City of Heroes Freedom vs Champions Online

Title: City of Heroes Freedom
Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ? GB
Publisher: NCsoft
Developer: Cryptic Studios
Title: Champions Online: Free for All
Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 2,5 GB
Publisher: Cryptic Studios
Developer: Cryptic Studios
Quick Overview:

City of Heroes Freedom is free to play 3D comic book inspired MMORPG. Craft your hero’s identity and join millions of Hero characters in a constantly expanding universe, explore the sprawling online metropolis of Paragon City, and battle a host of foes including criminals, villains, and monsters.

Quick Overview:

Champions Online: Free for All is a 3D superhero-themed Fantasy MMORPG with fast paced combat system and awesome graphics, that takes place in the world of Nevareth. Champions Online provides quite good options, with features that include a unique combo system, timed and group dungeons and massive PVP nation wars.

Gameplay Preview Video:
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Gameplay Preview Video:
[rokbox title=”Champions Online” thumb=”” size=”854 505″ album=””][/rokbox]
What’s explosive about it:

– Create costumes for up to 2 characters from billions of combinations
– Select from 8 character archetypes and 105 power sets
– Play as a Hero or Villain for up to Level 50

What’s explosive about it:

– Detailed 3D environments with unique visuals
– In-depth character creation
– Action-packed and challenging content

City of Heroes Freedom vs. Champions Online: Free for All the epic clash of the free to play superhero-themed MMORPG. What is the best free MMORPG game? What is your favorite? what superhero MMORPG should win in this arena?

It’s time to take part in this ultimate fight between the two games, so choose your side and vote. We are looking for productive and intelligent discussions concerning the two action MMORPG games so please be reasonable, offensive comments will be removed.


  1. Even though city of heros shut down. It was the first game i ever played. The first one, Well first video game. Before that i never played any video games before. i started it when i was 3 years old. i played it For a long long time and then it ended. i was a bit sad. Because that game was very, very special to me. i met my GF on there. THen i tryed playing DC universe, Eh it was pretty good not alot though. then i played champions, What is this crap? it suck. So much.

  2. Even though city of heros shut down. It was the first game i ever played. The first one, Well first video game. Before that i never played any video games before. i started it when i was 3 years old. i played it For a long long time and then it ended. i was a bit sad. Because that game was very, very special to me. i met my GF on there. THen i tryed playing DC universe, Eh it was pretty good not alot though. then i played champions, What is this crap? it suck. So much.

  3. I played both games. I think city of heros is OBviously the best. even though it shutdown and is not playable again but champoins is. I still vote city of heros

  4. Having played both games, as well as DCO, I will say the COH is the best superhero MMO. Then a distant second is DCO, and finally ever more distant third is Champions. I got through the tutorial but found it lackluster and boring with slow power progression.
    However, Cryptic has hired some of the Paragon Studio people to work on Star Trek and maybe they’ll get some to work on Champions and fix it. They’re the ones that have kept COH so amazing all these years.

  5. Just a list of things that need clarification.
    1) You don’t need to purchase the next quest; you weren’t clicking on the character that ports you to next zone. Most quests are free, only certain zones need vip.

    2) Your graphic settings were too low. Turn them up or buy a better video card please it makes the game look bad when you play it on low settings.

    3) The camera isn’t broken you can control how it’s positioned and zoom in and out with center wheel on mouse and center click. It’s the best camera system out there. I love it.

    4) There are PVP zones not just gladiator. You didn’t research. There is also the ability to do base raids. The base system is way better then guild houses because you can customize it completely and get portals to all zones from in your base.

    5) You didn’t show that you can change color of skills or color things independently but thank you for saying how many options there are. It really is the most extensive creator out there. You are correct when you said you will NOT find one better. I know because I’ve tried and have been disappointed every time.

    6) Influence is the money in CoH and you don’t use it to upgrade skills. Skills are unlocked as you play. Inf can be used for buying enhancements which sot to your powers to make the more effective or when you unlock new costume slots you can use inf to change your costume in that slot. You get 5 free costume slots one at level 20, 30, 40, and a salvage mission for the last.

    7) The controls felt clunky to you because you were doing it wrong. Use the arrow keys (I prefer this) or w,a,s,d,q,e. not just w,a,s,d.

