APB Reloaded vs. Crimecraft

Title: APB Reloaded
Theme: Action
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 5 GB
Publisher: Gamersfirst
Developer: Realtime Worlds
Title: CrimeCraft: Bleedout
Theme: Action
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 3 GB
Publisher: Vogster Entertainment
Developer: Vogster Entertainment
Quick Overview:

APB: Reloaded (All Points Bulletin) is a free to play 3D massively multiplayer online third-person shooter game (MMOTPS) based in the modern-day fictional city of San Paro featuring two factions.

Quick Overview:

CrimeCraft is a free to play fast-paced third-person shooter (MMOTPS) set in the persistent world of Sunrise City, a gang-infested near-future metropolis reeling from the total collapse of the entire world economy.

Gameplay Trailer:
[rokbox title=”APB Reloaded” thumb=”https://www.mmobomb.com/file/2011/04/APB-Reloaded-3-150×100.jpg” size=”854 505″ album=””]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Env8fWAiOGA&hd=1&autoplay=1[/rokbox]
Gameplay Trailer:
[rokbox title=”Crimecraft: Bleedout” thumb=”https://www.mmobomb.com/file/2011/03/CrimeCraft-4-150×100.jpg” size=”854 505″ album=””]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBIXaWUkz8k&hd=1&autoplay=1[/rokbox]
What’s explosive about it:

– Unparalleled character, weapon and car customization systems
– Non-stop PvP action
– Game from GTA creator David Jones.

What’s explosive about it:

– Unreal Engine 3 graphics
– Different Game Modes
– Action-packed and fast paced gameplay

APB Reloaded vs. Crimecraft: Bleedout the epic clash of the free to play third-person shooters. What is the best free shooter game? What is your favorite? what MMOTPS should win in this arena?

It’s time to take part in this ultimate fight between the two games, so choose your side and vote. We are looking for productive and intelligent discussions concerning the two MMOTPS games so please be reasonable, offensive comments will be removed.


  1. lol cc vs apb?!!!! man apb is a crap game after im leaving this comment after played apb about 3 years apb is a crappy game for now u r always fps drop on it and have lot of hackers cc i best game apb is nothing

  2. APB is better , but , too many hackers in it ( u remember Diablo1-2, its the same) , buy the other one or get an hack and go on apb, im leaving apb when my premium account finish , just tried of hackers 3/4 game u get one or more hackers 100% garenteed

  3. To all ya’ll complaining about in game hackers…. as long as u watch out for them (unless they are one with infinite health) you can kill them easily I have taken out so many aimbotters and if u can’t than u need to just SHADUP, i have also taken down many other hackers they are just hard to beat not impossible…. usually a joker or osmaw does the trick… APB FTW!!!!!

    • although I do not see the point of the premium accounts usually prems are just little kids using mommy and daddies money to buy cool stuff and they usually suck the good players are the free ones with the real skill to kill decent prems….

      • all premium is just an advantage on cash and contacts it has not that big effect with weapons just gives people a discount on em but other than that its like one or two weapons on that whole list thats just over powered but the others just depends on your skills

  4. lol that ”apb”vs”crycraft” a good joke max lul,i got on pariot eu an 202 r gold crime named”joci”lol got played with this game like 2 years and i only stoped for one month because not rly haved patches on the old apb but its a rly prety cute jooke trololol apb vs crim crift shet lál and lul whudt the fak xDDDD lol on apb i gott one perma 2 slotted lcr pr2 and full bishada kitt,but i know for apb players all getted for free an one star lcr pr2 for free lol…and i goted buy it for 1600 g1 c…pay back things lolz but i dont worry but i cant play rigth now my pc got crappy this game burnin all pc’s need to sett the shet procesor but or the procesor is getting rly hott of the apb this is the one bad thing of this game ”reqiures a rly good cooler system i got cooler master house and +2 led high ventilats so…but my pc steal getted rly hott like 60c anyway this game…i have waited for this game like an 2 years lol and i buyed a pc but apb is comed out so i know what’S this game this game the most 1st online game all the time have etc’s that no have but afters maybe made it the g1 staff i mean”can blow enemy car tires”can shoot enemy beside the car-window”and more things for me but i no longer for type and sorry if my eng is bad but only teached of games’peace all 🙂

