Age of Wushu is set to launch tomorrow April 10th and with that in mind we sat down with some of the developers of Age of Wushu in order to gleam some final bits of info before the game sheds its closed beta bonds and steps out into open beta.

MMOBomb: You postponed the launch date of Age of Wushu until April 10th. Can you give us a little insight as to what necessitated the delay?

First, we’d like to apologize for the delay in launching the game. We did some adjustments based on players’ feedback during the Closed Beta. During this period, we polished the localization and improved the game’s UI to make it better fit North American players. We hope that our players will have a better gaming experience.

MMOBomb: Looking back, what was the most challenging thing your team had to deal with when converting this game for Western audiences?

As a game that presents Chinese culture, Age of Wushu contains very rich cultural elements. During the localization process, we have encountered various difficulties and challenges. Our localization team in both China and the US are working hard on these, trying to provide the players a gaming atmosphere with a true Chinese feel. We have discovered problems and also received feedbacks from players about the issues in the localization, and our teams are currently resolving them. Players will definitely see a better localized game at its official launch.

MMOBomb: I have heard a lot of complaints from players stemming around the game being too confusing. Not because of its complexity – which Age of Wushu certainly possesses a lot of – but due to its confusing interface. Can you elaborate on any plans you have to address these UI issues?

Improving game UI has long been the focus of our work. During this period, we worked on the UI system to make sure that the interface meets the needs of different languages and players; we are also considering a creative way of presenting interfaces, since introducing the game with a lot of text can be tiring. I believe that our players have seen our hard work and we hope that players will have more faith in us.

MMOBomb: Can you comment on the recent issue affecting World Stalls? I understand quite a few players lost items due to the daylight savings time change. What sort of compensation can players expect?

We would like to apologize for those incidents, and are now handling the daylight savings time change issues – of course we will compensate those players who suffered a loss. We have also been considering how to meet the needs of North American users in both design and technology. It is our hope that our endeavors will be recognized.

MMOBomb: Do you have any plans on adjusting who can vote for school leaders? As it stands, a player can create a seemingly unlimited amount of alts in order to apply to a certain school and then vote for the current leader in order to keep themselves in power.

We pay close attention to guaranteeing fair play in-game. We are developing a way to restrict infinite alt voting. Ideally, electing School Leaders will be based on both player skill and democracy. We will be evaluating player skills from the result of personal and group organizations, and by limiting infinite alts voting, we’d like to strengthen the effectiveness of in-game democracy. In later versions, the School Leader will be given more tasks regarding school management.

MMOBomb: Will you be launching a new server for new players joining the official launch that want to begin with a new slate?

New servers will be available based on current server status to try and give new players a fair new point to start.

MMOBomb: Age of Wushu has a large variety of events to participate in. However, these events are bound to specific times and are often unavailable for a large portion of players in particular time zones. Will you be adding or adjusting the event times in order to better serve those players?

We are currently working on a backstage event system, and via this system, maintenance team staff will be able to organize events in a flexible way. This system is now being improved and soon players will be able to see more events that fit their time arrangement.

MMOBomb: Unlike most MMORPGs which sell cosmetic items in the cash shop for permanent use, Age of Wushu has many cash shop items available just to rent temporarily. Is this something you have considered changing to meet the expectations of the western market?

Yes, changes will be made according to the habits of players in NA, and it is already in our plan.

MMOBomb: What plans do you have for expanding the PvP within Age of Wushu? Currently there tends to be a “zerg” mentality whereby individual player skill importance doesn’t matter as much due to the large numbers of players.

The PvP system in Age of Wushu is quite powerful, including 1v1 and 3v3 modes. In later versions, personal skills will be extraordinarily important, and we believe the current situation will get better.

MMOBomb: Going forward after the official release, what are your plans for adding new content to Age of Wushu? Will you be working towards releasing localized updates much faster in order to bring the Western version up to speed with the Chinese release?

The development team of Age of Wushu has been working on game design, new gameplay content, and new versions. Our localization team has also been working hard to provide the North American players a localized game version. Soon there will be a new patch in the North American server which consists of two major versions in China (Hua Mountain Competition and Rage Skills). After this patch, a further patch is currently under development by our Chinese PD team, which introduces new gameplay content: Jianghu Forces. Players will be able to join different Forces in the Jianghu, and have different experiences compared to players in the schools. Beyond that, we are staring our global operation strategy in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia, and North America, hoping to deliver a consistent gameplay experience while adjusting gameplay, functions and interface according to the habits of various players. However, Chinese Kung Fu culture will remain the theme of the game. We are cooperating with top-level companies to improve the quality of the game, and working on the game to bring it to a high quality level.

MMOBomb: Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!


  1. I bought the deluxe package of the game was a lot of time playing and more who submitted bugs that are common for every game in development, I believe. My account was hacking, took my money and gold in contact with the GM and they suport me talking that the security of my account was in jeopardy suggest a change password and an apology since nothing more could be done. That was respota areditar by the company, terminate such wastes that sell gold & Tools with the game economy. Never throw anything that Snail, never …

    • (warning no spell check) i am jest going to throw this out their umm most account hacks are not hacks what that mean is he did not hack your account you gave him the infomation in some form or way this is common and not the companys fault it is your you cant blame the company for you compromiseing your own account. also you should change and accounts password that has the same password you used becuase more likely you were keyloged or you gave info about your account away from any of those account they could use it on that account this being said your accoutn was not hacked for 3 main resons 1. if their security was compromised they are under national law to tell every one that is under their care to change their password and that their scurety was flawed 2. people who spent money would be emburst (and then some) becuase they will under the agree ment you sighed have to. 3.also if 1 or 2 did not happon the commony could be reported and failed under fraud meaning they would do 1 or 2 or risk loseing mroe then 20 bucks. so under these rules and agrements their is a loop hole in witch if you give out your own infomation not them then its your fault not their and they wount pay for it so i would have to say you are wrong on this stand point and far as gold sellers nothing will ever change as long as theirs money in it they will sell that jest how it works if their money to be had people will do it. now lest stay on topic kay

