On this week’s show we talk about MMOs on consoles, give a little bit of advice for getting your channel out there, and even talk about MMO exploration. We even introduce “Rapid Fire” where shorter questions are answered quickly back to back!

Ask MMOBomb is an MMOBomb.com weekly exclusive where we answer questions from our viewers. While questions should be Free to Play games related, they don’t always HAVE to be if you question is something we think viewers REALLY want to know. So feel free to ask anything you want! Questions are chosen from YouTube, Facebook and our website comments on the previous episodes, and emails sent to magicman@mmobomb.com. Get those questions ready and let’s have some fun!

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  1. Yes. Game systems can run the graphics better than some computers most people have. and also, its a game system, we should be able to download any game.

  2. Hi magicman I have a question i know from watching the show your not really an anime guy but do you think, that instead of anime mmos just being a style that developers should actually be trying to do anime mmos of popular intellectual property like Needless, sword art online, medaka box or magi the magical labyrinth (anime set in Aladdin Alibaba 1000 Arabian nights setting based heavily on clearing dungeons and choosing kings)

  3. Growing up playing PSO on the xbox, i think yes, very yes, MMOS shoud be on consoles, depending on the gameplay, i owuldnt expect an open would sit and watch mmo like WoW to be on a console, but something along the lines of vindictus and raiderz would be good on a console IMO

    Pso2 would have been one of the best games ever had to come to consoles, not everyone has a good enough PC to really run it well, and having it on console would have opened it up to a much wider audience (in America, I’m not sure about Japan)

  4. Area chat on TERA is pretty bad as well on the server I’m playing on. Alot of it being hate and annoyance towards people from South America, mostly the Brazilians. Its all steadily moving into Global chat as everyone has been leveling.

  5. Thanks Magicman for answering my question! Great answer and I totally agree. Great video as always and keep up the good work!

  6. MMO’s on such a closed system like consoles and smart phones etc, is not such a great idea because it removes more control from the user and puts more control into the hands of the developer(s)..

    Streamlined mechanics and everything “preset” is not how I envisioned my MMO’s being in the future.. And unless consoles start becoming more like PC’s and less like Smart Phones, there is just no room for this genre there..

  7. I have a question that you really can’t awnser with the actual responce but maybe your thought on it might add a diffrent light/view on the subject that i just don;t see.

    Why don’t company’s add gold in thier item mall’s?..( Not that i would Ever buy any )

    Nothing is worse than a chat system full of Buy gold here , power lvling..bla bla bla.
    Spamming the chat non stop. It as you know now has gotten so bad thier even starting to ” Try ” and sell it in CBT’s….

    It’s nothing but profit for them , and make’s thier game’s more player friendly.

    I truely think that is one of the Biggest pet peeve’s that is out thier , But on the F2P cast for your peeve question ..I wonder how many have said this.. ( I never, i forgot all about it at the time i was awnsering that question, I bet alot of other players did also)

    Thanks for another Great show


  8. I would love to get into game production and make multi-platform Online titles much like Final Fantasy, DC universe, and Dust 514. If anything, the Online Gaming Market can only improve on this idea since you’re dealing with the best of both worlds. If someone or some group were capable of making a game that worked on all three major console platforms along with the PC and Mac, they would make millions so long as they made the mechanics work with each system.

    I had to comment a bit on the exploration bit because you didn’t mention GW2 having secrets in their maps. You do have exploration and vista points and all that but, you do have to look around abit to find things like jumping puzzles and diving platforms which do get rewarded for finding. GW2 is an excellent example on the notion of exploration and reward.

    Anyway, I got a question for you. Is MMOBomb going to be bringing in any more people in the near future? If so, what would one have to do in order to become part of the team?

  9. im not agree. MMOS neither MMORPG should only be on PC and also since i’ll make a MMORPG. And isn’t a good idea for companies like ATI and Nividia. Must strongest corps like Blizzard Nexon WEbzen and others ones goes for PC games and countries like Japan Korea and China desginers artist and developers.

    I don’t want to see Rusty Hearts or Soul Worker on consoles.

    • Rusty Hearts wouldn’t be too bad on a console control wise. Some of the interface control stuff might need some tweaking but I already play the game with a PS3 controller to begin with and it works very well at least for me personally.

  10. Hi magicman, i understand about banning people because of offensive comments or so, but what i hate the most is they would not warn you before they ban people, cause there is a lot sentences that in other cultures or languages are not offensive, and i m not talking about tera only.

  11. For console MMOs, there’s Dragon Quest X for the Wii & Wii U, as well as Monster Hunter Frontier for the Xbox 360….only problem is they’re exclusive to Japan. Given certain factors, I doubt they would come to Western regions unfortunately. It would be good if more MMOs started coming out on consoles, to Western regions anyway.

    I pretty much love exploration…when I started GW2, I made it a goal to 100% explore an entire map before moving on to the next one. I’d enjoy seeing it in other MMOs, though Magicman is right..it’ll be harder for f2p games, or at least those who’s dev teams have a smaller budget.

    Great ep, keep up the work 🙂

    • Well, there’s Dust514 coming to Playstation 3 and while it’s not an MMORPG but an MMOFPS I think it should be still mentioned among those. It got a lot of hype and I think on it’s success more developers could think about starting similar projects.

      There’s a huge community for MMOs and a lot of people would surely appreciate if they could be played on consoles as well. It’s true there are some factors which should be considered ~ like how complex MMOs could make into console and all but since recently the whole MMO market went towards action oriented gameplays I think those titles could do just fine without any serious changes on the overall design.

  12. About tera if u follow MM’s f2p cast or MM’s vidoes in general he has said HUNDREDS of times(lieraly)something like “if u play tera just from now i tell u turn OFF your global chat” i’ve heard him say it like 4-5 times already(especially in the f2p cast video of them discusting about tera)so ya i just wanted to point that out

    great episode as usual keep it up man oh and also
    21:05-21:14 i bet it was a message for cacalips hahahha u heard that?learned from it kid

    • I totally agree on the global chat stuff. During open beta and subbed, it makes you throw up when you first log-on and see the crap they talk about all day.

      If you think an argument between two people on “mounted” is retarded, you’re in for a huge surprise when you log into this when its f2p haha!

      • oh dont worry bro ik about gloabal chat(at least for the US version)i did play US version for a bit i umm lasted like 1min before i close global chat(keep in mind i didnt type i just read it)and thats mainly cause i was reading my skills(at the tutorial zone)hhahaa so dont worry i know 😛

        • You could always turn a separate tab that you’re not using into a global tab so you won’t always have to see it. That’s what I did, it’s fun to check it every now and then but not all the time.

          • lol , The worst chat out thier ..If you Ever play Ragnarok 2…lmao your going to want to turn off Every chat , Join a guild and only have that chat active..Trust me.

            That has the worst i have seen in any game!

            Tera i shut off global instantly.


          • Oh, I should have learnt from the past …Your talking about language in chat, Not why i blocked it in my game..Gamer’s are going to do that no matter what game your playing .Just edited so it gets through chat filter’s anyways…

            My Bad.

  13. I’ve hardly even played online on a console, don’t get me wrong I love consoles and I collect just like you, I just haven’t found any games I wanted to play online. If they do decide to make more mmorpgs and such on consoles I will finally have a reason to, and yeah I would gladly throw my money at them. (:


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