    8) They didn’t make auto attack because it’s over used and boring. I like having a skills system instead you actually have to use your skills logically instead of just click and hack at the enemy.

    9) Exp rate scales

    The game isn’t just about the controls or powers or anything like that. The community here is the best I have ever had the pleasure to game with. They are super helpful to even noobs. We love noobs and understand that we were new and needed help at one time also.

    It is sad that this game is going away when it had the most free expansions, the most in depth character creation and more. I will truly miss it. No game compares to this one. Everything about it is unique and has been molded to perfection after 8 years of the Devs listening to the community and making changes for us.

  6. I left City of Heroes at one point to play Champions Online but was very disappointed with the animation of Champions. It felt kind of cheap and not very well put together compared to the very well defined graphics of City of Heroes. The world of Champions is pretty interesting, but I found it limited after playing it once, while I find the world of COH to be beautiful and interesting each time I return to places I’ve been in the city before. Also, the Character customization and play style of heroes fighting is so much better in COH/COV. I feel like the characters in Champions are stylized cartoons that are very limited compared to the HUGE diversity of choices at COH/COV. I just don’t like the style they chose with Champions for what your characters need to look like (this is also what kept me from WOW – a very similar style of characters you are limited with in what they look like).

    After playing one character to the highest level in Champions I returned to City of Heroes. I’ve played every mission possible on COH and still, I have endless fun making new characters and playing COH because the graphics and play style are superior (in my mind) to Champions.

    I really hope they save COH/COV because in my mind, Champions is a poor second best.

  7. City of Heroes – WINNER!!
    Played Champions have a pair of lvl 30 toons and the game just cant keep my intrest salvage system is poor. Only cool thing Champions has over CoH is underwater swimming.
    Score CoH – wins 10 points
    Score Champs – wins 3 points
    PS: Lord Recluse would mop the floor with Defender!

  8. I’ve played both. City of Heroes for around about 6 years and Champs for just over 6 months (about 7 including Beta).

    CoH is something I find very satisfying to play. The costume creator is powerful without being overwhelming, game play is reasonably fast paced and teaming is a breeze.

    Champs has plenty going for it but seems to keep fumbling things. the costume creator is massively powerful but can be a bit overwhelming, combat is fast but seems unbalanced (maybe I’m playing it wrong but with either a fully custom build or strict archetype I was frequently killed by small mobs of enemies several levels below me) and teaming seems to have devolved into a standard MMO affair that only really encourages assisting someone for 1 mission then never seeing each other again.

    Speaking of which, Champs just reeks of ‘WoW with Heroes’. CoH is quite happy to go it’s own way and while I agree it is repetitive, it does a fine job of hiding that repetition, usually with well written stories though there were times when there were big gaps between contacts (the late 30s were a nightmare for a while and some stages in Praetoria before that got repeatable missions were just as bad). Most of the stories in Champs are corny and dull in comparison if they even stand out at all (only one I remember was saving a Television Station with characters that were obviously ‘inspired’ by Anchor Man)

    I’ll finish with this: City of Heroes all the way.

  9. Hmmm, I read some of the comments above, there seems to be pros and cons to both. I am an artist at heart, I own both games, but became a gold member of CO. CoH has an ok character building system, CO is more defined, you have a much greater application to design, mixing many different parts to create a truely unique and cool looking character. Its cool to be competitive for some, but that’s not the only reason I like CO, I really enjoy character creation and deleat old and create new characters, about 2-3 each week. And each of those have spare costumes in varient designs iwthin the game. I have yet to reach 40th level which is the highest currant level in CO, I have been playing the game now for 2-1/2 years, and am running and recreating around sixteen different freeform characters. Only two of which are high level, one is 31st level and the other is 29th. When your running 16 characters, you can’t possibly get bored. When I do, I delete the character and create a new one. I have learned that specific choices of powers can make a really excellent character or a really weak one. I have characters at 14th level batteling enemies that are 3-5 levels higher just based on careful planning and strategy ingame. While CO has supreme character and power creation it lacks in environment detail, thats where CoH reigns, CoH also has many power powers then CO. So both games have something to offer, it will come down to character development over environment. So for me its going to be CO.

