Warframe Glast Gambit Nidus

Warframe’s Glast Gambit Now Available On PS4 and XB1

Games on consoles have to go through an approval process with their manufacturers, either Sony or Microsoft, which explains why PC updates for games often…

LoL Rendering Wireframe thumb

Find Out What It Takes For League Of Legends To Render One Frame

You’re probably not aware of the amount of work it requires to make your favorite game run at 60 frames per second. Inside your computer,…

gigantic feat

Gigantic Launches “Exile In The North” Update

Motiga and Perfect World launched the first major update to action MOBA Gigantic today. Titled “Exile in the North”, this update adds new features to…

Hearthstone Aya Blackpaw

Chinese Rollback Might Have Shown That Hearthstone Pack Rarity Is Predetermined

Blizzard’s Hearthstone servers in China melted this past week, forcing a rollback of all player data and wiping out over two days of progress. That’s…

sto feat

Star Trek Online Details The Lukari Restoration Initiative

With the introduction of the Tzenkethi, Star Trek Online is introducing a new type of reputation: The Lukari Restoration Initiative. Players will have the chance…


Revelation Online Closed Beta 3 Key Giveaway

MMOBomb.com and My.com are at it again passing out Closed Beta 3 (Jan. 19th – Feb. 2nd) keys for the upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Revelation Online….

path of exile feat

Path Of Exile Heads To Xbox One

Grinding Gear Games’ free-to-play ARPG Path of Exile is making its way to Xbox One later this year bringing with it all five existing expansions…

revelation online feat

Revelation Online Blog Post Explains How To Use Aptitude

At the request of players, My.com has published a blog explaining how to use the Aptitude resource — a special resource designed to help players…


Sparkypants’ Hybrid MOBA/RTA Dropzone Headed To Steam Early Access

Earlier today, new developer Sparkypants announced that its MOBA/RTA published by Gameforge, Dropzone, will be leaving closed beta and heading into Early Access on Steam….


Editorial: The Power of Simple Grinding in MMORPGs.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This editorial was written by MMOBomber and new contributor Steven Hawke. If you’d like to see more of Steven’s thoughts on a regular…

Warframe Prime Vault thumb

Digital Extremes VP: Publishers “Told Us The Game [Warframe] Would Fail”

When you get right down to it, Warframe is a pretty unusual title. While there are plenty of free-to-play MMOs with a PvE bent, few…

neverwinter feat

Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder – Sea Of Moving Ice Update Available On Consoles

The latest update to Neverwinter’s Storm King’s Thunder story line is now available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Sea of Moving Ice continues…

Heroes Generals 10 million

Heroes & Generals Counts 10 Million Players, Vows To Update More Often In 2017

Hitting that 10 million player milestone is quite the achievement for any online game. Today Reto-Moto is celebrating that mark for Heroes & Generals, which…

Atlas Reactor Brynn

Atlas Reactor Goes Free-To-Play Today, Adds New Freelancer

Trion Worlds is flipping the “fully free-to-play” switch with Atlas Reactor today. Players can jump in now and try out Brynn, the Skywarden, and start…

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