Who says you can’t go Home(world) again?

At the PAX Dev event last week, Blackbird Interactive struck a deal with Gearbox Software to officially rebrand Hardware: Shipbreakers as Homeworld: Shipbreakers. The uncommon sci-fi RTS is no longer just a “spiritual successor” to Homeworld but an actual successor.

“Hardware and Homeworld inevitably share much of the same DNA, and that’s a good thing,” said Blackbird CEO Rob Cunningham. “Homeworld was a fantastic game and we want to recapture that. But what we’re offering with Hardware is really a different kind of RTS experience that isn’t found in Homeworld or any other RTS.”

As part of the deal, Blackbird will also receive financial and production support from Gearbox to help finish the game. Gearbox acquired the Homeworld license as part of THQ’s bankruptcy sell-off back in May.

It will still probably be a while until Homeworld: Shipbreakers makes it onto your PC, but at least with help from a well-established company like Gearbox, it’s got some solid backing that should help keep it from sliding into vaporware territory, as ambitious indie games all too often do.


  1. Its all cool and nice, homeworld 1 and 2 where amazing, but I really wish Relic was in this project, there are no RTSs like the ones they make…

    • BlackBird was put together by many of the Relic employees when it was bought. (I think it was bought out. Don’t really remember.) That’s why GearBox is letting them use the name i think. It was originally these guys idea, and let’s be honest. It really was Homeworld, they just couldn’t use the name because they didn’t have rights. From what I’ve seen the owner of GearBox is a big fan of the Homeworld game so letting Blackbird use the HW name would make the game more popular Plus this will make the Homeworld name more popular.

      Good job GearBox, glad to see there are companies out there who aren’t complete douchebags *cough* EA *cough cough*. I love BF4, company sucks though.

      I know this reply is really late but oh well. figured I should get my 2 cents in.

      • Let me weight this for a moment.
        Should i buy CoD to listen to kids ragging, or should i play for free a nice RTS like Homeworld: Shipbreakers? Such a hard choice….
        I’m not much into FPS but even if i was, Battlefield would be a much better option than CoD.
        Want my advice? Firefall!! Now that’s a f*ing game!!

        Btw. Where all this trolls coming from? Someone send them back in their corner please.

          • OMG! How did you know my secret?!? My life is ruined!!

            Take jayuzumi for example. He trolls in Battlefield and CoD with some soundboard using celebrity voices. Do you know what the difference is? In 70-80% of the videos CoD players are ragging like mad, while battlefield players laugh and make jokes about it.
            His channel started growing and since many people know him now they don’t rage as much anymore (knowing they will end up on youtube), but go to his early/mid videos and you will see what i am talking about.

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