The visually-stunning City of Steam may have hit high marks on their physical aesthetics goal, but unfortunately, they fell short of their most important one, player retention. Due to R2’s disappointing performance as a publisher, City of Steam’s developer, Mechanist Games is reining in the game and self-publishing. Although, City of Steam will shutdown their servers on November 21st, the game will apparently re-open the same month under the title City of Steam: Arkadia.

With this opportunity there will be changes made to the re-vamped game. According to Mechanist Games’ announcement there will be:

“New content, new features, new systems, massive change to the economy and statistics, new equipment and cosmetics, new quests and an overhaul of most of the level art and main quests. Some features will be removed. There will also be a massive flying fortress for characters of any level to congregate in.”

Are you going to try out City of Steam: Arkadia in November? Does the “massive flying fortress” get you pumped? Or are you worried about the MMOs’ future? Let us know down in the comments.

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  1. DEvoas on December 13, 2013

    Update for the usa verison of the game.

    The new CoS is not what it was like before. Its way to repetitive and its even automated. (before the game was more interesting being able to explore and such.)

    Also most of the games mechanics are focused on their payed game currency which is a very bad thing to do with a Free to play game.

    Its not the game I remember playing before and I guess that game is still dead to me :|.

  2. Ella on November 13, 2013

    I thought it looked promising. It didn’t live up to the promise. Outside of instances it looked fine. Then you’d go into the instanced dungeons and they didn’t look good – both the combat and the interiors were repetitive and dull.

  3. daytorax on November 2, 2013

    the new mechanist website for the usa servers is now up, with a lot of info to read!

    they have also released the compensaiton info details,r egarding account/players compensation for alpha/closed beta players and r2 server players.

    i have also done some reviews about the situation on my youtube, the newest regarding the recent compensation announcement. please give it a view and leave some comments on the video.

    youtube channelname = hurricane126 (no space between hurricane and 126)

  4. Kess on October 26, 2013

    I really enjoyed CoS, especially considering I never play browser games, and am sad to see it suffer under such an awful publisher. I’ll likely play it again when it is re-released later.

  5. logy on October 26, 2013

    r2games ugh i hate that publishare i am soo glad that Mechanist Games going to ‘reborn’ CoS

  6. Vieric on October 25, 2013

    This needed to happen…I hope they get things right this time. I will watch and wait, however they will regain my trust only through actions, past events have made it hard to trust words alone.

  7. legend 1 on October 25, 2013

    remember that box breaking contest?

    • ExHuman on October 25, 2013

      by far my favorite game mode during closed beta

  8. ChrisHateZ on October 25, 2013

    They should also make a downloadable client for the game. I hate playing in the browser.

  9. chefmadness on October 24, 2013

    I really thought COS was going to be awesome. But when a game has chat restrictions, if you asked me was their first mistake. No one wants to play an mmorpg alone & i played COS a long time until I got board with the whole you have to pay for world chat & grouping. That was a total turn off for me I stooped playing & never looked back. I really hope they make the game better & make it more player finding friendly & no chat restrictions. I will not play a mmorpg that has chat & grouping restrictions or make it near imposable to team up with other players.

    • TheAuger on October 25, 2013

      Having restrictions on world chat is a good thing. It keeps the world chat from being relentlessly spammed with nonsense. You can buy chat tokens with the in-game currency called spiremarks for cheap.

      You don’t have to pay to group together. And there are no restrictions on grouping. You can group with anyone. There are some quest dungeons that require everyone in the group to have the quest in order to enter the dungeon as a group. Many of the challenge dungeons can be ran solo or as a group.

  10. Fafhted on October 24, 2013

    I was also an early tester.

    Mechanist made 1 major and inexcuseable mistake: not listening to their testers and early players feedback and reactions; the rest is history.

    They will have to do a LOT to get back the player base which they lost, and as for me I do not believe that they will get those players back.

  11. capoe on October 24, 2013

    Game sucked/nuff said…combat blew.instance based never goes anywhere..and i’d assume ppl are just flat out bored of this type of game…mmorpg take to much time,and if you played one fore a few played them all..and if you was bored of the one you played for awhile,9 times outa ten your gonna be just as bored in a new one,as you felt when you hit the cancel button on the old one…anyway i played the game for like..well till i got into combat…that was it for me and alot more but why complain.

