Firefall celebrates it’s official launch with a new gameplay trailer

Jumping jetpacks! Firefall has finally flown the beta coop and fired up its thrusters, sending the MMO shooter soaring into full release. If the long…


New video from Epic shows the team’s first foray into Unreal Tournament’s Team Deathmatch

It’s quite amazing to see what a game developer can create with a flexible engine such as Unreal, especially when said developer happens to be…


Namco announces Rise of Incarnates Closed Beta Date

During the Fighting Games panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con developers from Bandai Namco revealed the upcoming closed beta date for their 2…


One size doesn’t fit all: Riot looking to add diversity among female champions

The balance between male and female character diversity in video games has been a much talked about subject throughout the course of modern gaming. Males…


Black Desert Western Publisher Revealed

Back in June it was reported Korean developer Pearl Abyss was in talks with an unknown publisher to bring the studio’s upcoming sandbox MMO Black Desert to western regions. Now, foreign games review site Steparu has just confirmed publishing duties for the North American and European versions of Black Desert will be handled by Black Desert’s current Korea publisher, Daum Communications.

Free to play Weekly

Free To Play Weekly – Warhammer 40K, Gigantic, Warframe (ep.133)

New Free-to-Play details for Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade emerge, former Guild Wars 2 developers announce the new third-person MOBA Gigantic, Warframe’s latest update adds a…


Served Cold: Skyforge’s Cryomancer class revealed

Are you the kind of MMO player who enjoys turning enemies into posed popsicles ripe for the shattering? I suppose you enjoy the endless supply…


EA Potentially making a Free-to-Play MMO Based on Maxis Titles

EA or should I say, the Maxis branch of EA is on the lookout for a new Senior Designer for a new unannounced title, which…


Major Orcs Must Die! Unchained closed beta update adds 40 new cards, two new heroes

A new Orcs Must Die! Unchained update hit the game’s closed beta servers today bringing an absolute horde of new content aboard the fortress-siege infused…


League of Legends releases new blood-filled cinematic trailer “A New Dawn”

Riot Game’s skill for creating in-house cinematics is surging to near Blizzard levels of fidelity with the release of the new cinematic trailer for League…


New Trove video highlights community made content

Trove’s alpha appears to be making great progress as Trion Worlds has just released a new Dev Diary highlighting the many creations spawned by the…


Warframe’s Update 14 adds re-imagined user interface, PvP game mode and Personal Spacecraft

Digital Extremes has just pushed Update 14: The Mad Cephalon live for Warframe, introducing a host of new features including a brand new 4v4 PvP…

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