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Trion Upsets ArcheAge players With $100 Hot Tub

Once again, players are upset with Trion. This time, the issue is an item included in the $100 credit pack purchase — a hot tub…

Archeage Kitty thumb

Today’s National Pet Day, So What’s Your Favorite MMO Pet?

It seems like there’s a “National Day” for just about everything. Here’s a list for April, which I assume is for the United States. How…

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101 XP Game Portal Releases New MMO “Dragon Blood”

A new free-to-play MMORPG has landed on the 101XP game portal. Titled Dragon Blood, the new game casts players in the role of a hero…

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D&D Online Continues To Have Issues After Datacenter Move

A month after a datacenter move, Turbine is still having issues with Dungeons and Dragons Online. The move had initially resulted in the players experiencing…

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Skyforge Reapers’ Revenge Update To Introduce D-Series Distortions And Mount Upgrades

Skyforge’s next update is set to hit on April 20, when it will introduce a variety of new content. Included in the new content will…


Elektra Comes To Marvel Heroes 2016

With Marvel Heroes 2016 being on a Daredevil kick recently, it was only a matter of time until Elektra made her appearance. The assassin, voiced…

Nosgoth Vanguard thumb

Nosgoth Cancelled, Will Shut Down May 31

Square Enix has announced that its free-to-play Legacy of Kain-inspired humans vs. vampires slugfest Nosgoth will shut down at the end of next month. It’s…

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Warframe Drops Update For Consoles, Holds Giveaway For 3rd Year Anniversary

Warframe is celebrating its third anniversary. In honor of the big day, Digital Extremes is holding a special giveaway for console players who log into…


Closed Beta Announced For Strategy MMO Erectus

Developer Maata Games announced Closed Beta testing for its free-to-play strategy based empire building MMO, Erectus the Game. Players take on the role of Homo…

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Gloria Victis Update Improves Combat

Black Eye Games released a new update this week introducing a variety of improvements to combat in medieval MMORPG Gloria Victis, including balance fixes and…

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The Skies To “Soft Launch” Into Early Access… Early

Last week, The Skies’ developer announced that its upcoming free-to-play post-apocalyptic MMORPG would be launching early access alpha on Steam Saturday, April 16. At this…

Fable Legends Not Coming To Steam, Will Be Windows 10 Exclusive

Fable Legends May Still Have A Chance

If you were sad to hear about Lionhead Studios’ free-to-play RPG Fable Legends ceasing development last month, all might not yet be lost! Well, it…


SMITE Patch 3.6 Hits The PTS, Brings Adorable New God, And The Underworld Event

An all new god joins the Chinese pantheon in SMITE. Jing Wei: The Oathkeeper is a hunter built with speed and damage in mind. She…


Perfect World International’s Elysium Expansion Coming April 13 (And PWI Launches On Steam)

UPDATE: Perfect World Entertainment has also announced that Perfect World International will be coming to Steam on April 13, along with the Elysium expansion. Last…

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