On this week’s delayed show, we thank the viewers who expressed concern for our safety during Superstorm Sandy, follow up on some ad based gaming from last show, and tackle some pretty interesting questions about clothing, MMO Gamers and their ADD, and Havek even yells in from off camera to name the cartoon or movie HE wants to see as an MMO. Don’t forget to leave YOUR questions in the comments below!

Ask MMOBomb is an MMOBomb.com weekly exclusive where we answer questions from our viewers. While questions should be Free to Play games related, they don’t always HAVE to be if you question is something we think viewers REALLY want to know. So feel free to ask anything you want! Questions are chosen from YouTube, Facebook and our website comments on the previous episodes, and emails sent to magicman@mmobomb.com. Get those questions ready and let’s have some fun!

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  1. i started on daoc so i def think im spoiled. ive tried quite a few mmos but only found interest in daoc eq2 and swtor …dc is not bad..most of the stuff that comes out now is crap. i honestly believe if i had the connections and the money i could design and create a game that would not only make millions but would probably put many of these crap copies in the ground..and no im not being egotistical but i do know what i like and what other gamers like. i am very picky and get easily bored with games so i know exactly what it takes to keep me and other gamers occupied and comming back…i mean seriously if you look at every game out there is still not one game that take “pokemon” to the next level… nocturne was good but dark and kinda the same feel through out..think it was called jade cocoon that i was addicted to for a week back in the days of psone..monster rancher had some good aspects but there is not one serious game on the market to fill that niche. sure wow added a pet system but i havent even tried it because i dont think its worth it…its an add on…im looking for a game built around this theme and if anyone knows of a game designer or company looking to make this game let me know..ill apply for the job..i already have a pretty close to complete game concept/design

  2. Good show ^^
    I’ve got another question for ya, MagicMan.
    Which do you believe is better: Evolutionary or Revolutionary games/gaming? By Evolutionary, I mean it is built upon & refines older formulas, but it usually doesn’t add anything truly new or innovative to the table, and by Revolutionary I mean it is something innovative, new, & fresh, but it could be too far ahead of it’s time, or not refined enough.
    Examples: The PS3 (evo.) vs. the Wii (revo.) or Call Of Duty (evo.) vs. Guitar Hero (revo.)

  3. Avatar the Last Air Bender. That would make a pretty unique MMO. There is plenty of lore and enough elements and fighting styles to mix together to create classes. Earth, water, air, fire, metal, lightning, blood bending, chi blockers……. I am sure there is more than that, but you get the general idea. The only negative part about this though is that it is a show from nick. As where I love nickolodeon and most of the shows they have, they would probably try to keep the game G rated. That would make it hard to make a good mmo around.

  4. I see alot of comments flowing in here now on the ADD.

    I will add,just add, not ADD add but strictly add, lmao

    None of use have ADD when it comes to gaming!

    Either you are the true form of the word Gamer (most try,Must play everything, we Gamer’s hope around Alot, it is not ADD that make’s us it is well, Like a fat kid in a candy store and damn am i hungry to try everything the store/internet has to offer me.

    The player / Casual Gamer is the one that will play 1 game that he/she like’s and stick with it , When you talk to these people and ask them to come try something , Most will respond well atm i am playing ” add game here ” and they won’t leave to try it.

    Ask a Gamer that and they will be dling it as your talking to them about it !

    No ADD in gaming…. add or ADD your comment below 😉

    Dang that was fun … lol


  5. Just recalled something interesting that I wanted your thoughts on Magicman:

    NCSoft is changing account control systems and it will revoke previous gifts from Collectors Editions, Pets and whatnot that you could give your characters in your account. What you think? Technical incompatibilty or just a general clean slate around?

  6. omg i have an ADD, i simply cant stick to 1 game for last 2 years, tried DDO realy liked the game but i quit, tried almost every solid mmo and i quit, last 1 i tried was RaiderZ, its ok game imo but still i couldnt stick to it. I maybe will play SWTOR, i tried free trial, and game seems ok, but i think ill do only the storyline (im a huge Star Wars fan and fan of KoTOR series) cuz limitation are realy big, i think its only free trial w/o level cap restriction. I always thought that WoW ruined my gaming cuz i played it for 5 years (since TBC), but i guess now its a lot of solid games, but w/o good lore. I stick to LoL now, gonna try Wizardry cuz of its perma death system, maybe an adrenaline of dying and losing your char forever will be good thing to keep me, but knowing SOE they will make the game p2w.

