Dragon Nest vs. Vindictus

Title: Dragon Nest
Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 1,9 GB
Publisher: Nexon
Developer: Eyedentity Games
Title: Vindictus
Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 2 GB
Publisher: Nexon
Developer: devCAT
Quick Overview:

Dragon Nest is a free to play 3D fast paced action MMORPG published by Nexon with cute anime inspired graphics. From the game’s intense combat featuring combination and chain attacks to randomly changing dungeons and sporadically spawning monsters, players will be kept on their toes as they engage in non-stop exploration of the colorful Dragon Nest world.

Quick Overview:

Vindictus is an action packed free to play 3D MMORPG game developed by devCAT and published by Nexon. The walls will crumble and entire buildings fall down with the power of your actions. It adds an unexpected element to combat, which is extremely visceral and satisfying, with blood spurting from enemies right from the spot where your blades sliced.

Gameplay Preview Video:
[rokbox title=”Dragon Nest” thumb=”https://www.mmobomb.com/file/2011/09/dragon-nest-video.jpg” size=”854 505″ album=””]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EDIx3uOF1I&hd=1&autoplay=1[/rokbox]
Gameplay Preview Video:
[rokbox title=”Vindictus” thumb=”https://www.mmobomb.com/file/2011/09/vindictus-video.jpg” size=”854 505″ album=””]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXU9ej_P6fI&hd=1&autoplay=1[/rokbox]
What’s explosive about it:

High production value
Real Time Combat
Randomized dungeons

What’s explosive about it:

Powered by the Source Engine
Brutal Combat
Interesting Lore

Dragon Nest vs. Vindictus the epic clash of the free to play 3D action MMORPGs. What is the best free action MMORPG game? What is your favorite? what MMORPG game should win in this arena?

It’s time to take part in this ultimate fight between the two games, so choose your side and vote. We are looking for productive and intelligent discussions concerning the two action MMORPG games so please be reasonable, offensive comments will be removed.


  1. Instead of writing a poem ,I’ll say:
    Dragon Nest is way more boring when it comes to PvE:you try to get a drop -people can take everything before you move- (sometimes in Vind useless human beings get the drop ,but like this everyone can get better items (otherwise it’d be high dps->drops low dps->nothing) and -maybe ,if their brain works- become more useful in raids .
    Vind PvP is shit ,nothing to say ,but doing PvP is useless if you don’t get equip from PvE ,isn’t it?
    Exping in DN is boring ,PvP is enjoyable .
    Exping in Vind is Enjoyable ,PvP is crap .

  2. I totally think vindictus is better, i ve tried all those other games, when you hit high level you get bored, but in vindictus theres always something to try, but i quit it, coz my laptop is piece of shit

  3. So what now? Dragon Nest still lose with vin? i dont think so..
    i prefer DN coz the story, the playstyle, movement, the skill.. just look at 1 of many class in DN moonlord.. this person is too skilled.. that boss can do damage 1 hit die or every boss skill can do 1/5 – 1/2 he’s HP.. but look how he play his classes u’ll regret it if u think DN still lose MMORPG with that vin..


  4. What a joke! Just like the comparision of Dota 2 and LOL. Well, Dragon Nest looks funny and easy to play but in the end, I prefer simple moves with perfect timing to nothing but tons of skills and skill effect? Come on you must be serious. Dragon Nest is cheaper and easier, so children may like it better. But trust me, once you meet Vindictus Bosses, you will regret only one thing. It’s so so so so so so hard hard hard to go solo. Especially the Tyrant Bear, It killed me with 2 blows at the first sight, God Dammit! If that’s not too hard to go on, the rest are yours

  5. In the 2months that I tried out Dragon nest, I must say it was one of the best experiences I had in terms of an anime inspired title. Skill animations where awsome, great story, simple to pick up and play yet required skill to master. The community was awsome and quite helpful and the graphics where colorful and very polished. The only con’s I could find for myself personally, was the the lack of enviorment interaction compared to Vindictus (which I tried recently today) and the limited character custermization at character creation screen.