    • capoe on October 24, 2013

      Game sucked/nuff said…combat blew.instance based never goes anywhere..and i’d assume ppl are just flat out bored of this type of game…mmorpg take to much time,and if you played one fore a few played them all..and if you was bored of the one you played for awhile,9 times outa ten your gonna be just as bored in a new one,as you felt when you hit the cancel button on the old one…anyway i played the game for like..well till i got into combat…that was it for me and alot more but why complain.

      and the gfx are not “visually-stunning”

      • Hantzie on October 24, 2013

        It’s visually stunning for a browser game.

      • ExHuman on October 25, 2013

        While you have the right for own opinion, seems you hardly played more than 10 min.

  12. daytora on October 24, 2013

    well right now , r2games is shutting down their 2 cos servers. they lost their contract due to neglect and poor hosting.the developer, mechanist, took the game back from them.mechanist will be hosting new severs and an updated version of the game when the r2 servers are shutdown. the issue is us players still on the r2 servers when the servers get shutdown on nov. 21st, will most likely lose everything and have to start over.we dealt with being treated like garbage by r2 for 5 months and we held out hoping thered be an update, only to get slapped with the servers being shut can find a lot of info about this on the r2 cos forums in announcements,also the cos facebook, and the new cos website. .we all dont think its fair we well lose everything because mechanist made a bad host choice, thats not our fault, why should we lose all our characters and ahve to start all over again

  13. TheAuger on October 24, 2013

    I’ve been following & have been part of the CoS community since Early 2012.

    R2 is a TURRIBLE publisher. When the announcement was made in February by Mechanist that they would not be publishing CoS themselves & had partnered with R2 games to publish CoS, the majority of the community was displeased. After hearing our concerns, Mechanist assured us that they were not changing the core of CoS & that if R2 didn’t live up to their end of the bargain, changes would be made.

    Fast forward to May & the Beta release was announce along with a host of changes. Gone were the unique skill tree, upgrading system, & mod system. In there place were overly simplified version of the previous systems/mechanics. What was also added was an energy system. It was quite evident to the community that R2 had managed to influence Mechanist into making CoS more like the asian style games & pay-to-win that R2 has published before. Before the Beta had even began, 1/3 of the community player base form Alpha & CBT left the game. Another 1/3 left shortly after the beginning of Beta.

    Over the next couple of months & into the July 1.3 patch, it was becoming quite evident to those who stayed & played CoS along with new players that R2 wasn’t doing their job. They never scheduled maintenance, just rebooted the server once a month. They hardly even advertised the game. R2 ran no events. There was virtually no communication by R2 with the community.

    As summer progressed, Mechanist grew silent & bugs stopped getting fixed, updates cease to exist. Do to everything I mentioned, the population of CoS was almost nonexistent.

    Finally, we get the news that Mechanist had grown tired of R2 & have taken back publishing rights. Thus that was the reason for their silence lack of patched over the last few months. After speaking to a GM/Mechanist community leader, I learned that relaunch will not only include what was announced & what is considered patches 1.4 & 1.5 that the other language versions of the game currently have, but the relaunch will be bumped up to patch 2.0.

    MMO(s) usually only get one chance to impress. I hope Mechanist has learned a lesson from this fiasco & work to earn the trust back from the community that has supported it since late 2011.


    • daytorax on October 24, 2013

      i agree with all you say aunger, im glad theyre taking the game back. im glad we will finally get updates,patches,new content. exb but i dont see it fair that we will end up losing everything.the turkish servers and chniese gett to keep their tons and continue to play the new updates coming, yet theres a good chance becuase mchanist chose a bad host, we allg et reset to lvl 1, all our characters,gear, companies leveld up gone?

      i think mehcnaist eeds tor eally look into this and sinse they claim on their new site the appreciate the support weve shown all along while we got treated like dirt for 5 months from r2, well show you appreciate it and dont let us lose all our charactrs and items and make us start all over…

  14. Lorisha on October 23, 2013

    LOVED this game when I played beta but as soon as they announced R2 games was publishing I ran as far away as possible. Now that they are going to publish it themselves I will start playing again.

  15. Hantzie on October 23, 2013

    I started this game 1 week ago and i loved it. Unfortunately the advertising wasn’t good enough. I’m sure there’s more problems in game, that’s why they will re-work it. But i had so much fun that i’ll switch to CoS Nova World servers. R2games wasn’t a good choice to host this game.