Nintendo Not On Board With Free-to-Play

Here we go again. Another major video game company poo-pooing free-to-play as some passing fad and citing that it can’t possibly work for them because of vaguely specified monetary reasons, despite the fact that some of the biggest F2P games rake in millions… Wait, it’s not quite like that? Well, I’ll be. As reported by [...]

Added 78 days ago - 2014-02-04 - 29 comments

Russians Only: Black Desert Localization for Russia in the Works

Pearl Abyss pleasantly surprised Russian fans in an interview with about their upcoming MMORPG Black Desert by announcing that an adaptation of the game will be ready much earlier for Russian gamers. The news may come as a bit bittersweet for those waiting to play in the west, as it shows a promise of [...]

Added 78 days ago - 2014-02-03 - 43 comments

20,000 “Developers”: EverQuest Next Landmark Goes Alpha

It was just by good happenstance that EverQuest Next Landmark became as big of a project as it has, with a now projected 20,000 alpha players, who are considered by SOE‘s Dave Georgeson to be part of the development team by default. With regards to the games direction and original purpose, the new alpha community [...]

Added 81 days ago - 2014-02-01 - 27 comments

Shine Your Dancing Shoes: Loadout Goes Live

The highly customizable, exceedingly over-the-top, and diabolically graphic third-person shooter Loadout designed by Edge of Reality went live earlier today. Those anticipating the release are finally free to taunt, outfit, weapon-craft, and even twerk their life away. Edge of Reality gave a shout-out to their closed beta and early access participants, stating “Your feedback and [...]

Added 82 days ago - 2014-01-31 - 12 comments

Funcom Responds To Wednesday’s Raid

We heard back late last night from Funcom regarding its being raided by the Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime. Here is what we were told via e-mail: Yesterday, the company received a visit from Økokrim (the Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime) [...]

Added 82 days ago - 2014-01-31 - 8 comments

Gunz 2: The Second Duel Open Beta US Release This February

While some might say MAIET isn’t exactly the fastest gun in the west, they’ve finally set their sights on a US open beta release date for their highly anticipated third-person shooter GunZ 2: The Second Duel. Although the open beta has been available for an extended amount of time in Europe, early February is the [...]

Added 82 days ago - 2014-01-31 - 16 comments

Funcom Raided By Norwegian Economic Crime Unit

As reported by numerous venues, such as this one, Norwegian MMO developer Funcom was paid an unwelcome visit this morning by officials from the National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime, who “raided the offices and packed boxes of seized documents into a van.” Employees were sent home and the company’s [...]

Added 84 days ago - 2014-01-29 - 8 comments

TerrorBlade: DOTA 2 Brings New Bloom Festival

Although change in the MOBA world can be scarce at times, it appears DOTA 2 will be seeing a turning of a season at the end of this month with their New Bloom Festival event. A new variety of rewards, heroes, enemies, and even an entire new mode known as Takeover will be available upon [...]

Added 84 days ago - 2014-01-29 - 5 comments

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Enters Open Beta February 25th

Raiders and conquerors seeking a new realm to pillage should be excited to hear that Ubisoft’s new MMORPG, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, is moving forward toward release. The great kingdom of Opulencia and it’s hundreds of castles ready for the raiding will be entering open beta this February 25th. Right alongside the emergence [...]

Added 86 days ago - 2014-01-27 - 14 comments

A New Hope: Smedley of SOE Dedicates Next MMO to SWG Fans

While it was quite a chaotic day for those partial to the MMO world provided by SOE, it seems there is a light at the end of its dark tunnel. In CEO John Smedley’s AMAA on Reddit, he made a particular shout-out to both Star Wars and sandbox fans alike, stating “SWG PLAYERS – OUR [...]

Added 88 days ago - 2014-01-25 - 21 comments

Firefall Receives $23 Million; Puts Crosshair on 2014

After what some might call a rocky start for Red 5 Studios and their MMOFPS / MMOTPS Firefall, things might be looking up for the developers and their future plans with the game. Upon entering into share purchase agreements with the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development Co., $23 Million was set aside for the project. [...]

Added 88 days ago - 2014-01-25 - 31 comments

Purged: SOE Shuts Down Four MMO’s

Within the next couple of months, Sony Online Entertainment will be doing its spring cleaning early, starting the job by shutting down Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures and Free Realms on March 31st; then finishing it with Vanguard and Wizardry Online on July 31st. SOE’s explanation for their sudden change of heart mirrors that of [...]

Added 89 days ago - 2014-01-24 - 23 comments

The Sky is the Limit: StarCraft II Arcade Officially Free-to-Play

Blizzard tossed the RTS community an awesome bone this week by lifting even more restrictions on their Starcraft II Starter Edition. Aside from providing the first five missions within the single player campaign and even allowing some multiplayer options, the highly modifiable Arcade and all of it’s user made maps, mods and games within the [...]

Added 90 days ago - 2014-01-23 - 5 comments

Aion’s Steel Cavalry Expansion set to debut January 29th

On January 29th robots are set to invade the fantasy world of Aion. To be more precise, Aethertechs are invading the fantasy world of Aion. Just what are Aethertechs? Just amazing suits of destruction with giant fists and electric whips, which players in Aion’s update 4.5 expansion Steel Cavalry will wield as a brand new [...]

Added 90 days ago - 2014-01-23 - 8 comments

Stop! Hammer Time!: Loadout’s New Annihilation Mode

Annihilation mode was unveiled this week for third-person shooter Loadout, just in time for the upcoming final release of the game. It combines all of the familiar tactics and objectives from prior modes while also placing an emphasis on competition. Teams of up to 8 will bring the hammer down across the battlefield in an [...]

Added 90 days ago - 2014-01-22 - 3 comments

Welcome to the Inn: Hearthstone Open Beta Begins

Hearthstone’s public existence has yet to pass the one year mark, and yet in that time the collectable card game from Blizzard has surrounded itself in a massive storm of attention. That storm may finally have reached its pinnacle here in the US as the World of Warcraft inspired CCG has just been released into [...]

Added 91 days ago - 2014-01-22 - 28 comments

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