Sejiro from brings you the Brick Force Show, this week Sejiro, Magicman & Selfius destroy, build and shoot up the maps in Brick Force. Who’s falling through the map this time, how many head shots will Magicman get? Tune in weekly as the fun is just beginning.

Brick Force Show is a show about the popular sandbox shooter game Brick Force featuring map creation, destruction & plenty of tips, reviews, guides, gameplay and much more. Submit your map to be featured on the show:

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  1. Congratulations on becoming known by Brick-Force as a weekly show on the April 5th news blog XD

    Like to see more guys! =D

    • It was a good time! There were a TON of MMOBomb fans on last night and evey single one loved shooting me in the face! 😛
      Good times!

  2. I know you guys at F2P Cast don’t play Minecraft much but, that game you were playing trying to make each other fall by deleting bricks on the ground is called “spleef” it originated in minecraft multiplayer

    • True Story! Thatnks! And….I hate to admit it….but I did actually buy the premium Minecraft a few days ago and have to say that I may be addicted….

  3. You where missing the spawn entities it tells the map where to spawn playres sorta also if you having tdms you need to specify where each teams spawns and blah blah blah u get it, i know u smart you


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