is due for another update. Titled Power of the Primal Matrix, the update will hit the test realm next…


Revelation Online Closed Beta 2 Comes To An End

As of today, the second Closed Beta Test for Revelation Online has come to an end. NetEase announced the beta end earlier today, along with…


Firefall Went Offline For Two Weeks In December

If Firefall went shut down for good right now, would anyone notice? The answer to that is apparently, “not really.” Cruise over to the Firefall…


Survarium New Year Dev Diary Reveals Plans To Modify Anomaly System According To Player Request

With 2016 having come to an end, the folks over at Volstok Games have, of course, written up a developer blog highlighting everything they’ve accomplished…


Get Lord of the Rings Lore Lessons In LOTRO, Starting Tonight

If you want to learn more about The Lord of the Rings, but don’t have the time to read the Silmarillion — or the patience…

World of Warships Adds Ranked Battles, New Maps, Improved Matchmaking 2

Wargaming Exec: Job #1 Is To “Defend, Expand, and Own the Genres We Created”

War Thunder and Armored Warfare have their adherents, but neither has come close to approaching the number of players that Wargaming has sucked in with…


Upcoming AdventureQuest 3D Patch To Add New Bank Vault

AdventureQuest 3D’s next update will fix some of the inventory issues players have been having with the introduction of the new bank vault. The update…

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