  5. it might be 1 or 2 hackers but people dont want to kick them from the team i was on the team where the hacker was on and the group leader didnt want to kick him because he wanted to win but i got kick cause i was team killing the hacker but other than that yea there are some op premium weapons but you put the right mod on it then that op prem weapon is just another weapon in the game

  6. I played APB for awhile and it was pretty crappy. I don’t give a shit what you guys say. I played the game from the RTW days to several months after it’s relaunch with Gaymer’s 1st. So many hackers in that game it is rediculous. I recall several hackers just raging the entire district for over 5 months that I played after the relaunch. I’m trying to recall the name of one hacker on the Joker server that has been banned and came back well over 20 times within the months I was playing. His name was several variations of IlIlIl. Which are i’s and L’s. APB is high octane head to head PvP constantly. Absoultely 0 progression unless you do PvP missions. Some of the missions are so horribly designed you are immediately discouraged from even trying to win. The VIP missions are the worst (at least when I played). The threat system has always been a joke and broken as all hell. Premium weapons are just a clear advantage. Fully modded weapons at rating 1, nice! APB is a nightmare nowadays and just not worth my time since there are so many other great shooters out there. I will try Crimecraft due to it’s MMO style. It wouldn’t be fair to compare these games due to that they are both two entirely different games. Just my two cents is that APB could have been good, but the financial problems sent it down the tubes.

    • Now if only one of the people who love APB so much could give me a reason with as much detail as this as to why it’s even worth playing, when you just said a nice big reason to avoid it like I do.

    • QQ.

      APB awesome because it creates so much drama, so many tears in the district chat every day. People like you crying about.. well, everything.

      Premium weapons are not that OP, its a lie, just more fun to play with.

      No reason calling vip missions The worst. Well, maybe your too scared being it, thats why you called it worst.

      So few hackers, maybe 1-2 in the whole district, which becomes very quickly known through the district chat and whispers, ppl get them on tape, report.

      quote> Fully modded weapons at rating 1, nice!

      Well, you are the first one i see complaining about ppl with rank 1. Very creative crying of you, really didnt expect that one.

      • So basically, you’re either a hacker or some dood who spent a large amount of cash on virtual text items. Following this you’re giving like, the shittiest defense for APB. Premium weapons aren’t OP, just fun. VIP missions are so tuff dat ur scared to do them, definitely not bad in anyway. There’s a low amount of hackers, just 2 at the most per district, and people definitely get them caught fasat as possible.

        Following this, you quote some other guy while replying to me.

        Look can you get your bawwing over your crap game moved somewhere else already?

  7. I have a feeling some people haven’t figured out that my opinion of “Crime Craft is better” is going to stick, so let me say some details. APB has more hackers in it in five days than I’ve seen in Crime Craft in up to and over five months. APB has hackers, yes, we all know this, and at the same time, Gamersfirst sucks dick at keeping the game intact, probably because they just don’t know how to keep suck a shit game in one piece. Crime Craft on the other hand has bad ideas but at least the hacker population was amputated repeatedly, I’ve only seen a hacker there once so far and yet to see anymore. Therefore, Crime Craft is better in MY OPINION, the end.

