Fresh adventure is on the horizon, as 3D Browser MMORPG Eldevin will be receiving a fully loaded and completely free expansion this April 3rd. Hunted Cow posted a heads up in the forums, along with a list of the key features players can look forward to upon the update.

A Tale of Sands and Shards will explore 5 brand new areas, all crammed to the brim with 45 dungeons. These new dungeons will contain hordes of brand new enemies, and 7 new provocative bosses. Available challenges also provide an opportunity for players to land class-based weapon sets.

Furthermore, both player level and crafting level have been raised to a cap of 45, which offers new abilities. Throw in some always useful talent points, along with the know-how to craft mightier weapons, armor, and jewelry, and you’ve got yourself a legit expansion.

Players who are looking for a freebie should log in for the first week of the expansion, as a gift will be given to early birds who show their support.

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  1. ZhaoYun on March 31, 2014

    good for the game but dont really like browser games so ty but no ty

  2. Baium on March 30, 2014

    On this game it takes 1 day to reach lvl 10 + there are few playing + u need to pay to expand a bit of ur private inventory ! Bullshit ! Remings me of a total ripoff in Dragon`s Prophet ! NO TY !

    • g on March 31, 2014

      Lmao the max level is 40 (soon to be 45) so getting a quarter of the way there in a day is pretty good if you ask me.

      As for having few people playing, what do you expect the devs to do about that? Getting more players is something the community is in charge of: if you like the game, spread word about it.

      As for the inventories, buying extra inventories is a luxury, managing your inventory is perfectly feasible. + You can buy extra inventories with in game gold (and not that much, either)

      • ZhaoYun on April 1, 2014

        i honestly dont think a game is worth playing if they sorta forcing u to pay them from even little insignificant things like buyin more inventory slots i personally dont care as far as inventory space since i usually manage it fine even with a small inventory(for example i just keep the most important stuff for my character at that time or items i will need in the future that i cant equip due to being low level and so on)but most people get really annoyed but that and i can see why

        • g on April 2, 2014

          I’d be more worried about the “bad” dated graphics of the game pushing people away and not inventory management. Anyone that can look past the bad graphics can adapt to a different inventory system.

          And buying inventories, again, is not a necessity. It’s a luxury (that you CAN buy with in game money, too). So your argument of them forcing you to buy anything is null.

          In conclusion, it’s a niche game. However, it’s one that I think has more potential, sort of like EVE Online, because it’s reminiscent of old school Runescape, a concept that many people, like me, I’m sure are looking forward to.

          • ZhaoYun on April 3, 2014

            yea i see your point but what i mean is when u can go past the graphics and get stuck on the inventory portion of the game and u dont wanna bother managing your inventory(why bother doing that when u can just buy more slots right?easier and u dont get into the whole process of thinking which items u wanna keep and which ones u gonna trash/throw away)u just buy more slots so i agree u arent forced but at the same time u are forced to buy slots(game gold or real money doesnt matter u forced to buy em with whichever either way)so no my previous statement wasnt inncorect cause i didnt say u forced to pay rl money i just said u forced to pay(either rl money or in game gold money)therefore my comment aint really dull u just find it probably dull either cause u got offended somehow or u just in the “time to defend the game i play” mood

      • lol on April 2, 2014

        no no, it’s not the player’s job to actually get more players into the game. There is this thing called Marketing when you own a business and yes, MMORPGs are also businesses so yeah, I’m sure they pay for people to do ads for them.

        • g on April 2, 2014

          When’s the last time you decided to check out a game through an ad that you saw online? (Me and a lot of people on the internet – I’m talking upwards of a million potential users – have AdBlock and don’t see these ads)

          And when’s the last time you decided to check out a game through a forum post or a YouTuber making a video on it or other type of social media? I’m guessing this happens a lot.

          Web advertising is no longer anywhere near as powerful as it was 5 years ago since a lot of tech-savvy people (who are the ones that will dedicate more time into games, generally) use script-blocking extensions in their browsers so they don’t hear about gems like this.

  3. Bic Boi on March 30, 2014

    “…as 3D Browser MMORPG”.


    • Allwynd on March 30, 2014

      Isn’t it a 3D browser MMORPG?

  4. Name (Required) on March 29, 2014

    an expansion for 100 people? only people who don’t do their jobs play this.

  5. daniell perin on March 29, 2014

    i was enjoying to play this game until i died and a receive a nice bonus of -80%xp e -75% Basic attributes for 10min i never played that game again

    • Allwynd on March 30, 2014

      What do you expect? It’s a penalty for not being careful and dying! Almost every game has it in one way or another. There isn’t a game where you can always be a winner, thats not even called a game. And if you can’t handle having 10 minute penalty, then I suggest you stop playing games.

      For 10 minutes you can go make some tea, smoke a cigarette or whatever you want and then go back to the game. Or you forgot that there is life beyond the computer screen?

      • ZhaoYun on March 31, 2014

        i do agree uninstalling the game for a thing like that is silly as u said just go take a shit or smoke or whateva for 10min but u dont have to be a dick about it he didnt like it then thats just the way it is

  6. AquaNipple on March 29, 2014


  7. cacalips on March 29, 2014

    Not a bad game! Addictive. Great features and mechanics. Needs more blood n gore in my oppinion.