  7. In before anyone mentions My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic…

    I wouldn’t mind having a Kids Next Door MMO, but I don’t think it’ll ever happen.

    My question: Will you ever cover Single Player f2p games?

  8. I can honestly say that I suffer from gamer ADD. lol. The first MMO I ever played and felt truly invested in was Rising Force Online those many years ago when it first came out. If it wasn’t for the fact CCR broke my heart I would probably still be playing it today. Unfortunately now I’m stuck looking for a game that gives me that great feeling again. But there’s just so many games coming out nowadays. To be honest, South Korea needs to lay off the sugar and give us all a break and let us finish chewing what already in our mouths.

  9. Awwww, you used my question. AWESOME! You guys are making me feel like a small part of the team which rocks.

    Well thought out and in-depth response. I personally think “Gamer ADD” is a terrible but inevitable fact of gaming today, and agree with you completely. The shear flood of games in the market has ruined true game loyalty. Oh, i remember the good old days of EQ1 where you really had to commit to make a presence in the game. I fear this type of gamer mentality will never return….sigh.

    Trust me, I’m not an attention whore, but I have another question. (A little precursor first) I’ve always wanted to go to school for video game design and am really considering going for it. Do you have any insight as to the better schools to attend? Unfortunately, I would probably have to do online courses due to being a working professional grinding out 55+ hours a week. Let me know if anything comes to mind.

    Great job as always!


  10. About the “ADD” on gaming/developers shipping out games in bulk:
    I think at first it was a good thing. You had new flavors, new worlds, new adventures all around so it was quite enticing to try and get a taste of it all. But it seems either players got too addicted to “trying out new things” or companies noticed an influx of income as people would go for cash shop items to speed up their adventures, that they decided it was a good idea to just “exploit” this feeling and launch game after game to get some bucks off a copy/paste title.

    I know it has been covered and discussed in the F2PC here that players seem to shun away things too outbound of their confort zone but still…I don’t know, I would give a shot at The Secret World or Guild Wars 2 for instance if they removed the cash shop. TSW having a cash shop on top of a sub on top of box buy just seems silly to me (yeah, that goes for you too WoW). GW2 cash shop hit for me a forbidden zone. Hate having to use the cash shop for inventory space (character slots I can understand as it is saved server side, but being cheap on inventory? That’s just heresy in my book).
    I think some changes are good, but you’d need a smaller company doing it. Niche games can surivive longer and healthier with smaller companies than the big ones with their overthinking for share holders. For instance, I know it ain’t free but the trial got me really hooked (unfortunately euros are too much for my wallet), Mortal Online. It’s like a 3D Ultima Online, if I could afford it, would play it for sure. Mabinogi is also one I find myself enjoying this days (when not tanking on World of Tanks), wouldn’t mind seeing a review of it here on MMOBomb as it has a lot of stuff to do in it. Wouldn’t mind some suggestions on this kind of game mechanics too since Mabinogi is a bit too cash shop intensive for my taste sometimes.

    Anyways, wall of text is high enough, will be waiting for the next F2PC. Thanks for the content and the laughs (big side of deep fried bacon wrapped pork chops to our friendly 800 pound Kahlyn) keep up the great work!

    • TSW I know nothing of, having never played it, but in GW2, there’s reasons why they have inventory slots (they’re actually bag slots) available in the Cash Shop.
      1) Your starting inventory contains 20 inventory slots and takes up 1 bag slot.
      2) Most crafting materials that you find in the environment can be deposited straight into the bank from ANYWHERE.
      3) There are scrap pieces you can find in the environment, which you can”salvage” to receive crafting materials, which can then be deposited straight into the bank. Old equipment/useless equipment can also be “salvaged” to get materials as well.
      4) At the crafting stations, you can withdraw your crafting materials straight from the bank, without having to actually go to a physical bank.
      5) You can craft your own bags to fill bag slots. 4 slot bags can be bought at normal merchants (and are really cheap as well), with 6-24 slot bags able to be crafted.
      6) You already start with 5 bag slots (of which 1 contains your starter bag). Assuming you don’t craft and only buy those 4 slot bags to fill those bag slots, you’ll already have 36 inventory slots quite early on. And if you craft your own bags, you can get up to 116 inventory slots without even purchasing additional bag slots.

      Considering that GW2 is a buy to play game, the developers need additional revenue apart from their box sales (it’s not like they’re getting monthly payments). And right now, their cosmetic item variety is pretty pitiful.

      If you’re saying that’s still not enough…then I guess I’ve lost you. Not saying that GW2 is the game for you, but you need to know the bigger picture before passing such judgement.