  8. You have to know that games from Gamersfirst are NOT stable at all! They even lack to import more maps (even if they promise) because its simply not possible! They would have to re-write the game! Now they made a weekly competition in the non-mission maps (Full PvP) so more people will play it. What happens? Hackersfirst! And they win the weekly prizes! So hacking will get you some extras too! And as a reply to deathslayer6: No hackers? Why Gamersfirst had to ban a couple of thousands of hackers every week? Where is the monthly hall of shame? They forget to ban, and hackers get more freeplay. Unstable/Hackersfirst/Pay2Win/HighSysReq for no more than a wannabe GTA clone/Childrens game/Non-English chats. Welcome to APB

  9. wow you’ve been playing for months and you’ve never seen a hacker in APB <..> yea what server are you on i play on EU1 and i encounter a hacker almost every day and i’ve been playing for a looooong ass time i love this game so im not gonna sit here lying say there’s no hacker in APB cause there are in there 😉

  10. revoemag do you even play APB??? I have played APB for months and ive never found a hacker/cheater. I dare you to say that im the hacker/cheater because i get like 10-15 kills per death. I dont hack or cheat im just decent at playing APB and understand it. I agree with people saying the guns are f***ed up because i can get a head shot from like 200 meters with a LMG but i still think APB is better than CC so there and my APB profile is deathslayer6 so find me and i will LMG you in the face.

  11. I just want to say etakon is a hacker and thats he defending APB, he need more meat to hit because APB is getting empty. APB is a hacker paradise, most of the people use cheats, and they will tell u “I never find one” because THEY are the cheaters.

  12. Good god never before have I seen a site full of complete and total morons. Reading your comments is the literary equivalent of a full frontal lobotomy.

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  13. APB has the best PVP system cause is non stop if a cop comes near u and u are a criminal u can just kill him or hijack any car airplane etc.

  14. Apb is good casue it is like GTA but free and it got a mode so u can play as a cop and Crimecraft is well kinda lame casue of how neeed ot pay real money for everything

    • You do know you also pay cash in APB, also, I can play a cop in most games, and a criminal in others, just because it allows both, doesn’t really make it great in my book.

  15. APB was fun to start. Looks smooth and plays really well. Custom EVERYTHING is cool also. But when it comes to match making the game is burtal. It a pain when you have first started playing the game and your are matched against a team that are 10 lvls higher with store bought guns. APB is pure PVP. If you love 3rd person PVP and have the cash to spare at the the start then APB is a great game. I grew to hate the game.

  16. can u guys tell me what game is the best to play of this 2? cuz i’ve already red your comments and i cant distinguished what game will i play with…..so can u guys suggest what is the best game to play for a medium computer…

    TY for comments…^^

  17. APB failed in the first place for playing how it does now, until they manage to fix that it’s pretty much only going to stay alive because some people feel that having a game that they think is being tested next to Crysis 1 by NASA on max settings is a reason to get a huge boner.

    I choose Crimecraft because it’s actually fun to me.

    • Wow this is just silly. Have any of you haters actually seen the game?
      Have you seen crysis 1?
      I know that comment is a year old but that game wasn’t even that requirement intensive at that time. I mean yeah when it first came out it was almost impossible to run on most comps but now it’s pretty standard.

      I think you people just hear stuff like “high requirements” and assume it’s set in stone. You heard Crysis was so hard to run when it came out and somehow you assume that’s still the case.

  18. customization wise they’re both the same, gameplay wise, basically the same but apb has a couple more features, and for the others like game modes and stuff, basically the same. the only thing that is different about these two games are pc specs. the graphics imo, are both good. (except on lower settings apb looks nicer. but for high settings they’re both good in general.)

    • What? A few more features? They are completely different games. APB has ambient missions like robbing and mugging, similar to GTA. You can even follow a criminal after loading goods into a stolen van and steal the goods or the van if he isn’t paying attention. It’s great.
      The ability to play an enforcer is pretty cool too.
      Customization is the same? What? You can design literally any kind of design in apb and use it on clothing, tags, tattoos, and car decals. The character creation is in depth and you don’t really choose a class or a role but just kind of play and find your own niche based on your skills.

      Not saying CC is bad, it’s just a different style of game. Saying it’s “the same except for a few features” is like saying the sims is just like grand theft auto with the exception of a few features.