  10. Guys, WE ALL HAVE OPINIONS. Stop fighting, we both have different play styles and different computers. There is no reason to be fighting, because there is no fact out there saying that one is better than the other. So what if I don’t like CO? It just didn’t work out for me. Maybe the same for other people.

  11. Man the new CoH is so much better with Jack gone! I never had much fun in Champs even though it had a ton of the things that CoH players wanted. The gameplay was just bland and you had to pay for too much of it even with a subscription.

  12. I would go with DCUO, but since its not here, I’ll go with City of Heroes. Champions Online was just bleh.


    I have played both game… allot and have come to realize that both games are great to some extent but also suffer from some draw backs. Champions Online wins in my opinion to the character creation aspects (which i know alot of people who are looking at this site counts) The customization is amazing the graphics are amazing and the options are great, you can make huge muscular giants or tiny big headed aliens. In City of Heroes although you can do some great customization it is no were near Champions Online.

    The super powers however are a totally opposite. Where CO has the customization covered it lacks the amazing superpower collection that CoH has. Maybe there could be more but compared to Champions its great. Because one of the really bad draw backs of CO is the lack of powers you can choose, there is a decent choice of powers (they’ve got the basics covered fire,ice,strength etc)

    Game play has to go to CO because of the open world feel to it. CO has got good travel powers such as flight,jet boots, tornado, magic carpet, giant snowball trust me it goes on. Both games have a good setting but my heart goes towards the freedom of Champions Online.

    The graphics are both good. In City of Heroes the graphics are really good thanks to new updates the game gets alot of undeserved crap to its graphics but if any one who has played both games will tell you that both games are so similar (thanks to both games being developed by the same company)

    Maybe i have been a bit biased towards CO nut i am just pointing out the points and if you think different then we can agree to disagree. Champions Online lacks the powers but is still an incredible game. And i know if your looking to compare the games before you download one of them you will be sick of people saying “download it and just try it” but as a hypocrite im going to have to say you should. Download both if you want to try them but i would download CO first to get a taste.


  14. but however the champions online is 173 votes but COH is 81 but champions online is gud for slivers and gold but COH is only for Gold 81 votes that COH got frm The people who Are gold because its too hard to play frm slivers but CO is better because 173 votes also got from slivers and Golds because for slivers now CO giving 80CP for free and there is a CP gift Card which can gold give CP to slivers and a 30day gold card which could slivers try and see how willl it be wen they were Gold but COH gives NOTHING its useless to play if i found a list of slivers who play COH if they know about it im sure they will aslo play CO only only only

    thank you cryptic for giving me as a ftp im sure that CO would win….:)

  15. CO is The best Game In My list but i would support COH but its too costly to play however but in CO im not a FTP anymore because its so arsome to play and i buyed like a alot of Cps now Bt i need a ftp frm beinging to play like CO given now im like a Preium player because im sliver and i will buy Cp but COH is not giving alot of things to play like 1 chat for 1 min (60sec) and cant mail and cant join a SG and alot of things. do that slivers like me can’t do the same aleast we shuld try the COH to play so my comment is with CO

    because its better than COH and btw i could tell this but i will not
    COH sks but CO rks

  16. I am new to both CoH and Champions, and I have to say, I think I like City of Heroes better (from a F2P point of view, of course. I’m too cheap to buy anything LOL)
    Aiight, so just to set things straight, I’m not a dedicated gamer. I like to download and play loads of new games, but none really appeal to me. The only game Ive played for more than two years is Maplestory (5 years -__- ohmigod. Ive played since Beta >__<) and it was on the top left side of the map. So I ran toward that direction. About a minute later, the screen turned bright blue and I realized I couldn't continue running toward that direction because of the boundaries. So I took a few steps back, and the screen returned to normal. After about twenty minutes of trying to take different routes to that stupid marker, I gave up. I literally walked along the blue boundary line, went in a zigzag across the entire map, up and down, you name it. The quest said something along "follow the road" so I did that. Guess what? The road came to a dead end. I couldn't get past it. There was debris and junk piled up, blocking me.
    I think the map should be a basic map that all games use, instead of some weird rotating compass. ._.