    As for Vindictus, if I were asked two months ago when I started Dragon nest, I’d have taken to my grave that Dragon nest was best. However after trying and giving Vindictus a try for myself instead of just reading comments about it, there is noway I can justify claiming that Dragon nest is the better game. It just isn’t the case. Vindictus wins by a landslide, its like comparing Vindictus (a stack of ribs) to Dragon nest (a bowl of vegetables) no contest. From story to character creation, from action to graphics Vindictus just does it better. I mean for crying out loud, you can use the corpse of the enemy you just killed as weapon to beat the living hell out its allies. Freaken awsome! The combat animations in Vindictus leaves Dragon nest in the dust. Talk about immerson, while both games do this well Vindictus just does it a hell of alot better from the moment you start playing. I mean that battle against the spider on the top the bell tower was freaken epic as a first boss battle. While I have only been playing Vindictus obviously a short time now and still have much to learn, I believe I can safetly say that Vindictus is the better game.

  6. u dont know badass till you use/see karok’s clash/other crazy 1 v monster sheed, kai’s prey drive, or vella’s new super attack

  7. Off-Topic: forgot the anime steven h mentioned…Higurashi or Future Dairy and children WILL never be the same.

    On-Topic: I would say DN, It’s a special MMO in my oppinion. Community is not bad either, I have some nice friends that im glad to meet everytime im online ^^
    PS: Never judge a game by it’s art/graphics. That is the most common mistake a gamer would ever do with their lifes.

  8. jst because its anime styled doesnt mean its for kids. look up Berserk and then go tell me thats for kids. anyway ive only played DN and im really enjoying it so far so i vote for DN

    • Sorry Steven, but comparing DN anime with Berserk anime is like comparing a bronie with a famous rock legend. Bad analogy, your point is invalid. Thanks (zerk-love driving year late response)

  9. Dragon Nest All the way. Vindictus is subpar. Dragon Nest’s action combat is what makes it soo fun. i hate having to just auto attacking. Dragon Nest is like a Action Combat MMORPG/Shooter cuz you actually have to aim to hit your targets and there is no such thing as autoattack in DN. and plus the skills and combos you can pull off are freakin bad ass. Dragon Nest 10/10. Vindictus 4/10.

  10. ill vote for dragon nest
    cause its has game play that need “Thinking Before Press The Button” and Strategy too.
    there’s variation of skill for each characters….. that make different “How to Use” the character even everyone has their own “play” for 1 type character and i’m sure you all can play it cause it’s simple games (of course if you play it with “Simple skill” you’ll get tortured by a pro … haha XD)
    for example:
    Mercenary : Agility and Damage
    Paladin : Combo and Stun
    if you use mercenary to take down a paladin in PvP, there’s many ways to do that but if u get caught by paladin,.. i’m sure you can’t get up cause that combo skill.

  11. Ive seen the trailers and gameplay of Vindictus
    so this my opinion are just based on videos ive seen
    – Cool graphics
    – Hacked and Slash Combat
    – Fearsome and gigantic boss
    – Too much IP Ban
    * well that’s are my opinions i haven’t played vindictus yet coz of IP Ban and i wished they release a Sea version of it

    So i vote for Dragon Nest and played it much

    – Smooth and fluid like PVP combat (depends on your latency)
    – More classes to choose ( well for vindictus ive seen only 4 basic class actually)
    – well for graphics its great and the charaters are made of chibi style heard the word? and its not actually on what kind of game you make more adult like or mature. (personality and attitude?)

    – Weekends sickness (you’ll experience a bit laggy weekends due too players population)
    – well like what people say here some of DN players are kids 13 and below so most of them has annoying personality (they are classified at DN Sea as wew class)

    So you can see that ive comment much on DN coz i have played it and still playing it
    I hope Vindictus Sea will be soon i wanna give it a try
    for others “its not the game who will make you mature like your the whose molding it”

    • “Con’s
      – Weekends sickness (you’ll experience a bit laggy weekends due too players population)
      – well like what people say here some of DN players are kids 13 and below so most of them has annoying personality (they are classified at DN Sea as wew class)”


      I acutally dont see the weekends laggy as a con kind of tho yes the lag is techinically a con but if u look at it as a different perspective that just means lots of of ppl love DN and its a popular game which proves it is a great game.

      and as for the DN players being immature 13 year olds I havent not once seen an immature annyoing 13 yearold player. everyone that i have encountered has been super nice, very mature, and when i was a newb over a year ago strangers would give me gold, gear, and grind me out of kindness. although you may have unfrotunately maybe had to deal with 13 year olds but ive played this game for a looong time and i swear i have not encountered one jackass/dick with all my 6 lvl 50 characters.

      I tried Vindictus first and didnt like it that much. i mean its kinda fun but compared to DN, Vindictus is like Runescape or something worse than that haha.

