While we here at MMOBomb love our Free to Play games, we also dabble in the buy to play and pay to play markets just like every other gamer out there. With a ton of huge releases just around the corner we thought we would take a minute to show you some free to play alternatives to some of the hottest buy to play titles that are sure to be draining some money from your wallet in the very near future.

On the first episode of CloneAttack we dive into the seedy underbelly of the upcoming game GTA 5. We pull out all of the features we all love about the Grand Theft Auto franchise and take a look at any free to play options that can give players some of the same open sandbox violent feelings they crave when starting up any GTA game.

We hope this gets you to GTA 5’s official release and if you have any free to play game recommendations that GTA players may enjoy be sure to share them in the comments below! Until next time what new upcoming titles would YOU like to see some alternative for? Let us know that below as well!

CloneAttack aims to offer viewers insight into the best free-to-play alternatives to your favorite buy to play games. Check what free games you can download today for your PC that have similar features, gameplay mechanics, and visuals to all the upcoming and latest releases! While there may not be exact clones, some exciting features have been duplicated in other titles. This show takes a look at the free to play games currently on the market that offer some of those same specific features even if the games are in totally different genres! Until next time what new upcoming titles would you like to see some alternative for? Let us know.


  1. Great game only downside is all the hackers on the online servers but everybody has to ruin the good things sadly. I like the single player mode I’d play multiplayer but I perfer to play with friends or alone in a solo secession theres just 2 many hackers. But I perfered GTA 4 over GTA 5 but that’s just what I perfer.

  2. People there’s no FREE TO PLAY GTA V it’s alternatives for it. So for all the children looking to hack Gta please go find another website because this isn’t your place.

  3. Hmmm sorry my bad EN but the Archeage is not released i think so..
    But anyway if it’s released tell me how to play it 😀

  4. Magicman, my computer recently…broke and then, I bought a new laptop. It only have 346 GB Installed, but I don’t want to waste my GB. So my question is: Is there any free clones (similar to GTA) that require low specs and low filesize?


  5. I would like some alternatives to the new Tomb Raider that is to be released in 2013.

    Been a fan of the franchise since 1996, Own them all , Most of the figurines, Most of the collectable’s , ” Yes ” even the playboy editons.

    But yet to find Anything like that in the free to play world.

    “Help me Obi Magic Man , Your my only hope ”

    Inflictious 😉

  6. played all of those games excpt for 2 of them there all pretty good games excpt for battle field heros that game is straight garbo..battle field play 4 free is way better… now if you want a real free to play GTA game go with MTA or smp highly recomend MAT its a whole lot of fun from haystack mode to ctf and even zombies.. what more could you want not to mention all the car stealing pointless killing..

    • Actually, Archeage is still rumored to have a free/sub based model similar to what Turbine uses for Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online. It also is the reason I stated in the video that it is “rumored” still (as in not confirmed or denied) and I reserve the right to remove it from the recommendation when the model is confirmed one way or the other. 🙂

  7. I know this has probably been asked or covered already, but could we get a Monster Hunter alternatives? Since Hunter Blade and Frontier online TW closed I don’t know where to bang my head, ahaha (also, we don’t get too many MHs in the West either although there’s the wait time for MH4 and MH3 ultimate etc)
    Thanks in advance and great video, I especially agree with APB, I would’ve put it on the first place though since it gives a real “cruise n’ gun” feeling mixed with said metagames, other choices sure are valid but in this case APB resembles more the GTA-ish gameplay with cars ecc.
    Also, I wonder why’d they bring Blood money on browser, lol

    • MH Alternative, you could try Raiderz Online if it catches your boat not a lot of ppl would get the drift but it got mine, pretty high standard once you reach the lvl20s, or you could wait for Core Blaze to be released which is unknown but yeah it will be released someday.

    • They are free to play “alternatives”, not “clones” they are just some sugestions nothing more. We explained in the video why we selected those games.

      • Yeah but Hitman is not really about run and gun kill everything like gta series.
        Even more, game rewards you for killing only main target of the mission, imho i think that i was completely missed hit into this compilation.

  8. LOL; I have not purchased a game since HALO 1 release. I either F2P, or pirate. And I can tell you how awesome it is on the savings. Especially when I beat them in 2 weeks to a month. In the end 60 just is not worth it. AND I FEEL sad for hte counsel kids that play and buy games that have memory sticks for 90 bucks, then controler for 90 bucks, and then USB cable for 90 bucks…oh wiat…that sounds odd doesnt it??? do I have choice??? nope…. have to pay for it or Im assed out… and THIS is my moral justification to pirate and F2P. You think you support some club or football team like mentality. The truth is, it is just the rich getting richer, and your payment is piss in the pool and just feeds the thief market (considering half their programs are paid in full upon release due to internal contracts…fin 101). This is also my reason not to watch this fail vid ^^.

    • So wait…you’ve made a point or two in the past that I could see your point of view (even if I didn’t agree, and your post on our site was also one you copy/pasted on other gaming sites anyway) but this comment is flat out absurd. You state you advocate pirating and F2P gaming, but then call a video that gives you some free games that have a few similar features to some popular pay to play games a “fail vid”. So, in another words, a video that supports the SAME point you made (about F2P, NOT pirating) is fail?

      Yeah, i used to think you just got angry over everything but occasionally made a half decent point. Now I think you’re just being a troll.
      Have a good one!

  9. In Blacklight Retribution P2W may only feel at the begining, but as you level up you get better gear to choose from and every time you level up you get 3 day items of that level to try out. By the time leveling starts to get longer you will have lots of ingame currency to spend on gear.

  10. You can get Blood Money for $2.50 at a Steam sale (it comes around at least 4 times a year). You won’t have to put up with the stupid quirks of playing it in a browser either.

  11. Magicman u probably wont read this…
    But is there any f2p shooters that arent P2W or Pay and get op guns?
    Reply would be great :C

    • I learned a long time ago to stay away from labeling. 🙂 The problem with shooters is that almost every single one of us has a slightly different idea of what is Pay to Win. I would just keep this easy and say check out Firefall (as Knukkle suggested), Blacklight: Retribution, and Planetside 2 at the moment. I am enjoying all three and do not feel like I HAVE to pay for anything.

    • Well, you should try games like Wolfstein Enemy Territory, Xonotic, Warsow, Soldat if you like 2D shooters, you also got Counter Strike 2D. All of those game dont even have a cash shop, so its not Pay2Win, just download and play!

      • wolfenstein is awesome it has no cash shop like you said but the worst thing about most of the servers is spawn trapers and getting blown up by mines , bazookas and mortars every 10 seconds

  12. This is great! Any word on if any more episodes of this series will come out? I would like to see Counter-strike clones [Or hard games [Permadeath] like Dark souls.].

      • NOPE, I actually thought that when I read about the game…. but hell no wizardry is nothing like dark souls… plus it looks like something from 2002 (they can use the word “soul” a million times in that game but it’s not gonna make it DARK SOULS!)

        • Agreed there. It’s just not that and the graphics seems really old. The animations are kinda clunky as well in Wizardry Online. However I did tried it out and there are a few aspects of the game which I liked ~ for example the numerous puzzles in the dungeons.

          For example in a garden-like ruined environment I had a few carnivorus plants around me and huge butterfly like monsters.. which strangly were called black flies but it’s unimportant… The thing is to advance you had to collect the flies’ torsos and stuff one of the plants til it choked up the crystal from it’s stomach which you could use to open up the path to the deeper levels.

          The game sure has a lot of issues but it has a slight nice vibe to it… so I may stick around and look into the game even more…


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