    Overall, though, I guess the game is alright. Graphics really aren't as good as people say they are. I feel like you have:
    1. those amazing games, where the map is so detailed you can see the detail on the grass, trees, people, sky, et cetera.
    2. And then you have those games that are still pretty detailed, but the tree, grass, etc is a blend of colors, not as detailed.
    3. Then you have those games that are blocky, where the things onthe map gradually appear as you get closer. (Oh keep in mind we're talking about 3D games, or anything other than pure 2D. )
    4. After that, those really bright and cheap looking outdated games.
    5. And last, those pixelated games.
    I think CO is between 3 and 4. Not that bad. Still, when people said that the graphics were amazing, I was looking forward to 1. (Planet Calypso is an example of a 1, maybe 2, since you can choose to have it on amazing or crap settings.) It was a great disappointment for me when I saw that the game's graphics and detail weren't really that awesome. They're just average. Still, I will continue playing because Ive only been playing for about two hours or so (and most of it was spent trying to find the dude, who I still havent found yet, I probably missed an area or something.) Please reply to my thingy, maybe telling me your opinions on the games? And how can I fly. I would really like to fly o_O SCs showed a flying girl.

    Now, about CoH. I have to say, if I was evaluating character customization ONLY, pfft. CoH wins hands down. It has so many combinations that it took me nearly an hour (maybe even two) just to pick out what my person would wear. (Hes hot. He's a blue, sexy demon & He is bufffffffff Gave him the Leather straps for clothing, then put on this one tank pattern in blue to show his abs lololol. ^^ And then I put chains all over his body. Mmm. ) Anyway, uh, the graphics were brilliant. Well, not brilliant, but better than CO. It was more realistic and detailed. There was more explanation of the storyline, although not much in there either. There was a small thing that bugged me though. I couldn't find a way to turn the camera to actually see the front of my character. Instead, I saw the back of his body, and when I tilted the camera, he turned with it. Is there any way to turn it without my character moving with it?
    Honestly, the argument between the two games is so biased. People like to say good things about their own game, and just because its an argument, they have to claim that the other game's graphics or sound or customization sucks. That's not true, both games can have the same good or bad qualities. In my case, I think CoH beats CO, no offense to CO fans.

  17. lol champions won because City of heroes is sooooo old but it can let u play as a villian Champions needs to that and a lot of people willl play it

    • no, champs won at first becuase none of us were reading this becuase we were way too busy playing our game so we didn’t notice.

  18. Everyone stop being such fanboys about the graphics, they are both MMORPGS, what do you really expect? They both have major problems, and at the same time they are both fun, get over yourself and stop defending a video game.

  19. introductions waaay to long stop the chatter i wanna see gamplay i watched both these vids and they dont even show you actual game play for a combined whole 10 mins all character creation , im going back to utube to watch gamplay vids. Next time could title it character creation video , peace

  20. City of Heroes was the first MMO I ever played, so I am probably more than a little bias. Before I get started it should be said that while Cryptic did go off on their own, the majority of the team that made CoH remained with NCSoft. I also played both of these game relatively close to their launch dates. City of Villains came out soon after I started CoH and I was there on day one for Champions. For me, the action-based gameplay of Champions didn’t feel rewarding at all. Little strategy goes into your fighting in Champions, you’re either strong enough to defeat the enemies or you aren’t. Depending on your group in City of Heroes you can, though with a great deal of difficulty, take on enemy groups that are much higher levels than you. City of Heroes also had a great story behind it and awesome in-game events like the Rikti Invasions. Champions’s major selling point was its “Make Your Own Villain” feature, which I feel was very underwhelming until the max-level dungeon where you and your teammates fight each of your custom villains.

    I honestly like both games overall, however when it comes to the Free-to-Play conversion is where I have my issues. I was a paying subscriber for Champions, but stopped due to lack of fulfillment playing it and a lack of content that interested me. While they were up front about the limitations of free accounts, I was expecting that since I had paid in the past I could keep my characters. Turns out I was partially right. All of my characters were still there, however to play as they I had to “downgrade” them to Silver characters. My highest-level character used a custom pistols and ice powers combination, and it was completely WRECKED when I downgraded. The archetype selection for downgrading gave NO indication as to what the sets actually were, so I ended up making my top-level character an archer. I also lost all my extra costumes, which I paid for additional costume slots in the past.