      Not trying to dis Vindictus cuz its not bad its just not my cup of tea thats all. and if you other ppl like Vindictus thats cool too. Im just stating that DN > Vindictus all the way

  12. For anyone saying that dragon nest is for kids you are totally wrong… that is just your opinion, I saw a 30 year old playing dragon nest….
    I feel like dragon nest involves skill as well…. if you use the right combos at the right time you can do a hell of a combo… seriously. There are lots of updates… and they are big updates, I haven’t played for a month and they made 300 MB of updates…
    Vindicus is also a good game… I think that everyone should give both games a try before saying anything about them…
    I respect everyone’s opinion… but mine is that dragon nest is better.

    • i dont think anyone is really saying dragonnest is a kids game…just that vindictus (haha again) has a more mature feel. well of couse. female aspects have a better effect on a vindictus character rather than thoes…chibi people….(joking)

  13. Vindictus is a more mature game, with a very heavy story line, outstanding graphics, many well rounded in-depth classes, very fun and timed skills, INVOLVES needing skill, and was rated #1 acion rpg thingy on MMOHUT.com. Im not saying dragon nest doesnt have any of those, it’s just vindictus is more full of it. Vindictus can be repetetive if you think about spamming Kai arrows or Lann spins, but if you do feel that way (most don’t) then play a different more challenging class. There are so much updates, events, and new comings that this game just keeps getting better and better. after this next season update, with the new vella class, vamped class play styles, class balancing, new skills map and so on there is so much to wait for.
    OK SO id right stuff about dragon nest but i dont feel like it. Dragon nest is a great game. of course. we all agree. but personally i find Vindictus’s more mature outlook and playstyle just what i need in a game. so yea V for vindictus

  14. Dragon nest has awesome skill animations but it focused more on the gear system instead of the skill system, and the gameplay is awesome. You can grind or doing quests if u want.
    I tried vindictus for about an hour then I uninstall it because my laptop keep getting extreme lag but overall vindictus has stunning graphic and ok skill animation, and the gameplay is 3.5 stars out of 5. The unique thing about vindictus is you can interact with the environment and they should make the Mage class, evie, more easy to play cuz it takes a long time for her to cast spells.
    I just wish both developers combine their games together and create a game that as fun to play like dragonnest but has stunning graphic like vindictus.

    • Evie is actually a fast paced, actually somewhat known as “easy class.” Just cus you’re a level one who takes a second to whip up a spell, doesnt mean that in 20 levels you can’t whip it up even faster. or stronger. or sparklier. whatever. And if you find the graphics a challenge on your CP then bring them to minimal settings. if your CP cant handle that then buy a new one cus jees the graphics can go from stellar to dogsheed. And the gameplay is great…where did u hear this 3.5 business? half of this is just my experienced opinion but hey i said it.

  15. Vindictus and Dragon Nest are both really good games dragon nest gets kinda boring after going on the airship and vin gets pretty boring after a week or 2… so i vote for GW2 😀

  16. If you prefer PvE, then go for Vindictus. Because in my opinion, Vindictus’s PvE is MUCH better than Dragon Nest. Sure, you don’t have dozens of skills, and not all of them are flashy. But it gives kind of a strategic feel to boss battles, where you have to chose which skill you want to use to dish in the most damage possible. Sure, you could just do your most damaging attack in time, but how about you fit in a few faster combos to get a bit more damage. Or even better, about you use an attack that moves you around a LITTLE bit to get behind the boss while he’s doing a combo, and backstab him with your own attacks. And trust me, there’s nothing more epic than rolling away from a boss to dodge hit and seeing his giant hammer/club/weapon/whatever land an inch away from you. That’s epic.

    Dragon Nest, while I haven’t played it a lot, has a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better PvP. I mean, don’t judge Vindictus with the PvP. Don’t even try it. Dragon Nest’s PvP is quite skill based, and requires a lot of concentration and all that.


    Vindictus if you want epic PvE
    Dragon Nest if you want epic PvP

    • I must admit you are correct about Dragon Nest not being very interesting PvE-wise. Vindictus looks like it has much more challenging PvE, where you actually have to dodge strategically and the enemy creates combos.

