Pirate101 First Look

Pirate101 is a kid focused pirate themed MMO. Players can customize their very own pirate ship and engage in tactical battles with friends and companion NPCs. Set sail in your pirate ship, engage in ship fights and plunder the enemies ship!

To find more about Pirate101 check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.



  1. mmmm no parece ser un muy buen juego, abra que esperar para ver :(

  2. But the question is… Is it a free to play or a paid to play like wizard 101???

    1. No probably

    2. It is more pay to play than Wizard101 is. That’s my only fuss with Kingsisle. They make great games, then ask you to pay loads to play them.

  3. I am not gonna play this lol . I played wizrd 101 and at lvl 20 which i attained after so much killing and guess what pay to play. I seee its total copy . the way you jump on the spot . the way he cant see inf you are a boy or girl and krokotopia grizzleheim …. I cant understand in the video was the ship in air or water and if in water how is it so transparent

  4. i always hated wizard101 and pirate101 because you need to pay them but i will pay them 1 time :P

  5. LOL i named a character called micheal jackson


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