In episode 3 of the Brickforce Show we take a look at the new features available in the open beta as well as discuss more ways for you guys to get involved!

Brick Force Show is a show about the free to play sandbox shooter game Brick Force featuring map creation, user content, destruction, plenty of tips, reviews, guides, gameplay and much more. Submit your map to be featured on the show:

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  1. 1) I kinda see AoS in a better way now, but brickforce is still better
    2) Next update= BUILD & DESTROY MODE STUPID!
    3)I still like Minecraft better than brickforce, BUT at least you dont need to pay to play and pay for
    servers like in AoS, which i think is a rip-off
    4)I can name 10 games similar to Minecraft, no, MORE than THAT!

  2. This game is a joke. It’s almost nothing like minecraft. The shooting aspect of it is extremely crappy. The only block that you can break is glass. Most shooting games like Unreal Tournament already allowed you to design your own maps, so this game offered nothing new. It only got fame because it stole the general theme of minecraft.

    The most dumbest thing I’ve seen is that you’re not even able to build WHILE you fight. If you can’t do that, then don’t bother stealing minecraft’s theme. With a game that looked like much time and money was spent on it, it’s most likely going to have it’s light and then be thrown away. Ace of Spades is way above this game, which is sad.

    Don’t even bother with this game, it’s a disappointment.

    • ONE, you can break wooden boxes. TWO, thats what build/destroy mode is for. THREE,Ace of Spades sucks, and brickforce has way more players and FOUR, YOU HAVE TO FACE IT, MANY

      • 1) WHOA, no WAY!

        2) There is no such thing as build & destroy mode. You either build or you shoot each other, you don’t do both at the same time.

        3) Why does Ace of Spades suck? You can build while you shoot and you can even demolish buildings and bridges. It offers everything that everyone wants. Even the shooting aspect is better than brick-force.

        4) There isn’t many games based off of minecraft, it’s only a handful. They at least have some similarities, unlike this game where it just stole it’s theme for fame. Trying to title it “minecraft shooter”, it’s rather pathetic.


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