SWTOR Apologizes For Issues Caused By Companion Nerfing

Recently, Bioware made some adjustments to players’ companions in the free-to-play games Star Wars: The Old Republic. The changes were intended to cut back on…


Magik Comes To Marvel Heroes 2015

Thanks to your votes, Colossus’ sister Magik will be joining Gazillion’s free-to-play superhero MMO Marvel Heroes 2015. Magik will be the game’s 53rd playable character…

Elite Lord of Alliance 02

ELOA: Elite Lord Of Alliance Officialy Launches

WEBZEN’s anime-inspired triple-action MMORPG is live, and it’s time to celebrate. ELOA is holding a launch event that asks players to fill up a Monster…


Continent of the Ninth Seal Releasing Ancient Arena Update

Dungeon-based MMORPG Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9) launched its most recent update, titled Ancient Arena, yesterday. The update for free-to-play game was implemented during…

Firefall Amazon

Firefall Developer Red 5 Hit With Layoffs

MMORPG.com is reporting that Firefall developer Red 5 Studios has laid off about 40 employees, just days after launching the game in China. This comes…


Climb That Tree – Tree of Savior BombLive

Time to spend some more time in Tree of Savior, the upcoming free-to-play game from IMCGames. Does the game offer everything you hoped Ragnarok Online…

First Look

Tree of Savior – First Look Gameplay

Get ready for some grinding and some serious meta game as we take our First Look at IMCGames’ Tree of Savior currently in English Closed…

Free to play Weekly

Free To Play Weekly – Blade & Soul Release Date Announced! Ep 197

Paladins enters closed beta, Blade & Soul announces its official release date, all that and more, this… is Free To Play Weekly! Free-To-Play Weekly with…


B2P UPDATE: Post-Apocalyptic MMO Pangaea: New World Officially Announced

UPDATE: 11/21 – Other sites have Pangaea billed as a free-to-play title but we were unable to confirm that. We reached out to the Pangaea…


Aion Patch 4.9 Brings Big Changes

  The latest update for NCSoft’s free-to-play MMO Aion: Upheval is bringing with it some big additions. The patch notes for the update are an…


Warframe’s Upcoming Update Changes The Cost Of Dying

The free-to-play shooter Warframe is due for an update on December 2 and it’ll be bringing an interesting change. When the update (titled The Second…


Armored Warfare Update Drops Tier 9 Vehicles

Armored Warfare, Obsidian Entertainment and My.com’s free-to-play tank combat game, received its latest update today. The update added several major features; one of the biggest…


Destiny Free-To-Play? Maybe That’s Not Such A Crazy Idea

You can find articles or blog posts all over the Internet pondering whether this game or that game should go free-to-play. I browse them occasionally…

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