Heroes of the Storm Adds Sylvanas, Team League Mode, And More

The latest update for Blizzard’s free to play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, has hit the servers and quite a few changes were added. First,…


Love It Or Hate It: ArcheAge

Some free-to-play games are more polarizing than others, with some sides taking the stance of “great, totally non-exploitative implementation” and others thinking “total pay-to-win trash.”…


SMITE: Freya, Serqet and Bakasura God Giveaway

MMOBomb and Hi-Rez Studios have teamed up again to give our users 15 premium SMITE god codes. Each code will automatically grant Freya, Serqet or…

Satoru Iwata thumb

Nintendo CEO Nails The Nature Of Free-To-Play, But Misses The Point

Time magazine (Or is it the Time website now? Do they still make magazines?) recently sat with Nintendo CEO and President Satoru Iwata for a…


Skyforge Reveals Lightbinder Support Class

Skyforge continues its journey to launch today by revealing details about the Lightbinder class. Make no mistake, this class may have great support abilities to…


RuneScape Adds 200th Quest; Reminisces About Top 10 Quests

Jagex is celebrating a milestone in the free to play game’s history. RuneScape has added its 200th quest and the questline itself takes players to…

First Look

Triad Wars – First Look Gameplay

Time to check out United Front Games’ jump into the online space with Triad Wars. While NOT a sequel to the popular Sleeping Dogs title,…


Former SWTOR Lead Developer Wants Players To “Feel Good” About Spending

Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t exactly held up in most gaming circles as an example of free-to-play done right, in the same vein as…

Free to play Weekly

Free To Play Weekly – Snail Games Working On Age Of Wushu 2? Ep. 162

H1Z1 is looking to add a subscription option to Battle Royal, Snail Games is reportedly working on Age of Wushu 2, all that and more,…


Interview: Neverwinter’s Iconic NPCs Minsc & Boo

In the upcoming Elemental Evil module for Cryptic Studios’ Neverwinter, two iconic characters will be making an appearance and fighting alongside players as they stem…

Warframe Chroma

Warframe’s Sanctuary Update Now Live, Adds Chroma Warframe, 8-Person Mode

We got an idea of Warframe’s 2015 plans a few weeks ago at PAX East, and the first of those planned updates is now live…


CABAL 2 Feature Showcase – Combat

“When is CABAL 2 coming out?” This has EASILY been one of the questions I get asked the most whether it’s in YouTube comments, on…

Armored Warfare thumb

Armored Warfare Reveals Matchmaking Criteria

Skyforge might be the Entertainment game getting all the headlines these days, but they don’t want you forgetting about Armored Warfare, as today’s dev…

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