Get free virtual goods

What is a BombGold coin?

BombGold coins is a virtual currency that you win just for having fun participating in the MMOBomb community. When you have some BombGold you can exchange it for virtual goods from your favorite games, among other cool things that you may find in the MMOBomb Shop. So, what are you waiting for? Register here for free and get 25 BombGold coins right now!

How can I earn BombGold coins?

There are many easy ways to earn BombGold Coins:

Make valuable posts in the forums – Each reply you make in the forums will earn you 1 BombGold coin, every topic you open will earn you 3 BombGold coins (excluding the Off-topic Forum where you earn 1 BombGold coin).

Participating in quests and challenges – We will have some quests and challenges in the forum for members where you can earn some extra BombGold coins (awards range from 10 to 500 BombGold coins).

Colaborate with – Members can earn more coins by collaborating directly with MMOBomb as moderators, writers, volunteers, etc., but in order to do so the member must meet certain requirements. You can find more information about the requirements here. The available positions will depend on the needs of the project, so we don’t guarantee the entry (awards range from 100 to 1000 BombGold coins).

Bonus – Every topic you create that is “sticked” (sticky topics are topics that have been labeled as very important for users to read) will earn you 30 BombGold.

Which virtual goods are available in MMOBomb Shop?

In the shop you will find free Steam games, G Coins, G1 Credits, Ntreev Points, TQ Points, Turbine Points and much more.

I can’t find in the MMOBomb Shop something I would like to have. What can I do?

It’s simple, just go to this topic and say what you would like to have; if you have enough BombGold coins we will help you to get what you want. You can also get paypal money gifts to use in what you want. In the meantime we will try to add more items to the shop whenever possible.

Is it legal to get free virtual goods from MMOBomb?

Yes, we get/buy all the goods from the official publishers or from a publisher-authorized Marketplace.

Don’t abuse the Forum by spamming (lots of useless messages). MMOBomb Shop won’t accept orders from spammers, and spam will also get you banned.