On this episode of Ask MMOBomb we clear up some general questions on the new show’s format and future, dive into some MAC rumors, and talk about dealing with negative feedback on your own internet content. We add in a few other questions about some of our favorite games and how the F2P Cast met and we try to figure out why Damina is already decorating for Halloween. Thank you for the HUGE positive feedback on this new show and don’t forget to submit YOUR questions for next week!

Ask MMOBomb is an MMOBomb.com weekly exclusive where we answer questions from our viewers. While questions should be Free to Play games related, they don’t always HAVE to be if you question is something we think viewers REALLY want to know. So feel free to ask anything you want! Questions are chosen from YouTube, Facebook and our website comments on the previous episodes, and emails sent to magicman@mmobomb.com. Get those questions ready and let’s have some fun!

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  1. Thanks for all the great content Magicman. You guys do a great service to us gamers. Hey, how would I be able to get on the show once with you guys? Ive been gaming since the original Nintendo and have play almosty every free to play game and MMO you could think of. I also have a good personality and think Id be a good fit. Anyways, thanks again you guys are great!

    • Thank you for the compliment! If you want to apply to be on the free to play cast you must:

      1) Have Skype and a microphone
      2) Be at least 16 years old
      3) Email what topic/game you would like to talk about to magicman@mmobomb.com


    • I’ve tossed around the idea…just not sure if people stopping by for game info really want to see that type of stuff too 🙂

  2. damn, I have always pictured magicman as a ginger and beardy.
    (I absolutely mean no offense, as I am redheaded myself — as if one could offend another by pointing out their hair color… oh wait).

    and your voice sounds weird in this video.
    (oh noes, that’s not really magicman oO)

    • HAHAHA! Nope, no ginger here. 🙂 The voice thing is probably because we’re outdoors and it’s a different mic for this show.

  3. Awwww, was that your daughter in the background 12:38 minutes into the video, how cute, she had the expression on her face, like whoa whats all this about.

  4. you said you would play ffxi again if they had they did a hd remake I believe that they did a graphics update about a year or 2 ago it did make it shiner especially the Quadav and most of the animations and such where refined but it was nothing really to write home about. The game itself was way too slow in my opinion but then again due to how slow paced the game was it did allow to work and play without much hindrance to the party. anyways when did you stop playing ffxi?

  5. Man, I loved how you answered your last question it was just entertaining to hear, and so true. If you’re passionate about something, why should you care what anyone else thinks at all? As long as you enjoy what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it. This is how everything should be done reviewing games and such.

    Man, I’d love to work for someone like mmobomb.com, for free even, shame I just don’t have that much time to dedicate to gaming, not to mention I have mixed thoughts about almost everything, you can’t give any game out there period, ad “Perfect Score”, because you’d not only be lying to yourself, but to everyone else out there. This is exactly the reason I love mmobomb.com, and “used” to like mmohut.com, for their first looks, no one in your team was afraid to just speak their mind, on how they felt about everything.

    Btw, FF-X, and FF-VIII, were the best Final Fantasy Series =P. This was entertaining to watch, I might login to watch more of em. Hopefully one day I can bring it to myself to do something I’ve always wanted like making reviews and such. Oh well, one day… One day…

  6. hiya Magicman i bet you get asked this a lot but what is your take on in game mmo love and marriage, do you think it counts as a proper relationship or not ect.

  7. Oh, your mention of Final Fantasy XIV got me wondering why you didn’t include it in the question of the week about which p2p game would go f2p, considering that Rift is doing far better than FFXIV.

    That’s not my question though…my question is: Even though you really support f2p (at least I assume you do), do you personally believe f2p in it’s current state is the best business model out of f2p, b2p and p2p? Not in terms of profit from a company’s perspective, but from your own perspective as a gamer.

  8. Magicman, well done again. It’s great to see the mmobomb crew doing more and more. On behalf of all gamers, I wish to thank you for all the great insights you and the crew bring every show. Keep this stuff coming, and we’ll keep watching!

  9. Steelers…… Magicman you are now 100% out of there….. I really cant say much… I like the cowboys but they are sucking bad… And dude you look like a bad Drew carey but 10X the kickass.
    Just Fu*king with ya bro. Good job as always sir!!


    • LOL! Super Bowl XXX still makes me twitch when I hear about it….DAMN YOU LARRY BROWN!!! 🙂 Thanks for the compliments! 🙂

  10. Keep it up mmobomb crew.
    I love your video’s and website. I check it daily and i have to admit i have become addicted to the video’s you guys create with the latest gaming news!
    Love this shit!
    Respect, Crono


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