Armored Warfare Tank Destroyer

Armored Warfare Shows Off Tank Classes

We haven’t heard much from Obsidian Entertainment’s Armored Warfare for a while, but they’re making up for that in a big way today, with a…


Kickstarted Strategy Game Duelyst Changes Course, Goes F2P, Upsets Some People

Kickstarter’s taken its lumps recently, with high-profile titles like Peter Molyneux’s Godus and the king of successful Kickstarters, Star Citizen, taking flak for their recent…

Free to play Weekly

Free To Play Weekly: DOTA 2 Now Temporarily Pay To Win?!? (Ep 158)

Black Desert brought in a ton of money its first week, Valve tiptoes its way into pay to win territory, all that and more, this…

H1Z1 logo

H1Z1 Gets Its Own Awards Show

No, it’s not an awards show for H1Z1… I can see how that would go: “And the best survival MMO goes to… H1Z1!” Not much…

LoL 90s

What If League Of Legends Had Come Out In The ’90s?

If League of Legends had existed 20 years ago, maybe the ads for it would have looked something like this. Then again, if you had…

Defiance Expeditions thumb

Defiance Switches Team Leads, Explains Expeditions

If nothing else, Defiance has some of the most creative names working in the MMO business. I’m not talking about the people’s creativity, but the…


Skyforge’s Pantheon Wars Bring PvE And PvP Players Together

Skyforge has another lengthy blog post today, this one about its version of guilds, known as pantheons. Hey, you don’t expect a bunch of gods…

Old School Runescape Castle

Old School Runescape Goes Free-To-Play

If you were a fan of Runescape back in the day — I mean really back in the day — maybe you didn’t like all…


Straight Money, Homies – The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot BombLive

My castle needs a little sprucing up, so today I’ll be jumping into the Mighty Quest For Epic Loot to, ah, “liberate” some loot from…


World Of Tanks Headed To Xbox One

A tank is a tank, but a shinier tank rendered on a newer console is better, right? Wargaming announced today that World of Tanks would…

Infinite Crisis Katana

Katana Slices Her Way Into Infinite Crisis

Turbine’s DC Universe-inspired MOBA, Infinite Crisis, is getting a new warrior on March 4, and she’s as lethal as her name. Katana is a fast-moving,…

War Thunder German tank

Gaijin Starts Charging For Flags In War Thunder To Deter Harassment

In today’s “creative solutions” department, we have Gaijin Entertainment and War Thunder, which Polygon reports as changing its monetization policies regarding national flag decals. Cash…


Preview: TERA’s Skycastles and New Dungeon

Late last week, I had the chance to sit down with TERA’s Lead Producer, Patrick “Treeshark” Sun, and some of the PR team at En…

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