Born to Fire First Look

Born to Fire is a 3D FPS published by Aeria Games. The game features 5 unique classes each with their own set of unique abilities and weapons. The game features various modes including “fun” modes which pit players against each other in often silly game modes.

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  1. Wooooo, how is it?

  2. Oh god this game is such garbage that it’s not even funny.

  3. why thay even made this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    1. You should have learned your lesson when Aeria wants you to install PAndo and then a seperate client and has turned TRIBES and AVA into shit fests. Just take a tour of their forums, ask around, to a lil research and then try it out on your precious hard drive. Yuoll learn fast enough. Yet somehow… Like the thousands of gambeling sites….there are addicted fools with loans in banks…

  4. lol you killed all of them. well gonna try this game even Dow felt like you just trashed it the hole vid talking bout no feedback and cosmetic items suck.

  5. 1 question that in hight graphic or that is low graphics i don’t like it cause its like Combat arms to me

    1. From what i noticed so far there is no way to change resolution or graphic details so far.

  6. garbage….ill buy sega and play Mario instead of playing that crap xD

  7. It’s not as bad as it might appear to be. Yes it’s nowhere near Blacklight 2 or upcoming Warface, but I’m sure some people are going to like it anyway. Especially those who simply cant run Blacklight/Warface and don’t want to play something as “oldschool” as Crossifre. Balance (between classes and weapons) is horrible though, no matter how you look at it.

  8. this is game in hope to grab some cash from noobs

    but Spunkify comment on amount of blood in this crappy game … believe me if u shoot somebody i real life there is way way way more blood

  9. Game sucks bad. Whats worst is the cash shop

  10. LOL, one more stupid generic shooter.

  11. Looks low quality,not even gonna try it out.Iam so sick of military shooters anyway

  12. WTF guys don’t bitch about how the game is bad cause you watched one first look go play the game it is a great F2P shooter only bad to spunkafi cause he is a noob go read the fourms or something then try it you cant be a pro at a game you never played.

    1. Dude..stfu Mostly everyone that commented said this game was garbage wanna know why?…Cause we all played it!!!! this game is complet asz accept it in get over it.

  13. This game was god-awful, full of glitches. I would consider it maybe alpha quality.

  14. “let me see if i can get a kill with the knife~ WAWAWAWAWAAAAAAA!!” ROTFLMFAO!!

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