The Lord of the Rings Online vs. Dungeons and Dragons Online

Title: The Lord of the Rings Online
Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 6,7 GB
Publisher: Turbine
Developer: Turbine
Title: Dungeons & Dragons Online
Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 3,8 GB
Publisher: Turbine
Developer: Turbine
Quick Overview:

The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online roleplaying game developed by Turbine, based on the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, with characters from the books and movies. The game was originally released as a subscription based game but is now free-to-play.

Quick Overview:

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited (DDO) is a free to play 3D Fantasy MMORPG based on the classic Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) tabletop role playing game. The game was originally released as a subscription based game but is now free-to-play.

Gameplay Preview Video:
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Gameplay Preview Video:
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What’s explosive about it:

Based on the popular LOTOR franchise
Story driven gameplay
Plenty of new areas to explore, and quests to do/td>

What’s explosive about it:

Based on the popular Dungeons and Dragons franchise
Great Combat systems
Tons of Classes and Races

The Lord of the Rings Online (LoTRO) vs. Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) the epic clash of the free to play 3D MMORPGs. What is the best free MMORPG game? What is your favorite? what MMORPG game should win in this arena?

It’s time to take part in this ultimate fight between the two games, so choose your side and vote. We are looking for productive and intelligent discussions concerning the two action MMORPG games so please be reasonable, offensive comments will be removed.


  1. I say stop playing d d start playing neverwinter is based on dungeons and dragons and it is freaking good!! the graphics is better ,fighting system is the VERY BEST IN ALL MMO ,and u can create quests toooo!!

  2. LOTRO is way better , its my favourite game…its great ! I prefer it to every MMORPG Gamer and fan of The Lord of The Rings 🙂

    • Are you serious ?? DDO has better stories ?? LOTRO is based on the very books that shaped foundations of modern fantasy,i didnt find any epic parts of the story in DDO,its very generic.. LOTRO’s story is way better

  3. DDo is better by far because it is more difficult calling for more strategy, the f2p is a lot better, the graphics are amazing, and it truly is a RPG. The character build is much more than the yway LOTRO does it… Pick your character, make your face, make your name… done! DDO alllows for so much customization you could make 2 of the most basic characters in the game…Fighters…. and make them in two diffrent directions. Also the ability to be 2 or even 3 classes at once is amazing. Overall LOTRO isn’t up to the standards of DDO’s gameplay(also the pvp is pretty fun)

  4. Lotro is by far the best ddo account system wont work when i try to play it just says error lotro does have a pvp system against the free people and the monster players but you cant play until you get one of your characters to level ten then you can play as a monster but vip is required to play as a free person in monster play, plus you can play free to level 30 and you get free turbine points from deeds


    Think im gonna try DDO, i hear its better, plus lord of the rings trilogy is just walking for 3 movies.


  7. I prefer LoTRO because it has a nicer community, better story, and an open world. I know DDO has dungeons for a reason but even so I didn’t enjoy having to fight in dungeons. The community in DDO was also usually trying to grind for TP and often only a few people did most of the work, making me feel useless 🙁 . Also DDO doesn’t have a good cosmetic system like LoTRO does, it irritated me not being able to try on armor before i bought it and saw it looked like trash.

  8. Stop the graphics talk. Nobody cares about graphics unless you’re just bad at gaming. If they’re going to try to look like crysis, then sure, judge the graphics, but they’re trying to to make an mmorpg that can run well on most computers to get a massive player base.

    Sadly, majority of these votes aren’t legitimate votes. I played lord of the rings quite a bit, but I’m not going to vote until I’ve played plenty of DDO to judge. I know it’s too late to say you should do the same, but whatever. Stop being dumb. Thanks 😀

  9. Me and the GF were looking for a good, free MMO to get into together. We, very briefly (because we hated them immediately) tried a LOT of them: Forsaken World, Ether Saga Odyssey, etc. Finally we tried LOTRO and got really into it…for about two nights. Then it became frustrating and hard in all the wrong ways. Too much traveling, not enough quests in the low level areas. They’re always pushing you too far too fast and you wind up getting killed by random mobs while walking places. Isn’t the fact that it takes fucking forever to walk anywhere enough punishment?!

    THEN we tried D&D Online and we f**** LOVE IT. It’s the most amazing game. I’ve always felt that a good test of an MMO is “would I still enjoy playing this if it was a single-player game?” and in the case of D&D the answer is a resounding YES. She’s a ranger, I’m a cleric, and life is good. F*** LOTRO–it’s just a prettier WoW with *slightly* better combat.

    • Mounts? Stables for instant port to another town? (Or hunter’s traveling skill?) No? Ok, try chess, it’s easier to learn basics and it’s for two persons too 😉

  10. DDO suck so much, graphic is sooooooooooooooo bad, bow got no bowstring animation and it dont even have a string, gameplay is worser than LOTR

  11. When I started playing DDO, I was down on my luck. Soon after I started playing I got a job, a new car and went on a vacation to Branson, Mo. I tried LOTRO for a little while and got a rash on my nono area. So, unless you want VD, I would play DDO.

  12. DDO. Lotro bored me with it’s uninventive combat system. DDO is past paced and the raids are pretty fantastic the first few hundred times.

  13. I liked lotro but the crowd was kind of retarded tbh. If I played a healer then the tank was a moron and would just charge in and attack 1 monster and then the rest of the crap would immediately aggro me and then if I tanked then I got a healer that didn’t know how to heal. Its the f2p curse, unfortunately, and ruined the game for me.

  14. i never tried out DDO, but LOTRO still have some work to do on f2p. Nothing is free, you have to pay the stupid monthly fee to get acces to all the quests, instances,pvp. Plus, you need to buy the DLCs to get acces to more stuff. I definitely prefer the guid wars style :pay once, play forever*

    *until they close the servers

    • The GW style is unique. You can be “the best of the best” in that game without spending a lifetime getting them and also without spending real money in the cash – shop. I dont know how they did it, but they did and it seems no one can ever do that again in any F2P game. After a 3 years of play in there I decided i will but the costumes. So i bought them just as a form of respect and support for them. Good job A-net. Hope GW2 will have the same payment style

    • Untrue statement. In fact after something is “unlocked” then its unlocked forever for that character. And the fact that you can get endless amounts of turbine points without spending a penny means you can unlock almost every feature and buy quest packs/ expansions packs as well as unlock every class without paying anything. Perhaps you should do more research before jumping to conclusions.

  15. Lord of the Rings Online. I was never a big PvP fan anyway so there isn’t much for me to lose if i dont pay the monthly fee.

    But for why I like the game better: I absolutely loved how beautiful Middle Earth looks in the game. I grew up not liking Lord of the Rings but then I tried the MMO and it got me so into the story that I became a fan of the books. DDO was also a great game, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

  16. LoTR held my interest longer. I liked the community in LoTR much more so than DDO. People where just much more friendly and helpful to new comers. I got in a guild right away and they would come out and help me if I needed help with a quest. Where as I played DDO for a while and no one really talks to you there. I don’t know, but I think for an MMO to survive it needs a decent community. Otherwise I may as well be playing a console game.


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