All aboard the F2P train! Assuming it isn’t hijacked by bandits…

Trion Worlds will be going with a free-to-play model when it debuts in North America, according to a forum post by Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman. In making the announcement, he also references several examples of how XLGames is working with Trion to make the game more amenable to a Western audience, such as by adding XP to racial quests and that items purchased in the cash shop “provide solid value and fun, while earned and crafted items are objectively superior.” There’s also plenty of new info about the races on the game’s English website.

As for when the general English-speaking public can get their hands on the game, Berman said that the alpha will be expanded after this week’s Game Developer Conference, followed by a closed beta and launch later this year. ArcheAge will also be added to the regular rotation on the Trion Worlds Friday livestream.

Were you planning to check out ArcheAge? How does having it go F2P change your opinion of the game, if at all? Let us know!

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  1. i prefer action based combat but i dont really mind tab target unlike some people i personally can handle both i guess though u could say action combat(again for me)is more enjoyable than tab target.I highly doubt this will be p2w due to how they are working on rift but i will not take 1 game that was done very well for granted so i wont get my hopes up i will just try it(when possible)and see what happens

  2. Game is garbage. Eyecandy, basic A to B kill X quests. Get bored of questing you can farm. Get bored of farming you can take screen shots. Avoid PvP unless you have cash. You will get burned. PvP is just a water sport as well, abused, unbalanced, and problamatic both in Korea, RU, and soon US. TRION….lolololol, yeahhhhh, take a look at their nice little list of “quality” games and now I will hand you the toilet paper.

    • nothing wrong basic A to B kill X quests, its stable of all mmorpg. It a basic way to lvl…..

      i dont know why people hate it …. its almost like saying i hate shooting game because they only have guns

      balance pvp can go suck monkey balls… there will never be balance PvP in any game… unless we all play the same class…

  3. So f2p in NA. What about EU? Or do we get the short end of the stick again and get a p2p version or p2w under new publisher,with NA f2p version ip locked or awful ping?

      • Yeah, as long as there are no ip blocks and we have acceptable ping…but if our version will be p2p i find it likely that NA will be blocked for EU.

        • VERY little games that can be played in US are ip blocked for EU players i know it cause i’ve been playin with americans pretty much since i started gaming.Usually if its not ip blocked from US its not for EU and this is y i highly doubt it will be ip blocked for us.Lets think it like this as well.If someone else publishes this game in EU and makes it a p2w game(like most say and i agree with that)why would US ip block europian players who would probably move to the US version(considering that the EU version is p2w)and who may or may not pay them money in the future?(considering theres no ping issues and such).Anyways i think u get the point 😛

  4. I’m just glad that we finally get news on this game. I’ve been very excited about it, and am waiting for closed beta. hopefully we’ll have more information after the game developer conference.

  5. Whats wrong with Tab Target Mmo? lol
    i dont know why people complain.

    After playing a week of any NON Tab Target Mmo u get use to the combat, and it will feel the same as Tab Target mmo.

    combat is combat u get use to it and get broad of it.

    i also feel those same people will complain about grind…there no race , take your time…

    its all about the journey ..
    and those who hate grind maybe mmorpg is not for u anymore or go play WOW with 90 lvl boost…

      • Whoops, replied to the wrong post…

        Speaking of the above post though…I agree. Too many people seem to only care about the endgame and not about the journey.

        • Yes true but they’re just raging little trolls who cares about them let them rush to their boredom we will have less of them in the game when we finally get to the top 🙂 any person who has an adventurer in his/her soul knows how important the journey is and that rushing to your boredom is pointless. It’s like drinking wine, you savor it, not just gulp it down like some shitty swill just to forget the horrid taste quick.
          I only hope that this game is a quality wine. 🙂

          • Who says you can’t both savor it, and rush it? The drawing point of most MMOs IS the end game. When you’ve acquired all your skills, and it’s up to the point where you can reliably make your character your own, and the content of the game is actually intended to be hard. The ‘grind’ up until then is just filler. 90% of the quests will just be “collect 10 boar asses”, almost guaranteed.