    City of Heroes? I used a Character Unlock Token on my max-level Hero and I was good to go. No downgrading, no losing costumes, no losing content I had before it converted. I stuck with City of Heroes. I will likely never play Champions again as a result. Unfair? Probably, but when you convert to free-to-play you shouldn’t hit any previously paid accounts with a situation like that where it’s possible to COMPLETELY destroy everything the character has. I believe City of Heroes handled it better by giving you the Unlock Tokens. Pick what characters you want to keep and that’s it. Want more tokens? Buy them. Simple and fair.

  21. I played CoX to max level, and moved to Champions Online a bit later (back while it was still pay-to-play). I just find Champions to be a superior game in all the places where it counts to me. The Cryptic guys learned from their first attempt and made a game that, while it has its flaws, is less repetitive, looks a lot better, and is just a lot more fun as far as I’m concerned.

    I just don’t get the attraction to CoX, honestly, especially when there are better alternatives.

  22. I have not yet played CoX (only because they are trying to figure out why I can connect to the server), but I will say what I see as the main good and bad points of CO:

    varied power selection and play style
    almost excessive amounts of costume variety
    no grinding needed at all, you can level up with quests alone
    awesome graphics (even if I cant appreciate them fully with my underpowered video card)

    HORRIBLE SUPPORT!!!!!!! I have yet to EVER hear back on a help ticket other than bot-response
    Very little if any reason to team up other than the occasional “Having trouble with such and such boss can anyone come help?”
    Any given build tends to get boring, within a given hero every battle starts to look the same with the same tactics, so you end up retcon-ing or making a new one for a change of pace.
    Almost NO replayability for quests/stories. Making a new character sucks because you just go through the exact same quests as your previous character. There are enough quests to level properly, but only just.

  23. I played CoH for over three years (I started a year after CoH’s launch) before moving on to Champions Online, which I have a lifetime membership with. Yesterday I tried CoH Free-to-Play. Wow, I was really saddened. You know how I felt? When I was a kid I really loved the movie the Dark Crystal… I thought the special effects were amazing. I saw that movie again as an adult and I was floored by how stupid those effects looked. That’s basically how I felt when I logged into CoH again. If CoH redid their graphics engine to make them comparable to CO graphics, I might consider playing again. As it stands, it’s like comparing PS3 graphics to Super Nintendo Graphics. There’s no comparison. CO has the superior graphics.

    I’m watching the Marvel MMO news carefully… they have a rare opportunity to outdo CoH, CO and DCUO all in one fell swoop and dominate the superhero MMO market. I doubt they will, but I really hope they do.

  24. I used to play CoH pretty heavily, but gave it (and all MMOs) up several years ago. Back in July I started playing CO, but I’ve always been frustrated by it. The power sequence I use it pretty repetitive, and I found the whole concept of upgrades (defense, offense, utility) to be frustrating and confusing. I still play CO, but I don’t think I’m enjoying it as much.

    I started COH again as soon as Freedom was released, and I find I’m enjoying it more than CO. Enhancements make sense to me, and they’ve improved the early level experience a lot from when I played it last.

    With the onboard graphics card, CO looked and played better than COH, but I didn’t find the difference between the two that great. I have a new video card to install today, so I’m anxious to see the results.

    Lastly, in the few months I’ve played CO I was never invited to join a team. I’m routinely invited to join a team on COH.

  25. City of heroes had it scahnce to go f2p but i would do it cause i can be a villan Champions online is good but ur always a hero they should have it so that u can be come a villian to City of heroes though u nee dto pay to get rougue so that suks and u need to pay to get6 otehr crap and it suks in Champions oonlkine u only need to pay for tralvel adn Coustme setd and thats it notin major just little thinggs they should have it so u can customize like rally IN DEPTH customize in Champions online like create ur own suit from scratch or make ur own wings but in CIty of heroes its old they need ahuge update for that and Champions online is gonna be good plus if i wanted to pay to play a hero gam ei would play DC universe Camhpions and the upcomin Marvel online that would be fun but still city of herores owned by NC soft wich closed Exteel down cause it was free and they werent makin money on it so i was really upset for that right now they need to bring it back