      In Dragon Nest, PvP is very difficult if you do not focus, and it tests one’s skill in keeping a steady combo/focus thing. You have to have certain combos to keep the enemy down and keep him/her from attacking you. One knock-down and you could be in danger. Vindictus PvP… eh… Yeah. :U

      Graphics don’t matter, also. Maplestory is a 2D game, looking like it was made with Paint Pixels. But it’s very popular @-@ Vindictus has amazing graphics, and Dragon Nest a bit more cartoony-ish. Vindictus has blood in it and more gruesome ways to kill an enemy, Dragon Nest does not have either of those. Dragon Nest requires a lot of speed and concentration, Vindictus you basically wack things all over the place, and it’s slightly slower in combat. o3o They’re both unique games, bleh. I still vote Dragon Nest though because I like it~

  17. cant decide between them i have played:
    Eden Eternal
    Grand Fantasia
    Battlefield Heroes
    Remnant Knights and DCUO,wat would u guys reccomend for me to play out of DN and Vindictus?

    • from the game list u have played, i can see all of those are anime. DN is anime but the char is too ugly for anime, worse than EE char. i cant even enjoy the graphics like when i enjoying playing GF. so i go to try vindictus then i found so much epic graphics but i got boring when lvl 58+… n then boom they released 24 man dungeon with huge dragon oh wait new char/class kai is released too. ok time to lvl up
      so i recommend vindictus xD
      note: i don’t have problem with IP block, i heard stupid IP block is only for stupid who dunno how to use google

  18. Vindictus in my opinion is more fun if you like games that involve a lot of specifique moves because you dont have as many skills to choose from so you have to learn the bosses attack patterns and figure out how to counter it with what you have DN on the second hand is alot of fun if you like having a CRAP lode of diffrent abilities and clicking the keybored to use them instead of the mouse i prefer VINDI over DN because you also have alot more customizing choices for your characters you can make your armour any coulour and make your guy just look epic DN on the other hand evryone seems to look the exact same alomost evan at higher levels. As for AGE there just diffrent styles DN is not just for kids although it is more kid freindly. for me it seems evrything in vindictus looks diffrent and you feel like your going in new places and killing stronger and cooler monsters as for DN to me the scenery all looks pretty alike so even at the later lvs I dont feel like anything has really changed. Also all the skills in DN look awesome but it also means that nothing is really amazing unlike vindictus where most of the attacks are just plain normal so when U use something AWESOME it really feels cooler unlike DN where its just another move. The only reasone I kinda prefer DN is because PVP in vindictus SUCKS…. like ass it just sucks….but besides that i find that vindictus takes more skill and focus then DN in PVE and is more fun even when your soloing………SRY for my very suky spelling =P

    • “but besides that i find that vindictus takes more skill and focus then DN in PVE”


      I remembered when I kept getting combo’d by a bunch of skeletons and had to keep like… 4 eyes on them to make sure I didn’t die while killing a boss. Pfff.

  19. I vote for Dragon Nest. Vindictus, in my opinion, has just the most amazing graphics I’ve ever seen in any online game. It is extremely realistic-looking, and it looks like it would be very fun to play. (I don’t play Vindictus, only Dragon Nest.) From what I’ve witnessed in Vindictus, it sounds repetitive, and a bit boring. Of course, every game has a boring point SOMEWHERE. I just like Dragon Nest more than what I’ve seen of Vindictus because Dragon Nest has a lot of Challenge to it, flashy attacks (I wuv dem X3), a SUPAH Fast-paced PvP system, and it actually requires practice and skill. Combos are also epical. Many of you judge the games by graphics, but… A game doesn’t have to have amazing graphics. Maplestory is a 2D game, almost like a pixel game, and it’s VERY popular (I think.) Dragon Nest doesn’t have the most amazing graphics out there, but it’s gameplay is pretty enjoyable o3o. And guys, Dragon Nest isn’t full of a bunch of kids. There are kids playing everywhere, so there are some in Dragon Nest AND Vindictus. If there are a bunch of kids on Dragon Nest, they act more mature than normal, kay? Probably the same with Vindictus.

    Don’t judge the games by their graphics. Just because one looks better than the other doesn’t mean it’s automatically better than the lower-graphics one. Watching the Vindictus video above made me want to go download it right now and give it a try. But overall, I go with Dragon Nest. It’s just epical in mah opinion. ;w;

  20. its sad that most people today are such idiots and don’t know how to choose games because most people just play the games with good graphics. For me i choose Dragon Nest for when u reach a level (for me 24 which can be earned in less than 3 hrs) you can go to PVP and get addicted to it and you can even trash talk every one you see and the infinite combo system is great not to mention that if you start and infinite combo you could just rape anyone even the pro-est of the pro and even at low level and no equipment/beginner weapon only as long as you know how to combo well u can beat the crap out of any one even of that guy has the ultimate gear and the highest level and shit. SO MY VOTE GOES TO DRAGON NEST

  21. Its sad non of you guys argued about the story line and lack of eniugh free roam in Vindictus, Its so heavily instanced but yes it has nice graphics. Was never ever able to play Dragon Nest so i cant argue about it.

