had the opportunity to chat with Lori Bray, Producer at Gala Networks Europe (gPotato). Check out what she have to say about Allods Online.


  1. alot of things changed in the last year in allods. they made it a bit easier to level characters and mounts can be obtained easier than in the past, so if you are a new player you dont have to spend any real money to play, it does help with leveling and pvp though:) for the record, im playing allods for over a year now and i spent 130€ on it, which imo is not much and im doing OK in pvp and pve. if you dont like farming or working hard for gear/eqipment then i guess mmos are not your cup of tea. im just hoping they fix proffesions soon- im a blacksmith and cant make anything usefull for the past few months, really hoping you will give me something to do soon! peace,

  2. I don’t get them… They merge the servers (2 with low population) into 1 (still with low population) and now the open another server which they kind of like closed 2 months ago. As much as i like the game i don’t like playing alone and this is what is going to be again in the bracket of level 1 to level 51…

    • Hi Emil, the comment you made was geared towards the NA version instead of the EU version which this video is about so I just wanted to touch on that. The merged server, Yul, consists of established guilds so it can make it a challenge for new guilds to compete with those who have been part of the community for the past couple of years. By merging servers, it helped build a healthier community by forging new relationships and rivalries between communities of both servers. It also allowed more people to party with which was nice.

      The new Avilon server gives new players an option to play Allods with a fresh experience of where everything is new. Since Allods Online features faction-based PvP combat, It also allows people to form new reputations and fight for faction dominance from the very beginning.

      -PioPico, NA Allods Community Manager

  3. Allods is way to old school for me. I loved the art design and the whole Astral thingy but on top of the quest and combat system that i have grown to dislike immensely it also used a bad cash shop system in my opinion. If i remember it right, mounts were either only available through cash shop or getting one with out paying for it would take you a ridiculous amount of time.

      • I should do my research before typing a comment in which i openly state my lack of research ?

        What the hell is wrong with you people ? Seriously.

        Should i now state how sentences begin with a capital letter ? Is that how every single dialog has to look like on the internet ? Is being freaking right so important to you that you would rather put me down then simply inform me, disagree with me or, god forbid, actually freaking ignore me?


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