  26. I’ve attempted Champions and CoH, have to say on the F2P side of champions it’s a bit weak. the limited archtypes (8 archtypes 5 roles) a bit disheartening I got bored of the few options too easily, and the graphics, though well done, a bit distracting. I have never quite been a fan of cell shading and perfer the more standard graphics of CoH which despite being dated aren’t that bad. as for how ‘slow’ the game feels, I don’t see it as any slower than any other basic MMO. as for the learning curve in CoH that’s more or less hhow to enhance your powers, knowing the min/maxing of the skills, not something i’m into at all. Seems to me CoH freemium offers much more liberties than Champions online offers. (namely more power options) not saying it’s the best but right now it’s the better option at the very least for free players as far as I can see.

    • Honeslty you whine about F2P?

      I paid for Gold and I got the right to whine, considering all i got was Freeform, which i DONT EVEN PLAY OR WANT.
      A 400 Cryptic point stipend, which honestly amounts up to NOTHING.
      I like the SILVER more then GOLD, and i mean the metal.
      Some more costume and character slots that you wont probably even use unless you are one of those Alt fanatics.
      I mean, YOU felt that YOU were limited? Are you joking?
      But i sure as hell am not paying for a Outdated game(CoH). It should be utterly free, until they actually introduce something from this decade/century.

  27. city of heroes graphic sucks
    and champions online gameplay sucks too cuz of suk quests and skills
    so we can say that DC Universe rule them all

  28. Yes…. CoH was the first superhero game out there…… but it wasnt exactly user friendly, the game had a steep learning curve….

    CO was a lot more user friendly, thankfully it was made by the same guys who made CoH, although im a little dissapointed about the new classes when CO went F2P, but it is still a fun game

  29. Champions Online for me. I tried CoH but it found it very…VERY bland. sadly for years at video game stores I would always dream about actually buying that game. Like looking at the case, and reading everything every time I come in. I look back and no I am all “wow…I wanted this?”

  30. City of heroes is horribly outdated, it has met its end really. Some old fans cling to it and protect it against Champions online fans, but thruth is they have not even tried CO, while the CO players HAVE tried CoH. In which case, they can actually argue, while the other part is just barking whatever comes to they’re minds.

    I played CoH as a kid and lots of years later CO. I actually thought of trying freedom, but its just so outdated, things always seemed alot better years ago. Once you actually enter the game its a whole new level of disappointment.

    As for CO, even when you are a gold member and pay a monthly fee you will still need to buy cryptic points aswell, to buy some flight powers and costume parts which is a ripoff if you ask me.
    Once you reach lvl 40 the game seems a bit pointless. I got to level 40 in just 2-3 weeks with a 2 month subscription, fairly disappointed now.

    At first i was excited, now i am just bored out of my mind.

    • So, your argument is that no one who supports City over Champions could possibly have played Champions?

      I’ll be the statistical requirement, the odd-man-out so to speak. I am a devout City fan, and tried Champions (when it was in Open Beta, then twice more after it went F2P). I admit that there’s some value to Champions — if you like WoW-style (open map) questing and limited costumes. Champions is certainly more open in character development, since you can take powers from anywhere for your character instead of being limited to two sets and the auxiliary power pools — but then, it’s VERY easy to make something with little cohesion and less battle capability in Champions as a result. (I know, I did it on accident once and accidentally on purpose a couple more times.) Since it’s done open-world, contrary to your previous claims, the grind is far more obvious than in City, at least at the low levels. (Possibly, since you haven’t played since Ye Olde Days, you wouldn’t know about the tons of updates and new content that changes the game — and the leveling speed. Please, though, do feel free to continue spreading your biased rhetoric — especially since it seems like mostly CO fans are here anyways, I wouldn’t want you to hurt their feelings with facts.)

      So, yes, not all City fans are limited to “barking whatever comes to they’re [sic] minds”. Some of us have actually tried both; Hel, as soon as DCUO goes F2P, I’ll be trying that as well. Do I expect it to match up with City? No, I don’t — but I’m willing to give it a chance. Not all fans of City are utter fanboys — in fact, most of us aren’t. We know City isn’t perfect, but when it comes to the competition? It’s a damn sight better than the other metahuman MMOs.

