SWTOR Vaylin

SWTOR’s Final Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter Now Live

It’s been a long journey for the Outlander and his allies in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and it all comes to a head today…

War Thunder PT 109

War Thunder Expands to the Ocean, Introducing Naval Battles This Fall

War Thunder has always promised that it would visit all three theaters of war — air, land, and sea — but have been mostly quiet…

Fractured Space stars_stripes_destroyer

Fractured Space Gets Big Olympian Update, Reworking Tech Trees And Adding Two Maps

Edge Case Games’ space MOBA Fractured Space is celebrating the Summer Games with an update bigger than a Romanian bodybuilder. Alpha update 18, code named…

elsword feat

Elsword Gets A K-Pop Makeover With GFriend Inspired Gear

Elsword is going full K-Pop with dance moves and outfits inspired by the super group GFriend. Now you can go into battle wearing the best…

gwent feat

CD Projekt Red Delays GWENT Closed Beta

In order to make the best first impression with their free-to-play Witcher-themed card game GWENT, CD Projekt Red has decided to push the Closed Beta…

riders of icarus feat

Riders Of Icarus Introducing Manastone Battles In Exarahn Badlands

A new “capture-the-flag” PvP mode is coming to Riders of Icarus. In a recent blog post, the the RoI dev team outlined the new feature…

neverwinter feat

Neverwinter Guild Alliances Hit Xbox One

Guild Alliances has finally arrived in the Xbox One version of Neverwinter. This new update introduces new features for guilds, a new interface, and more….

dungeon fighter online feat

Dungeon Fighter Goes Live On Steam

The 2D beat-em up action game Dungeon Fighter Online has made its way to Steam. The popular game launched in the West (for the second…

tera feat

TERA’s Solo-Focused Update Arrives Today

An update featuring a new level 65 solo dungeon hits the TERA servers today. The dungeon — titled Castle Aranea — is designed for players…

archeage feat

ArcheAge Apologizes For Zodiac Festival Problems With Festival Coins

Recently, the ArcheAge team answered a variety of questions on their Twitch channel. Among the answers given were what to expect in the August update,…

Hearthstone Purify thumb

Brode: We “Misread The Community Sentiment” On Priest Card In Karazhan

Developers don’t admit their mistakes often. But sometimes community pressure is so great that it can’t be ignored. That would appear to be the case…

revelation online feat

New World Trailer Makes Revelation Online Sound Pretty Epic

Netease and My.com released a new trailer highlighting the world of Revelation Online. This three-plus minute trailer is composed of in-game footage and introduces players…


Wizard101 Sells Level 50 Boost

The latest MMO to admit that leveling is boring and people just want to get to the juicy stuff at the end is KingsIsle Entertainment’s…

master x master feat

Master X Master Alpha Play Test 2 Is Live

The second public Alpha playtest for NCSoft’s upcoming MOBA Master X Master is officially underway. This event began earlier today and will run until 4pm…

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