Pockie Pirates First Look

Pockie Pirates is a 2D browser based anime MMO published by Game321, the same company behind Pockie Ninja. Pockie Pirates takes place within the popular anime One Piece and allows players too fight alongside and against iconic characters from the series. Players can level up, gain new abilities, upgrade gear, and craft new items to use in battles!

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  1. What?… come on planet side is on CBT u have games like vindictus/c9/tera or games like guildwars two even anime games that are great but this? srsly? why people still plays this? man i cant really understand it. well whatever i hope not much more “shitty games” like this releases or yea do whatever u want dont know how the f*** they have the money to financiate this (if this costs any money)

    1. This game is a brilliant example why some companies & devs cannot get with the times.
      They expect us to play these point and click games that is horrible in every single way, as they try to make themselves believe, they are producing a one-of-a-time product. News flash: no one is going to play a game starting with “pockie”.

    2. They could of executed this way better on as a downloadable game. This game just sucks. When i tried .. people actually liked the game i felt sorry for them.

    3. Well, MMOBomb’s job is to cover every MMO they can.

    4. Games like this could do pretty well on iOS or Android, but not on PC thou

  2. the public they trying to hit with this mmo are one piece fans, if you are not, them dont even get close to it.

    1. Man im a onepiece/anime/manga fan and i follow lots of stuff related but even with the first name of the company (i wont write the name, its too ridiculous) the worlds of these two mangas have f*cktons to give in a good shaped mmo i mean comeon anyone who has seen the last 3 chapters of naruto knows that u can take an atack out of anywhere.

  3. I only gave it a shot, because it was One Piece.

    1. same i got annoyed when it was time skip luffy in the beginning and then luffy used gear 2nd on aldvia.. then i quit

  4. Are you fac,king kidding me this game is brilliant i play it hours i am lvl 49 Name-Devileyes
    and you know something its better than mmos that you have to kill 100 mobs of the same characteristics and by the way it has anime characters that i like

  5. To be exact this is targeted more to the young teens.

  6. You can tell the person who designed this game barley knows any thing about one piece.

    1. Im just saying this … and so because you watching the anime and reading the manga makes you know evertthing about once pice?

      And escuseme , its a game , ( i dont even like it ) BUT IS A GAME , doesnt have to be like the shity anime or manga ^^ m wich , is one of the worst animes ever incluiding naruto :)

      1. What ever helps you sleep at night Op is one of the best animes i have ever watched.

      2. How would you like it if they made a game of ur favorite anime. And they made it so bad you couldnt even look the game in the eye.

      3. LOL one piece WORST anime!!! Shut up dude!Dont be Stupid

  7. wats better ghostX ultimate,Freestyle Street Basketball or Bounty Hounds EU?

  8. I’m a big fan of OnePiece and this game really makes OnePiece look bad.

  9. NO effort was put into this lol

  10. wow. W O W .wow that really sucked. i feel bad for spunkify just for having to play that. i could have made a better game out of a hammer and a rock.

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