      • Hey that’s just super! You tried something in BETA, and drew your conclusion? By saying that I already dismissed any argument you made.

        As for “limited” costumes? Have you PLAYED the game NOW? There are TOO MANY choices now, maybe because i am a GOLD member and I got access to most of the things.

        Never really tried to play as Silver so I got no idea what limitations it has.
        I played CoH first, i loved it. When i heard it is going F2P i was EXCITED, i was ejaculating ALL OVER the place. But when i got into it, it is just not how i remembered it. Maybe i drew a too fancy picture in my head about the game.
        Here is a ironclad fact for you: It is Better, It has more to offer and it is of this century.
        Sorry if I sounded rude or offended you, lack of happy pills i suppose.
        Try the game Once as a Gold member. And most of the things you deemed the game to be lacking, are actually all there, you honestly belive when you tried the game in Open Beta, it will remain basically the same as before?
        That is also a assumption that only applies to CoH.

      • I also forgot to mention that,

        Obviously FREE to play will be limited. What the heck did you expect?
        The only downfall i see with all of these F2P idea’s is.
        Great! People get to try things for free, but the ones who pay monthly for the game are the ones that suffer. Mostly all the games that got F2P and i have a subscription with them,
        feel like i have been ripped off. Oh wopee, you give us a couple more account slots and some fancy looking quests. And some monthly cash to buy at the… uhhh. “Game” store.
        Only issue is, if the game were NOT F2P we wouldn’t have to PAY EXTRA to get those things.

        Basically F2P is great for poor people or just greedy people(Or curious people),
        But it ruins everything for people who P2P. I hardly find 15+ dollars a month a awsome deal for a couple of account slots and quests of no real value.

    • Well they were both made by Cryptic so it’s kind of understandable to feel that way, but remember that Champions started off as a pen and paper type game, and was first published in 1981. So if anything City of Heroes could be considered a rip-off of Champions

    • dude idk but champions online ha better grahpics better game play more ppl are active in hte lowbie zones so who do yah think will win 1 word champions online

    • Totally agree. I spent about 6hrs trying out Champions online and thought it was a disgrace. I’ve been playing City of Heroes for several years and love it. They have made great strides in content and graphic enhancements.

  31. I just tried City of Heroes and I dont like it at all. The game is very repetitive as most games are, but you can feel it. All the way down to the slow-paced combat and confusing skill system. It’s a bit overglorified and I never really played a game that made me feel tired before. Switching channels to team up is a pain, some quests you cant do with your teammate despite the fact it tells you it is possible to enter with them.

    However the one thing that did shine to me, was the fact to put yourself on whatever level your teammate is and also experience the world from their decisions. But it wasnt enough to keep me rooted in. The battle system really killed it for me, it is the slowest I have ever seen.

  32. Hey ppl i dont know about those games so i wont say anything about, but are that kind of games good i mean are they like lots of grinding or they are more pvp oriented? Any answer is welcome always it isnt insulting 🙂

  33. City of Heroes missed its chance to go F2P.Now we have Champions Online and DC Universe Online.Not to mention the up coming Marvel Online.Why the hell would anyone play that old game.I have a level 15 soldier in Champions Online and would recommend it for anyone because of the pure freedom in character creation and development.You can be anyone!

  34. City of Heroes was one of the worst games I’ve ever played. I made a first look video (not the one for mmobomb) and I could barely finish it. The graphics sucked, the UI was horrible, and the gameplay just felt awkward. I would be more forgiving, but they had 5+ years to fix it.

    • Might just be your computer, or your settings on it, because it’s completely fine to me. In fact, I had a bunch of errors in Champions Online where the whole screen zoomed in and I couldn’t fix it, and the graphics looked like crap there.

    • city of heros is one of the best super hero games ever. the story line is long and good and chamions just suck . like really the only thing i liked about it is its graphics.

    • sure you were playing the right game I have been play just over 6 years now and I have never had a top of the line computer but the game has played fine for me and the graphics have been good to .


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