  19. APB, drive-by’s, robbing, speeding, etc…… really C.C. BleedOut really REALLY really what does BleedOut give you just plain old shooting !APB! !APB! !APB! !APB! !APB! !APB! !APB! !APB!

  20. i been APBR beta tester and ya I have a lame pc but still the low fps didn’t stoped me from playing apb , too bad i got banned
    crimecraft : played that too oO just another shooter , nothing special

  21. sry 2 message. and the biggest promblem how the publisher GamersFirst. Because the eagames published the bester version whit 2gb ram req and 2 core proccessor…

    • I want to tell you guys something… APB is better in graphics, gameplay and customization than most games I ever played.
      You play crimecraft because you don’t have a good enough computer to play APB, thats my opinion, and thats what I see from you’r comments.
      Sooo you claim APB has hackers.
      How many of them did you encounter while playing?
      One, two, maybe three? I don’t think you saw more.
      It’s not like War Rock where every room has its own hacker, at least one.
      So please compare by gameplay\graphics\customization\other stuff and not because you can’t run the game …

  22. APB Reloaded: 1000000000 russian cheater, 4gb ram for unreal engine.
    Crimecraft: no cheaters max 1-2… and dont want 16gb ram for normal play.

  23. You guys can say learn to play and poor and such, but uh..as a beta tester? I can actually calmly say that. I also know how to play a third person shooter not that damn different from GTA, learn how to insult.

    • But uh? I’m also a beta tester of APBR, but I do think the insults are right. Check the comments around here, most of them- 4GB RAM. I have 4GB RAM but I don’t pass recommended computer for the game because I have a Dual Core AMD proccessor and its not that valuable, but I can run the game fine, so you don’t need 16 GB RAM to play, even 4 is enough and even if you just pass minimum, play with lowest graphics and do the most to get the game running faster because it is awesome.

    • I play this on one of the newest laptops around (i7 , 9gb RAM , 2.6gb Graph DDR) and I must say I still need to play it on medium graphics. My laptop cost around 1600EUR. Too poor? nope, APB’s graphic system is just screwed. It’s like Guildwars2 I can easilly play on highest settings (waaaaay better graphics) and SWTOR I have to play on lowest graphics (even if the graphics are more crappy on highest settings then GW2) FTW.

      • 1600EUR and it can’t play APB on high quality? That sad… My PC was 700EUR and it plays it just fine on high quality options including shadows etc. Possibly not enough memory on your video card.

  24. Uh..Crimecraft, APB flopped for the same reasons I don’t like it now, guns are unbalanced (It’s not skill when their gun kills me in one shot in the foot) Cars suck, and frankly the community is shit as far as I’ve been introduced to it.

    • Agreed with Etakon… I hate the guys that use shotgun its just lame… If you want to damage alot do it like me, from a distance with a sniper rifle, and not from short when you know you’re going to win. Although theres one thing that I do agree with you, about the cars – driving them sucks, no matter what car you drive it has its delay, but if you play enough time and learn how to drive in this game, even when you have ping of 999999999999 you will be able to drive it (just a number of demonstration of laggs, I had a day with so much laggs on very low quality and tried to make the game run as smooth as I could and I drove a car, stuck into some walls but not like in every wall).
      The community isn’t shit, you say that because you didn’t spend enough time in the game.
      But yes, most of the game is based about doing missions with players you don’t know to consolidate the players, and there are times that you’re teammates runs over you 20 times in one mission (no offence if it really happened to someone), but there are people who do want to play with others and stick with one team, guess you didn’t find those.

  25. Title: APB Reloaded
    Genre: MMOTPS
    Theme: Action
    Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 5 GB
    Publisher: Gamersfirst
    Developer: Realtime Worlds

    wtf ? realtime does not exist for some time
    atm is 2kGames which own G1

    • Realtime Worlds were the original developers of the game itself, which as it says on title screen at the beggining, “In memoriam Realtime Worlds 2002-2010”, 2010 was the year which the game somewhat ended, and Gamersfirst decided to make it a F2P game. 2kGames, nor G1 developed the game because the base was made by Realtime Worlds and they just improved it.