  22. I’d go with Vindictus even though I consider both games the only jewels of nexon, considering that everything else they publish is utter garbage. But Vindictus seems like a more mature game. It still has the best combat system in any action mmo.

  23. To me Vindictus is a very repetitive game, I dont care how cool or realistic the game is. It just bore the hell out of you after a while…farming forces you to run through am entire dungeon just to get boss materials. My motivation to level cap my Lann was flashy armor and weapons thats it. Whats worse of all is no warehouse or storage vendor…I no longer play it it was fun but not fun enough to get back on. Oh and not to mention party host…if you got a leader with shit internet connection you’re screwed…

    Dragon Nest, I played Maplestory it was actually my second mmorpg after runescape going to high school. It was nastolgic in every way. It was enjoyable but slower than vandictus but a much bigger game. There are more cities and towns. Combat utilizes keyboard amd mouse skills rather than just clicking your way into a combo.

    The thing is i can care less about graphics, it wouldnt even matter if the developers made vindictus looked like an anime or dragon nest look real…no one plays GTA becuase of its graphics…my verdict? Dragon Nest, why? Because the game gives the player more freedom and a vast world to explore. Vandictus? Sure i can “transform” and look like a total badass but the game pretty much ends there. You can log on and stand around in town, head towards the docks and stand around like alot of the people do but thats pretty much pointlless…

    • Its true that the leader/bad connection problem gets very annoying. But I still like the fighting style that game has to offer. Both games have similar playing styles but Vindictus felt more…fulfilling. Don’t get me wrong, I like Dragon Nest. In fact the indecisiveness of which is better led me to come here. I haven’t played both of these games in a while so I’m going to try them out now

  24. ok guys. really. heres the tie breaker. All of you are idiots and derps for not visualizing and thinking about this. USE YOUR BRAINS. think. just think. NO MATTER WHAT no matter how you think EVEN WHAT YOU THINK YOU THINK IS WHAT its wrong, maybe. probably. well if you like dragon nest. here it is. >>(( IN VINDICTUS))<< there IS LE GRANDE EPIC ~boob~ ~jiggle~.

    Can you imagine an little anime character do that? You can? I cant, dont get your sick fetishes involved. dont get your little boy anime this feelings involved. thus is all that matters. and you know it. If you DONT then you soon will. If you are, then you know life well. If you still dont after reading this, get laid.

    think of this. connect the dots. Vindictus in the end is better. Cooler. As said above ~Sexier. Thats all, thats all

  25. As far as combat and character customization (combat, not clothes/hair) goes – DN wins… Vindictus has more of a mature feel – gritty and sexy – but DN is a better game overall. I find myself playing Vindictus more, however, because I am older and DN is too after-school special …lots of little kids.

  26. I have a level 60 char in vindictus and I’ve started dragon nest recently – love it way more. Vindictus has great graphics and all but I feel the gameplay is too slow at times and has aged rather poorly. Continually playing boat after boat to grind for equipment gets bored. The appeal of the realistic graphics doesn’t appreciate as well as the faster, more flexible, and more challenging gameplay that DN has. Combo wise DN rewards you more for better, more fluid gameplay throughout the whole dungeon, whereas apart from the boss (which any class can tank with a trans), vindictus offers little challenge to players in most of their dungeons. All in all gameplay VS graphics I have to go with gameplay, so DN takes my vote.

  27. I can’t vote about any of them because i only played Dragon Nest. But still can comment about the game itself. First of all, i wasn’t able to play vindictus due to the IpBlock (I’m from Argentina, and well, me and my friends feel discriminated sometimes by mmo companies because of this block thing :3).
    Some people says that Dragon Nest is cartoonish and looks like kids stuff, but it’s not, i was surprised about the violence that this game demostrated itself (and sometimes the funny and surprising bizarre things that show up). The amount of achievements and quests seems just infinite. The cash shop seems very unnecesary for general pvp and pve gaming, just clothings and things to help the lvling and equiping process(equiping by not failing the upgrades), even all this can be bought at the ingame market(that is very well done).

  28. Both games are great. No one seems to deal with that concept. They usually just trash talk about one or the other. I play dragons nest over vindictus because it has a better php concept. Yes its cartoony and unrealistic but i like vindictus’s realism takes away from the game. Mainly the energy bar because it slows down the pvp. Im all about extremely intense and skill wise pvp. I played wow =P so thats maybe were it came from.