      • Didn’t know about the inventory crafting (nor have I seen it advertised anywhere. Just about the cash shop contents) and banking system, at least for craftables, and I appreciate the intel on it, thanks mate.

        Just, good to know about crafting, but would have to see how many slots a set take, PvP/PvE sets taking their lot, amongst seasonal equipment and consumables (also novelty items you end up keeping), bank space, it’s a bigger equasion than just gatherables/crafting (although that does usually take quite a chunk off of your inventory/bank).

        I know its a buy to play game and so was GW and it’s expansions. Also for instance Diablo II was and those managed to keep an active income to their companies to the point of being open for extended years (Sure, GW had expansions, but nothing says GW2 won’t). There are also a good chunk of free games that live entirely off of cosmetic and simple consumables not to mention that the very same company, NC Soft, has THE best free to play model on the market and the game doesn’t seem to be making a black hole in their funds.
        So all in all, yes, I do still think it’s a cheap shot working out inventory/banking space for money in any game and Guild Wars 2 does that. I hear good things about it, but I’m not enticed to try it until I can be sure I won’t be just dumping 60 USD (which doubles plus some when currency is converted here) on a game I’ll end up having at a point to use the cash shop.

        Thanks again for the good information!

  11. I play a lot of games and betas and in some ways its fun and in some its tedious. I mean there isn’t that one game that really catches my eye and makes me want to stick with it. Some games I play with a friend (most of my friends don’t play PC games, only Xbox or they’re not gamers at all). This does give us a variety of games to choose from instead of playing just one game all the time.

    I’m wondering how good betas are really? For instance I played in the RaiderZ closed beta and now that the open beta is on I’m not sure I want to play it. I enjoyed RaiderZ BUT I played though level 25 already and I’m not sure I want to go through it AGAIN to catch up to where I was. I enjoyed the continued game, but to play hours and hours more of game play I already went though just to catch up seems boring to me. Now games that have different start areas and quests depending on what character type you picked is nice because during the beta you can play one type and get one starting area and one round of quests and then when it goes gold you can try another and it seems new. On the other hand if you play with someone then you have to pick the same type of character so you’re in the same starting area and get the same quests.

    BigDaddy why would I take your word on something when I could barely make out what you said. I prefer Nvidia because they’re drivers are better (although I hear AMD is getting better with their drivers). Yes ATI started in 1985, but its not like Nvidia is a new company, is started in 1993. I’ve had issues with ATI but with Nvidia I’ve had great results. The thing is the two companies hop over each other on which is the fastest. It’ll be Nvidia then ATI will come out with something and it’ll be ATI then Nvidia, so they may be both equal and it just comes down to preference.

    • Interesting,

      I mentioned this exact same thing about beta’s on one of the free to play comment’s.

      I remember when Closed Beta’s were extremely hard to get into and Open Beta’s were for at max 1-2 week’s long making you want to come back in a month and play it.

      Company’s now keep them open for way to long and release as fully open way to late,To many free to play game’s now for Almost any company to get thier money out of it at this rate, Or even keep a constant player base… This is why we now see more pay for beta. Not many cash shops are open in closed beta, But trust me they soon will be open in all beta’s ..Even in Closed or Alpha at that.

      Once that happen’s , First wave of players the Alpha, get cash from them , Next wave of New players Closed Beta …Cash from them ..Open Beta cash from them…. Each time they lot more players in they know they lost the majority of Alpha,Closed and open… How else are they going to get your money.. It will happen !



  12. nvidia suck bro you should get your next card to be a amd trust me i did lots of studies amds better thats they i got my first and current pc with amd is fantastic ow and the easiest way to know that is look how long amds been in the market and nvidia.

    • Just bought the nvidia gtx 680, I won’t be like you and say what suck’s, Just my personal prefrence will always be nvidia, Till the day they let me down.

      Btw, Doe’s amd give a 12 year warranty?

      Both my gtx 550 ti’s are waranted till 2021.

      If you really did some real research or study’s. You would have stated that both these company’s surpass each other every 2 months being top dog with the next new thing.

      Do you like apple’s or orange’s?

      No matter what you say the next person will say the opposite eventually , Just because thats what they preffer.



      • nvidia does not offer warranty, the card manufacturer does. XFX for instance has double lifetime warranty on theirs (for you when you buy it and if you fill out the proper stuff with them, to the person who buys it from you. After that, if they sell it, it’s not extended to this third person).

        Not saying it’s better or worse, just pointing out that its a manufacturer of the card and not GPU that gives the warranty


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