  26. cheat hacks in apb too high? wtf are u guys smoking? theres very little hackers compared to games like s4 league, combat arms, etc.

    learn the game mechanics first before saying anything

    • You are right Etakon.The last patch banned almoust 20.000 people in APB Reloaded.And 30% of them we PREMIUM members.So as hacking goes APB Reloaded FTW!

      • I see you guys talking about hackers, probably true but I think GamersFirst should do something about it quickly although their hacking defence is one of the worse ones I had seen, but I played like a year ago and I didn’t know this game even has hacks…

    • “compared to games like s4 league, combat arms, etc.”

      1. if were comparing games than it should be Crimecraft hax vs APB hax really don’t see reason why you added other games to this particular matter.

      2.” learn the game mechanics first before saying anything”, dewd, find some common sense, like every 10th player in APB is hacking, because it’s just too damn easy to do it. Noboddy is that f.ing good at APB(30K 0D- all headshots and non premium) its not CoD, where aiming skill counts. To be honest i know enough about apb game mechanics to know who is hacking and who isn’t. And quoting from another replay to your post “20.000 people in APB got banned” like 20k inst enough to say APB has hacks problem ?

      • I just said that they are actually kicking the premium hackers,unlike some games i played
        like CrossFire and Project BlackOut.Hacking always has and always will be in MMO’s.

      • ok u have a valid first point. i should be comparing between cc and apb.

        your second point is completely off however.

        “dewd, find some common sense, like every 10th player in APB is hacking, because it’s just too damn easy to do it. Noboddy is that f.ing good at APB(30K 0D- all headshots and non premium)”

        first. yes it is easy to hack but also as easy to get banned doing so. g1 went down hard on hackers last ban wave. i won’t go into details but u can read their blog to see how hard it hit them. secondly, it just proves my point that u do not have a good understanding of apb’s game mechanics. there are no headshots in apb. there is only a single hitbox. and i do hope your not exaggerating about the kdr . but honestly i can pull something off like 25kills 2 deaths so its entirely possible. and im not even high gold. tbh apb is an easy game and i wouldn’t be surprised if people were that good.

        last question, mind telling us your rating and tl? so we can have a better gauge on how well u really understand the game mechanics.

        just my 2 cents 🙂

      • I’m giung to answer that I returned, I see lots of people complain about hackers but I didn’t play against one yet. But I also can say that I have 20 headshots at least per day depends on how many missions am I playing this particular day, and there could be days I do 100 headshots and 150 kills total but I’m not a hacker and there are lots of those like me.

        SerbNinja… 30% Are premium hmm…. By 30 october 20 percent of them will not be. If you’re not familiar there was an event that gave Premium for 1 week.
        So APB has hacking probs, it is still a better game.
        And guys, do not compare it to S4 league or to Combat Arms because these games aren’t like them,
        first of all, CA is not TPS, and S4 league has a very much different gameplay of rooms and not an open world.
        As you say (SerbNinja), “I just said that they are actually kicking the premium hackers”.
        I don’t know about this but all I know that premium in most games, matters – they have better weapons, equipment and so on, but I think premium membership in APB is not the same as CrossFire and Project Blackout.

  27. Currently hooked on Crimecraft but after hearing these comments considering trying APB. But sounds like hax could be a bit of a problem. Nothing kills your fun more than someone else aimbotting.

  28. I like crimecraft better, APB syst REQ’s is too high, lots of my friends cant play with me, cheat/hax lvl is too hight in game, and premium content is too OP for shooter type game, I remember a golden AK had like 100% acc and dmg as hight as it shot lazers out of it + had sniperifles range(with same 100% acc). – and ofc, I was on his scope, couldent even see him with with my sniper as I was down.

