Chronicle: Runescape Legends completed its Closed Beta not too long ago, and if you’re like me – you weren’t invited. That said, during Runescape’s 15th Anniversary event, Jagex announced that their free-to-play strategy card game will enter Open Beta on March 23rd. Those who were in the Closed Beta phase will get early access starting March 16th, an exclusive card back, title, emblem, and copper coin chest.

Once the Open Beta is live, players will get to experience a plethora of new additions. The first of which is Chronicle’s Dungeoneering mode. This mode provides players with the ultimate challenge of knowledge, wits, and skill. Tasking you with creating a drafted deck – you will battle your way through ever increasing PvP challenges in the quest for Coins, Gem Shards, and Platinum. This is likely Chronicle’s version of the ever popular arena in Hearthstone and, with the way the title plays, it is sure to be interesting.

Players will also get their hands on Vanescula The Vampyre – Chronicle’s fifth legend who brings forth 40+ new cards with an interesting play style. Vanescula plays like a glass cannon. Her sole focus is to suck blood away from her enemies or gamble her own blood in exchange for massive damage. Also announced was a new character called Morvran The Slayer Master. This legend relies on tribal style play where players will need to chain cards for maximum effect.


Customization systems will also be available in the Open Beta. You’ll finally get the chance to customize your own legend which, upon leveling up, will gain further customization to set yourself apart from your rivals. Chronicle’s Skilling system will add to this array of customization within the game. Every action you perform in-game will grant XP. As skills progress, you’ll unlock a variety of stylish titles for your legend to display.

Those who like to see their name on a leaderboard will get their chance at glory. These leaderboards will shine a light on players that make up the best of Bronze, Silver, and Gold leagues. Played in the closed beta and hoping to see some aesthetic changes? Well, luckily for you, two new locations will be added for the Open Beta – The Wilderness and Barrows.

Being that I finally got my hands on Chronicle at Runescape’s 15th Anniversary event, I’m pretty hyped for Chronicle’s Open Beta. In a land of copy cats, it’s great to see a breath of fresh air enter the market. Did I mention there will be no more wipes? Yeah… that’s a thing.


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