Planetside 2 First Look

Planetside 2 is a new MMOFPS published by Sony Online Entertainment. Planetside 2 pits thousands of players against each other in large persistent worlds. Players will have to fight on foot, in the air, and in ground vehicles all the while unlocking new weapons and upgrades.

To find more about Planetside 2 check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.



  1. Iam envious of u mmobomb that u got the beta acces :(

    1. Iam envious of u mmobomb that u got such a beast of a computer in order to run the game max settings. I have to play it from work since my home computer runs it only a wee better then a calculator would.


      1. You don’t need super comp for this game i don’t know why ppl thinks that.
        I got i5 3790processor and nvidia 560Ti with some motherboard that idc.
        And it runs it perfectly and it’s a typical card and processor.
        You just need good internet connection.

        1. Hmmmm? maybe he doesn’t have that “typical card and processor” you’re talking about?

          1. Hmm yeah… I understand.

  2. Great game

  3. Holy crap, SOE(Sony Online Entertainment) Forgelight Engine looks like this? now I have an idea on how Everquest next would look like. Mind sharing your PC specs or even an idea of it Spunk?

  4. People were amazed when BF3 came out with 64 player multiplayer. Jeez, hundreds of players on one battlefield… Amazing to say the least.

  5. is it f2p or p2p or b2p?

  6. so is this only pvp? No raids & pve. It’s just another fps with awesome graphics. We need a real mmorpg & i mean rpg online first person shooter for the pc. Kinda like borderlands but WAY better. So lame, way to many fps pvp only. Need more content for me to play. Head shot count Who cares any more.

    1. You want something like Skyrim?

      Plus, this is not any ordinary shooter anymore. Most Shooter you see before this was session based or room based. Plus, they all have that generic CS clone play-style and fixed spawns. Planetside 2 is sorta like Battlefield 3 but a never ending battle.

    2. You should take a look at Firefall. It is more PvE but with a competitive PvP focus.

  7. man slow down … u are talking so fast … take a breath …

  8. I wanted to say its a good first impression video you made there spunkify ;) And you are right. the game has ALOT of things to offer. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Good summary of the game!


    minimum specs? becouse the graphics are exellent *o*

    1. sorry for reply but this game going to be F2P? P2W? pay for lazy boost?

      1. Without money isnt honey. If they would dont have any stores for real money then what they should pay the game and workers for??

      2. I think the only thing they would sell are XP boost. At least that’s what I heard from TotalBiscuit.

  10. Beta keys @_@ Must get Beta keys

  11. I agree, this is a great video of a great game, good job Spunkify!!!! I believe it will be F2P but will have item shop as most SOE F2P games. I cant wait to get my hands on a Beta invite so I can try it out!!!!

  12. Probably it will be pay-to-win like bullet run

  13. It’ll be F2P with Cash Shop. It looks like cosmetics, guns, etc will be purchaseable with their ‘Station Cash’. I for one am highly impressed of this game. It’s a major + that the combat in and of itself is smooth and fun!! The graphics 10/10. Large scale battles 10/10. I can’t wait! Been waiting like a week to get into Beta, and don’t think I’ll be getting lucky any time soon. :X

  14. The Keys man…we need the Keys ;-;

  15. I really can’t wait for this game! Certainly a MMO that I am going to play!

  16. love to get in , applied for beta ,no luck. and if some1 got key send , and spunck if i get key ill join in on guild ,email is bad1one69 at yahoo .plz any1 got key plz give ,i got req. for the game .

    1. I hate when numbers are in names and emails >_<

  17. I am BETA player first this game currently in big battles have 20fps in ENGTX560 TII DC2,i5-2500k,4GB of ram on HD res,

    Game is not pay2win… for real money you can buy max cosmetic look like, zebra camo,hearts on cockpit of your aviator etc…

    ATM this game isnt really great is really bugy…

    BUT in later will be better then everything becouse there are RPG elements like visible weapons on your tank ( Quad canon etc ) or extra ammo plating ( side skirts etc ) and YES it is VISIBLE !

    we will see

    1. question: ¿max settings? ¿ultra settings? ¿high settings? ¿medium settigs? :/ becouse 20fps its very bad for dat machine :c

    2. On low everything.. BF3 i have ultra

  18. To me, it’s just a humongous lag fest.
    I am able to play Bf3 on Ultra with no problems, and this really surprised me…

    1. You are not alone :D

  19. Planetside 2 for the win.

  20. Cant wait to play alrdy seein this 3 times…what a game.

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