      • Our … You are beautiful! (If this is you …) Come on, but a week before the incident a fellow guild that I integrated warned us about, the information leakage by SNAIL and their cover since it, information flow not only from customer accounts as credit card used in payments, something related to the game forum. Other users experienced similar problem and try to expose the forum had their threads deleted, before this problem hit me. I had a connection problem that prevented me to follow the guidance, I could not connect for a week to be exact. When I returned have not had any more … Not signed up on another site the same account as the Wushu even used the forum of them at some point, which reduces the risk of lost information. I clean my PC periodically with established safety programs. Next to me, two other members of the guild who could name had similar problem, but unlike them I will not stay in the game. Guild members to arrange beforehand that if I integrated reimburse me what was taken, but why was I angry over the treatment given by the company, or inefficient way to deal with the situation grounded in legislation fails.

        Let me number if you have not made clear, I admit to still be very boring for me make clear:
        1st – The information regarding the leak came through a third party, before the problem hit me.
        ° 2 – Topics were being deleted forum that addressed this issue, and customer complaints about their losses.
        3rd – Before the incident had known similar problems.
        4th – Just then there came to happen to me, there was a hint of password change notification by email, nothing …

        Ren, Wushu is a great game … No company behind it which is a @ # $% &, I feel aggrieved is just thinking about taking my problem into a legal framework bores me, my hope is that without my direct exposure at first expose other problems like I. Aware players as future problems so they are not as tolerant as my old guild mates, and thus remain in that market companies that value their customers … My money, I have no back. I just hope that this leak does not haunt me anymore.

        • umm thank you >.< (warning spell check was not used) i am happy to see your reply ^.^ i have looked in to this case forther once i got your comment from what i got from other fourms, sights and one of the adims i know this is what i came up with. their were a sereys of threads made about people geting their accoutn "hacked" i say this becuase from what i am about to say while in the release of the free to play moddle many of the players went to down laod the game this like alway cuased download speed to be well horendus soon torrent versions of the game were put up (not bye sail) one or more of their contaned a key logger that stole many people,s passwords (this torrent was taken down) this is the sercurety compromised you must have heard about but this is not snail games fault their bye they rilly never reported it alot of the threads that were deleted were eather filler (meaning they were posted more then 1 time) out right hateing or had a link that lead to the torrent download itself (they didnt want to spread the problem) tho the admin i know was only a game master and not a fourm moderater. now snail dose in fact have horible customer suport some times so i can see why you would be feed up with that loop. now i dont think you had a key logger but i cant say any thang for sure all i can say is that their data base was not compromised it was people that did not officaly download the game tho you know most people they would rather blame a hacker then them selfs so alot of people thought that the company should pay for a problem they started bye torrenting their i cant say what happon to your account all i can tell you is that this is what you heard about as "hacking"

          my thoughts are that all and all they sould refund you but sail jest isnt that kind of company i have had problems with their payment system all the time and mainly becuase they realy on third part companys to do trans actions. as far as the "leak" i dont think you have to worry if you never have used that pass on other accounts i recomend doing a full scan (if you havent all ready) and many unistalling the game and reintalling it form the sights download this wont take as long now that their not so many people trying to download it at once.

          • My angel, honestly … Rather they solve it in a professional manner, instead of a pat on the shoulder and a suggestion auteração password. The GM who attended me was certainly siguindo orietações standardized, and was inefficient, as the day before already featured in the problem on my part, every Attempt to contact support precocimente was done by them. Sounds like a “big” company run by smart boys and without ethics. The reasons that lead to this behavior and there is speculation that lead this behavior may be vast and so this subject is to be extended according to our will, but in the end can lead us anywhere.

          • The purpose would play two months in the 12th ultimo. There was just started, I downloaded and followed every update since the 12th of February.

  2. If you’re commenting you’re one of the following 4

    1. Browsing
    2. Hater that hates every game because it’s not your favorite game which is probably dead
    3. Downloading the game
    4. Number 2

  3. I have tried it. The interface is horrible. There is constant gold spam.
    Controls are too clunk to pull off the fast paced kung fu action that is advertised.
    I wont be playing again.

  4. Do you guys know how many giveaway packs are they offering? I saw some out there but don’t know if I could usa all kinds of them.

  5. although i dont like snail games as a company for the same reasons Kenny mentioned but i guess it wont hurt me to give them a second chance.(at least i hope it wont)

    • I tried to ask questions that pertained to issues players were having with the game in the hopes of shedding some light on how the developers plan on dealing with these issues. Hopefully these responses will do that!

      • They did for me Spunkify!

        I feel these are legit answers an theyve won me over a 2nd time. I like there idea an where there coming from an hope to stay with AoW.

    • I can’t trust a company that takes cash from people but don’t know how to maintain their databases. People that paid for beta access couldn’t enter the game, ppl that hadn’t paid could not even dream about having their problems sorted out. Meanwhile their forum/game databases leaked emails, new accounts were accidentally automatically created leading to confusion and their support just doesn’t care and… well, and lots of other things.
      I wonder whether my email in their database is still set to “1”.


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