What’s in a name? To some people, quite a bit, apparently.

When SOE decided to drop the “EverQuest Next” part from Landmark’s title, it seemed like a reasonable move. “EverQuest Next Landmark” was a long, bulky name that invited confusion with the “real” EverQuest Next. A rebranding/renaming was all but required.

But dropping the iconic EverQuest name from the title didn’t sit well with everyone, as evidenced by a lengthy thread on the Landmark forums. The tl;dr conspiracy theory is that SOE effectively crowdfunded the game through EverQuest fans who were excited about taking part in the development of the next chapter of the franchise, and then yanked the EQ-ness out of it once their financial goals were met and they decided that it was time to make the game more appealing to a wider, less EQ-savvy audience.

While the number of Landmark alpha testers who are only interested in an EverQuest-branded game are in the minority, they’re not inconsequential, either. And with some of them having been invested in the franchise for a decade and a half, they’re certainly not going to be quiet if they feel they’ve been slighted – especially if money’s involved.

We’ll never know exactly what SOE’s process was behind this decision, but from the start, gamers have expressed confusion between the similarly titled EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark. Some kind of name change made sense. It may have seemed obvious months ago, before the games were revealed at SOE Fan Faire, but decisions that seem great in meeting rooms and focus groups often don’t carry over into the real world.

Why not at lest keep “EverQuest” in the name and go with “EverQuest Landmark”? While I think this would have been the most prudent move, I can understand SOE’s decision not to. At its core, Landmark is a freeform building tool, with players creating all sorts of things that have nothing to do with the EverQuest franchise, or even fantasy gaming in general. In alpha, I saw a “cowboys & aliens” build that was a western town with a train and a couple of spaceships. Norrath it ain’t.

There’s something else to consider too; storied as it is, if you were to put it up against other franchises right now, the EverQuest name wouldn’t fare all that well. EQ was king back in the day, but there’s been no totally new entry in the franchise for nearly 10 years. EverQuest topped out at less than 500,000 subscribers and it, combined with EverQuest II, probably has around 100,000 players today, at most. That’s a small drop in the very big pond of MMOs, and many current MMO players have probably never even played either title. SOE knows this and wants to make sure those players don’t feel that they need to have a background in EverQuest-ology to enjoy Landmark.

Those are three good, non-conspiratorial, reasons for the name change. But even if one (or more) of those is the “official” reason, and might even be what SOE staff believe, could there have been a nefarious plan in place from the beginning, conceived and approved at the highest levels, to wring EQ fans’ nostalgia from them, one $99 Founder’s Pack at a time?

I think that’s highly unlikely. A while back, John Smedley offered refunds to Founder’s Pack recipients who were unhappy with Landmark. I reached out to SOE to find out if refunds were still available and got this response:

Yes, refunds are absolutely still available for Founder’s Pack purchasers.

Generally player response to the name change has been quite supportive. Over the last few months there has been a good deal of confusion about how EverQuest Next and Landmark are different games. If changing the name helps more people understand the products are connected in some ways, but still absolutely different games, then that is a good thing. Clearly this doesn’t mean it’s always possible to please everyone, but that is one of the reasons we’ve have such a flexible refund policy since the very beginning of Alpha.

Offering refunds is a lousy way to scam people (and goes firmly against the First Rule of Acquisition).

Finally, there’s the fact that Landmark is still the exact same game as EverQuest Next Landmark. There’s no reason to believe the content, monetization plan, art assets, or anything else has been “de-EverQuested,” at least no more than it would have been originally. If your heart truly is broken that it doesn’t have the EQ name attached to it anymore, get your refund and wait until EverQuest Next comes out. Unless you think they’re just going to rope you in again and rename that game “Next.”

By Jason Winter

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I wouldn’t get very worked up over that. I’ve called it Everquest Landmark ever since it was mentioned as a thing and I’m still going to call it that whether it’s right or not.

  2. They only took out the Everquest Next part of the name out of it because people keep getting confused about the 2 type of software.

    – Landmark is the build your own thing software.
    – Everquest Next is the game itself.

    But everywhere you go in any forums online people are under the impression that Landmark will have all the feature that EQN was getting witch is impossible because in EQN you can destroy stuff and it gets rebuild automatically by the system after a while but in Landmark you can’t destroy what people builds because it takes too long to build by players.

    Another thing is the fact that if you creation are very good and stands out in Landmark then there is a chance it will make it in EQN but that is all Landmark is only a tool with sandbox/mmorpg features working in real time.

  3. First things first Jason.Loved the Star Trek reference.Two anyone that got upset over the name change is an idiot.Heck SOE is even offering a refund.How often have has anyone ever heard of a f2p mmo’s publisher offering a refund,if customers were unhappy with a founder pack purchase?Hell even the handfull of p2p mmo publishers rarely if ever do that.Did Blizzard offer a refund for mist of pandaria when most player were unhappy with it?Nope.I know SOE gets alot of flack but over the last couple years they have made great strides in doing right by their customers.Far more then Trion Worlds or Blizzard ever has.

  4. It’s just a name, are people really this stupid?
    It’s still Everquest Next Landmark. Shortened to Landmark because that ACTUALLY rolls off the tongue better, and stops people confusing EQNL with EQN.

    There has been plenty said before by the devs that Landmark will play a part in EQN. Changing the name does not take that back.

    • Do you really have to ask if people are that stupid? Look at how well Diablo 3 sold in preorders despite the warning of countless fans of the older games who landed in the beta test. Computers have become so simple to operate the expectation of online gamers having any amount of intelligence is becoming completely unrealistic. Just try not to think about some of the crap that goes on with gamers anymore or you’ll end up having an aneurysm.

  5. Wasn’t “PlanetSide 2” a registered trademark for a third party company that had brought the right to make a PlanetSide game? Resulting in SoE Registering the trademark “PlanetSide Next”?

    Would not surprise me if EverQuest Next just becomes EverQuest 3.. to be honest “Next” is quite a stupid name..

  6. The main reason is because a good portion of people have kept asking basically if this was going to turn into eqnext and were thinking landmark and eqn were one in the same and that they were going to help build eqn through the tools in landmark. They are not the same game though players in landmark will have a chance to help build the world in eqn while playing landmark. I’ve barely played landmark the last couple weeks and am still satisfied with the 60$ I spent on a trailblazer pack.

    Also with the other tools coming in later on landmark will only get better in my opinion with the plan they’ve laid out and told us about so far. The only gripe I’ve had were the selling of resources in the cash shop but being that they do not sell the bonus resources (the ones that you need to craft upgraded equipment) that you pick up as you mine normal resources makes it not sting as much. I myself am looking forward to the monster editor/creator as well as the dynamic water and caves coming into the game eventually.

  7. Just like that saying: “Stop making stupid people famous”. Stop supporting stupid people make stupid mmorpgs for stupid people.


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