    Crimecraft is definetly more nooby friendly and premium shit isnt as op, regular player can get almaost same stuff ingame. + has crafting and AI to shoot at – sometimes more fun than shooting players.No hax/cheats i’ve notice so far.

    • qoute : “premium shit isnt as op, regular player can get almaost same stuff ingame” lmao this games buyable stuff is even more OP then epic pay2win games like combat arms. Crime Craft is all pay2win these days. once again stay away from this game it sucks on so many different lvls it´s crazy it´s still alive

  29. I think both games are pretty decent and there is not better graphics in any game cause both games have decent graphics apb is cool but I dont like it that much because of the premium users who keep using whisper and alot of the players keep getting away with using aimbot in the game and also the ranked match-making system isn’t really good CrimeCraft is a pretty cool game no aimbot users and theres not really any special weapons that you need to use real cash for all the guns are for in-game credits that you make from missions and you can make your own clothes,mods for guns,weapons,medicine or you can just buy them with your credits so neither game won tho its like putting mike tyson in a ring with mike tyson…if you know what im trying to say but anyway putting mike tyson in a ring with himself means who will win the thing is not eithier of them win cause they are both good boxers so when you put apb against crimecraft none of them win cause they are both very great games.

  30. APB is fun…but PC requirements could be a little more…better for the players who do not have 4 gigs or a super processor.I personally choose Crimecraft because of the PvP,some of the missions are pretty fun and the story is pretty good also because of it’s lower PC requirements.If i wanted to play another game similar to these two,I would play GTA because at least its fun and the PC requirements are within my range.

    • What do you mean by “players who do not have 4 gigs” ? If someone can’t free up 4 fricking gigs on their HDD, then they’d better stay off gaming. Have you ever seen a REAL GAME ? I mean a normal game, that’s not free but benefits for having things like good gameplay, and all ? WoW Cataclysm has like 30 Gigs and Crysis 2 also has around 10…
      Bottom line: stop bitching and get yourself a real PC… Or at leas a reall HDD…

      • wow just wow

  31. APB is better because it feel’s more crime related than Crimecraft I mean you can steal cars in this so this makes it give that criminal feel.

  32. Their both ok,but I’m kind of inching towards Crimecraft mainly because the PC requirements are more suitable for me( i don’t have a casual pc or a super high end pc neither)and the PvP imo is really fun.APB looks fun and all,but the only thing holding it back is…
    1.PC requirements are too high(4G..really?)

        deamn nerds with no life….

        • Apb would still be an awesome game for me like the first 2 weeks I played it if there should be at least GM’s who could instakick the aimers/wallyhacks. At first I didnt believe APB had hackers, until (as described above) shotguns could hit me from way too far (little like MW3…) and from across walls (top vision), I saw enemies running straight at me the whole time (Wallhacks). For the rest, the game is unbalanced, not that there are more criminals then good guys (I am a crim myself, so why whine about it :p), but the threat system simply doesnt work.(threat system of green,bronze, silver and gold players -> eg. green players will connect to servers where green to max. bronze players are playing -> with a simple mouseclick as a gold player you can enter those low rated servers… FTW).In overall it’s a good game (customization, gameplay,…) I would recommend this to people who would like to play this with friends. It’s frustrating to play it alone but ALOT of FUN with friends (enough of missions? you can just drive around, stunting and play some with the physics) i give this game a score of 6/10 and it’s a 4 point loss on the hackers. As I speak (31/03/2012) I must say hackers has been slightly removed. Now I will download crimecraft anyway, and see how this game looks like. One handy tip: APB is fun to play, but you will easilly get a burnout from it. I would suggest you to play and switch from game to game overtime, then you will get most fun out of it.

    • Crime Craft ha more. and whats worse if you mention hackers in forum or in game you can expect a ban. total anrachy in this game hackers roam free. and if a hacker pay some usd to buy stuff at bm they only get temporary ban and warning if anything and are welcomed back. this is pay2win but also pay2cheat. stay away from this crap game people!!


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