apb reloaded feat

APB Reloaded Hits Xbox One

Shooter fans on Xbox One have a new(ish) game to add to their playlist. The developers of the free-to-play third person shooter APB Reloaded have…


Nosgoth Dusted, Along With Dust 514

A couple of free-to-play games get their last hurrahs this week. As CCP Games announced in February, the last day of Dust 514 was yesterday,…

gamigo aeria feat

Gamigo AG Merges With Aeria Games

Leading European game publishers gamigo AG and Aeria Games announced a merger agreement earlier this week. Combining the two companies will bring together a portfolio…

trinium wars feat

Trinium Wars Goes Free-To-Play

InselGames’ post-apocalyptic sci-fi MMO Trinium Wars went free-to-play earlier today. The company announced the news on the game’s Steam Page, noting that they’d received many…

smite feat

SMITE Launching ON PS4 May 31

The official launch of the PlayStation 4 version of SMITE is almost here. As announced on the PlayStation blog earlier today, the free-to-play MOBA will…

path of exile feat

Path Of Exile Prophecy Challenge League Kicks Off June 3

Grinding Gear Games is preparing for the next update to their free-to-play game Path of Exile. Titled Prophecy, the update will include a standard and…

Heroes Generals Panzerwulfmine

Heroes & Generals Improves Squad Functionality And Literally Nerfs New Tank Mine

The Devyatayev update for Heroes & Generals makes major changes to how squads operate in the WW2 shooter, making it easier for players to play…

gloria victis feat

Gloria Victis Update Brings Massive Changes To The Crafting System

Gloria Victis’ most recent update (v. is live on the servers, bringing a bunch of changes to the free-to-play game’s crafting system. Designed to increase…

paragon feat

Paragon Reveals New Hero Riktor

A new Hero has been introduced for Epic Games’ upcoming free-to-play MOBA Paragon. Riktor — a cyborg armed with electrified chain whip (tentacles?) — is…


Victus Game: Rewrite History Heads to KickStarter

Fans of strategy games of the past may want to take a peek at Victus Game: Rewrite History over on Kickstarter. Meshing three of history’s…

twin saga feat

Twin Saga Releases Lore Trailer

Aeria Games released a trailer for its free-to-play fantasy MMO Twin Saga today that expands on the game’s base lore. The trailer tells the story…

Chronicle Steam

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Now Live On Steam

While one game is trying to keep people from downloading it on Steam, another is saying, “Hey, check us out!” Jagex’s free-to-play CCG Chronicle: RuneScape…

riders of icarus feat

Riders Of Icarus Trailer Highlights The Classes

A lot of time has been spent talking about the collectible mount/pet system in Nexon’s upcoming free-to-play game, Riders of Icarus. Now, however, the devs…

skyforge feat

Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance Update Gives Under-Represented Classes A Boost

As part of their ongoing effort to balance classes more effectively Allods announced today that the release of the Skyforge Cybernetic Alliance update would offer…

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