    • action based combat is just more fun and better than point and click combat. and the journey in archeage will be really fun i think lol. (i have played it on the russian server. but couldn’t fully enjoy it.)

      • i duno

        all action based combat does is make u dodge, block and kite more. There more u get use to the combat the more it feel it isnt worth the development time(to me anyway). My guess it take a really long time to add action combat in mmorpg.

        action combat feel like jump action to me. It great if u char jump but it doenst really matter at the end lol

        all combat get repetitive anyway….even single player game

        • Ain’t that the truth. Action based combat is all nice and all but its really no better than tab if there’s nothing to keep it interesting.

          Doesn’t matter what kind of combat system a game has to me as long as I find the game interesting to play.

          • Action combat is the main drawing point of people who want to actually rely on some form of skill, more than just setting a macro to run through a rotation, and knowing to pop cds when a boss is weak, or an enemy player has popped their defensive skills. Action-combat requires more multitasking, and actually accurately understanding range, or risking dodging techniques (especially when it comes to melee classes, where frames, not mashing a button until you’re in range, are important). Tera is a good example of this.

            Knowing how to dodge and predict reliably, rather than just accepting you’ll get hit (which also means that healing needs to offset this, since you can’t rely on dodging the skills and mitigating damage, other than popping invulnerability skills, thus creating the immortal-healer classes in a number of MMOs)

  6. The game Is boring, I played the Russian version and Its just another Tab Target Mmo with some Sandbox Features. So nothing new.

  7. I will be lvl 50 and have everything on Russian version before na launches. Even if i would level up 1 level per day. English patch, great ping, english guild. I dont think Na will earn a great success with Archeage, everyone is already playing on russian version, itll be pain in ass to start again or wait 5-8 months?

  8. i’m probably not going to try this game unfortunately. from what i remember i think it has WoW style combat right? that’s just the thing, combat makes or breaks a game. they can do everything right but combat can break the experience.. the crafting, gathering aspect of the game sounds incredible compared to other games but if combat is dull why do i want to play?

    • Nah, rest asured you WILL try it.. why? cause it’s not like theres lot’s of good mmos under good publishers/devs to boot… so yes, you will try it trust me. ^^)

    • i have tried it. it is a fun game. but is also hard if you don’t do quests. and i can see what you mean about the combat. they should of done action based combat for archeage.

  9. first FREE TO PLAY was annouced 1 year ago ….. it says it even on the AA site ,second extending the alfa means 1 think pre order packeges with money not closed beta whoever write that article has screwd up better give the ppl link to the real sayngs of spaces

  10. From what I see, hear, learn, anticipate it seems to be a fantastic game…..hope its worth the hype and I can get into it at the earliest…

  11. Well the fact that it is a F2P mmo from the begining is good. I had worst experience with mmos that where originali sub-based then turned to F2P for survival, and better with those designed for F2P from the ground up. Yes the F2P means doors will be open to much more casual players but that is ok, who want to go hardcore can join that kind of comunity. Actually I see Wildstar and TESO going F2P after 1st year when player base drops, and hope they don’t end-up restrictive like STO. As soon as it goes open beta in EU I will go for it.

      • Wildstar it depends how many people acknowledge it at launch. I am expecting it to be a pretty big deal. It is comparable to what wow originally was with modern graphics and controls. It does pretty good at evolving proven systems. Provided they don’t screw up between now and launch it could be a pretty big game. As for going free to play it depends how much peer pressure gets put on the friends of people already interested in it. In a way I hope it does go free to play but I don’t mind paying if it doesn’t. It’s worth the fee to me just to avoid a lot of the drama and trolling I constantly encounter on free to play games anymore.

      • I believe there is a possibility that trion will also be hosting European servers.
        Hopefully this is true… wouldn’t want some shitty p2w company get their claws on this game for Euro market.


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