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Freelance Opportunities:

  • Game Writer/Collaborator (Articles, Guides, Reviews etc.)

We are always interested in hearing from talented and experienced people. We are looking for people who are very interested in the free to play games industry. Creativity and objectivity are must-have qualities as well as a good understanding of the English language.

1. Play various free MMO Games first hand.
2. The author will receive a cash reward from MMOBomb for every review/article published on (The exact monetary compensation will be negotiated in advance).
3. Active Writers may have additional opportunities for special assignments.
4. Gain more experience and knowledge from within the gaming industry.

1. Be able to cover stories assigned to them.
2. Be able to come up with own stories and follow them.
3. Do proper research for stories and take initiative.
4. Maintain professional and objective perspective without losing their personal touch.
5. Must be at least 18 years of age.

To join send us an email to CONTACT [AT] MMOBOMB.COM with the subject “Writer Positions”. Don’t forget to mention your name, age, country, valid email, a brief writing sample or links from previous articles/reviews, and a list with your favorite free to play MMO/MMORPG games.

  • MMOBomb Director (Youtuber) (Gameplay videos, web shows, etc.)

Do you love creating videos of your favorite free-to-play games? Do you have a microphone that captures high quality sound and are a fluent English speaker? Then come join us! We are interested in producing gameplay videos with commentary but also web shows, or even funny videos.

1. The author will receive a cash reward from MMOBomb for every video published on or MMOBomb Youtube Channel (The exact monetary compensation will be negotiated in advance).
2. Broadcast your voice to our community and get lots of views.
3. If you are good enough, you will gain the attention and focus of players.
4. Play games first hand.
5. Active Directors may have opportunities for special assignments.

1. Videos must be high quality (1280×720). Low quality videos might not be selected.
2. Mic that captures high quality sound. Videos must include voice commentary.
3. Fluent English speaker. Speak clearly and audibly.
4. Not younger than 16.

Join us at

Volunteer Positions:

  • Forum Moderators

Moderators are responsible for enforcing the Rules of Conduct on the forums and help the Community.

1. You will get extra BombGold coins every month (500 to 1000 BombGold coins).
2. Improve your written communication and team skills.
3. If you are good enough, you will gain the attention and focus of players.
4. Access to a private forum.
5. You will get a moderator forum title.

1. Preference will be given to those users who are currently active and supporting the forum.
2. An avid interest in the community.
3. Dedication to uphold our Rules of Conduct and help the community.
4. Excellent reading comprehension.
5. Not younger than 16.

If you are interested in the Moderator position please contact us via CONTACT [AT] MMOBOMB.COM with the subject “Moderator”. Please include your forum name, age, country, a brief introduction to yourself and why you would be a good moderator.

  • Open for suggestions

Do you think you can contribute to the site in a different way than as a writer? (Like podcasts, comics, etc.) Drop us an email to CONTACT [AT] MMOBOMB.COM and tell us more.


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