Bandai Namco has granted MMOBomb 25 Bless Unleashed Founder Pack Keys (Xbox One) to give away to our readers. Each key includes the Exalted Pack (with over $150 in value).. To enter you just need to complete the easy tasks on the top! Good luck!

We’ll select the lucky MMOBombers on March 12, 2020, we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.



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How to win a Key?:

You must complete the actions on the top of the page. Hint: Get more entries by completing all of the actions!

This Sweepstake contains the following:

Each key unlocks the Exalted Pack:

⦁10 Day Head Start

⦁ Founder’s Title
Receive exclusive Pyreborn title

⦁ Ivory Unicorn Mount
Exclusive Deluxe Pack Mount

⦁ 30 Day Valor Perks
Receive Lumena & ingame buffs

⦁ Gilded Enforcer Costume
Shine with this rare costume

⦁ Ironclad Rhino Mount
Exclusive Exalted Pack Mount

⦁ 1,000 Lumena
Used for the ingame cash shop

⦁ 1 Additional Character Slot
Unlock an extra character slot

How To Redeem Your Code:

To redeem your Bless Unleashed Founder key on your Xbox Console:

1. Boot up your Xbox Console
2. Head to “Store”
3. Select “Use a Code”
4. Input your Bless Unleashed Founder Key
5. That’s it! You’ve redeemed your code and are ready to play.

To redeem your Bless Unleashed Founderkey on your PC:
1. Head to
2. Sign into the Microsoft Account you use on your Xbox Console
3. Input your Bless Unleashed FounderKey
4. That’s it! You’ve redeemed your code and are ready to play


Bless Unleashed brings unparalleled visuals to a fully realized fantasy world, offering one of the most stunning MMORPGs developed specifically for console players. Players adventure across an open persistent world where mythical beasts roam the land and player vs. player battles can take place at any time..



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