SMITE Patch introduces new SIEGE mode and the Egyptian God Osiris

While MOBAs have typically taken the “less is more approach” when it comes to map design, favoring one static map and an equally recognizable mode, Hi-Rez Studios has continued to take the “more is actually more” line of thinking and has released yet another new mode for their gods against gods MOBA SMITE. The new […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-05-06 - 9 comments

Top 10 Most-Anticipated F2P Games of 2014

What’s the best Free-to-Play game? Almost assuredly, it’s the one that isn’t out yet. It’s that one that you’re looking forward to, that you’re watching trailers for, that you’re reading dev blogs about, that all your friends are in alpha/beta for and are telling you how cool it is… This year is shaping up to […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-05-03 - 74 comments

EvE Online Developer CCP Unveils new PC oriented FPS Project Legion

Icelandic developer CCP has announced its taking on the development of a new PC oriented FPS called Project Legion. Unveiled during EvE’s annual Fanfest, Project Legion is less a port of the PS3 exclusive Dust 514 and more of a celestial Frankenstien, using salvaged bits of some of the best of Dust and combining them […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-05-02 - 27 comments

Tera-ble Two’s: Tera Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with New Reaper Class

En Masse Entertainment is celebrating the second anniversary of their MMORPG TERA: Rising with a new class known as the Reaper, which will be released this May 13th. Close to mid-ranged in her combative nature, the Reaper wields two heavy chain blades that promise to wreck the heavens. Speaking on behalf of the anniversary celebration, […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-05-01 - 29 comments

MMOFPS Defiance set to go Free-to-Play in June

Trion Worlds no longer has a Pay-to-Play MMORPG in its repertoire, or at least they won’t come June 4th when their open world MMOFPS Defiance is set to make the transition over to Free-to-Play on PC, with console versions following shortly after in mid-July. Released back in 2013, Defiance aimed to set itself apart from […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-05-01 - 27 comments

Bro, Do You Even Rank?: Loadout’s Update 3.0 Get Ranked

Folks over at Edge of Reality haven’t just been twerking their life away apparently, as a recent 3.0 update entitled Get Ranked for thee entrancingly violent and dutifully silly FPS Loadout has proven they have been pushing some hefty pencils on new content for the shooter. Beware!– This update targets those with a competitive edge, […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-05-01 - 11 comments

Reaching New Heights: Transformers Universe Founder Packs Now Available

MOBA gone MOTA Transformers Universe from Jagex Games set the bar for founders packs insanely high today, unveiling a list of founders packs that start at a relatively reasonable $49, and move up from there to an unheard of price of $449 for the all inclusive “Cybernite” pack. All packs come standard with appropriate avatars […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-05-01 - 11 comments

All For One: SOE Presents All Access Subscription

While the idea has been floating around since the beginning of 2014, SOE is finally initiating their All Access subscription that homogenizes all of their online subscriptions into one unified simple monthly payment of $15. Also, payment alternatives that adjust monthly cost down to $8.34 can be achieved by grabbing a dedicated 12 month subscription. […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-04-30 - 27 comments
Heroes and Generals (1)

And the Award Goes To : Heroes and Generals Wars Aren’t Won By Tanks Alone Trailer

Heroes and Generals promises to break out the big guns in their new trailer entitled “Wars aren’t won by TANKS alone”, showcasing quite a diverse list of various roles players can make their mark on the battlefield with. A quick mention of new weapon and vehicle loadouts was also in the trailer release statement, leaving […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-04-30 - 17 comments

Watch a full day of H1Z1 Developer Talks Live on Twitch Right Now

SOE continues unveiling new details surrounding their upcoming zombie survival MMO H1Z1 at a rapid pace. While only a teaser site is currently available, SOE has already released large amounts of details regarding ingame features and monitezation plans through social media outlets such as Reddit, largely thanks to John Smedley, whose taken it upon himself […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-04-29 - 15 comments

Dota 2 Spring Cleaning Update Eyes Major Hero Changes, bug fixes and item adjustments

Major balance changes are inbound for Dota 2 only two weeks before Valve’s fourth annual global Dota 2 tournament, The International, is set to kick off its Regional Qualifiers. For those who dont closely follow Dota 2, news of the games vast documentation of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, hero changes and item tweaks […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-04-29 - 13 comments

Beta Blocks: Minfigures Online goes Open Beta this June

Although the figures may be small, big adventure is planned for the residents of MMORPG Minifigures Online. Funcom recently announced that this battle of the toys will be hitting Open Beta sometime this June. This new addition to the already large world of Lego features the tiny loveable block-headed figures familiar from the series of […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-04-28 - 18 comments

Mage Amidst The Machine: Black Gold Online CBT is Full Steam Ahead

Steampunk infused fantasy MMORPG Black Gold Online has blown the horn for Closed Beta, and those eager to get right into the boundless PvP action that is awaiting in the land of Montel can come forth this May 15th at 2PM. There is even an event timer for anyone who might lose sleep over missing […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-04-26 - 53 comments

Gliding Toward Release: ArcheAge Founder Packs Now Available

While the officially dropped date for ArcheAge‘s release is vaguely set for “2014”, there is no doubt that things are moving forward for the sandbox MMORPG. Three founders packs entitled Silver, Gold and Archeum are now available on the official website, and anyone interested in diving into the game early can now make their claims […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-04-26 - 41 comments

Hazard Ops Trailer offers Gameplay, Guns and Inferno Pharaoh

Infernum’s latest trailer for their upcoming third-person shooter Hazard Ops has all the enemy types you’ve ever wanted (or didn’t) fighting to take what’s yours…your life! Ok so maybe their actually fighting for world peace, who knows, perhaps someone will ask the Inferno Pharaoh from hell who may or may not also be a zombie, […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-04-25 - 17 comments

Once Upon a Time Trial: Fantasy Racer Tales Runner Officially Released

Following its second successful Beta test, the fable-infused racing adventure Tales Runner is finally shifting gears into full release. A lot of new content such as maps, modes, characters, mini-games and even events as well new exclusive goodies in the growing cash shop are planned for the racers recent launch. The bright and colorful realms […]

Added 3 months ago - 2014-04-25 - 20 comments

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