  29. ohh come on .. seriously .. ? why compare DN to Vindictus .. ? just accept the fact that its graphic’s are too cartoonish .. and well accept the fact that 70 percent of DN gamers are annoying little kids ..

    no matter how you look at it .. Vindictus wins all the way … you might go ask a pro gamer and they will prefer good graphics over DN .. sorry but its just plain old fact .. DN hands down ..

    • pro gamers prefer good graphics? bahahahaha you know nothing. Also “DN hands down” contradicts the earlier statements in your comment, my guess is that you are an annoying little kid 🙂

  30. Lol You Can Still Play Dn in Eu Mail me if you want to Know How !

    i Will Not Vote for any Game because i really get inspired of both and i find both interessted !

  31. DRAGON NEST all the way. – stylish skills, great combo, fun to play. and i like all the flashy effects.
    good pvp system that will definitely makes you think of a strategy than just raping the skill buttons

  32. So what I’m trying to say is why not play them both? Yes, I know that DN has kiddish graphics but if you can overlook that, it’s a great game. Their’s alot of updates to DN like PvP, which Vindictus doesn’t have.But, Vindictus is just so fun since it’s like the game is made from real life. You can kick their damned head off for crying out loud.

  33. In my opinion and my opinion only, I like Vindictus since of the gore, realism, and how you can kick their damned head off. BUT, I also like Dragon Nest since of their gameplay.

  34. Dragon Nest!!!!!! and for everyone bitching well look at the scored board more people like it. You can argue not much more either but when your up your up.

  35. Ppl ppl….vindictus sounds like another game like infinite blade or other shit … And dragon neat just sounds like another dungeon and dragon game… Both of them have bots but dragon nest has a very strong hackshield pro which is hard to crack and anyone can hack vindictus with cheat engine. If u have a big computer which is loaded with ram then get vindictus or if u it want a small game with good graphics for its size then choose dragon nest.
    My vote is to dragon nest since I’ve never played vindictus and now dn has a lvl 40 cap

  36. gamers, i have an intend to look cute to girls by playing a cute game

    honestly if girls see you addicted to a cute game they will think you cute. vini is pretty hardcore in graphics but… too nerdy

    dn cause im just casual gamer.

  37. hard to choose betwen both so i pay both sadly i on max lv of DN a way too fast(playing on sea), also yeah on vindictus if host have a fail conneection will take out all the fun of playing on a pt.

  38. i just don’t get the trolls that call dragon nest kid like just because it has anime graphics doesn’t mean all the players are all kids that’s just being a unfair hypocrite sure vindictus is aimed at a more mature audience does that keep the kids away from it? no it doesn’t in fact DN has lots are mature adults who play it for fun it just opens the target market into a wide variety of audience please don’t make unreasonable judgments as for which is better vindictus or Dn well each have they’re pros and cons no game copies the other it’s just the matter of opinions and tastes i like anime graphics so i’ll go with DN will i call vindictus a clone or something totally opinion-based? no i won’t!!

  39. Well I dlded the NA version and I can’t play it. When I tried to launch it it opens an internet page and nothings happen. I dont get it, i am in NA,

  40. ..most of the kids here who favoured DN over Vindictus either have a low end PC or just dont know how to play Vindictus with the all the country restrictions…dont compare a Bison w/ a koala, if u get what Im sayn.

  41. News Flash, there from the same maker/publisher…. they are both great games from Nexon….. why there is even a “Vs.” on this game is beyond me

    • Because, they are in the same genre. Games in the same genre are always compared to see which is better. Think of CoD and BF, or even Halo. People are always comparing them to see what is better.

  42. people how u can ucking vote dragon nest? vindictus is was here befor the game and is have realism soo much blood and gore cool bosses cool monsters cool weapons and armors what u want a game full of realism like vindictus or a shity cartoonish game like dragon nest ou and i think is for kids.

    • Always about the graphics… Have you ever even PLAYED Dragon Nest? I haven’t played Vindictus and I think it looks amazing, but I still stick to Dragon Nest owo.

    • lol gore and blood? Might as well go to COD or some FPS if you want that. If you have played DN you would see that they also have cool bosses and cool monsters and cool weapons and armor. You just cannot accept the fact that DN is just as good as Vin. Oh and just because a game has anime graphics does not mean that it is Sh1t, its called “Different” heard of that before?

  43. Dragon Nest is awesome! In my opinion it’s the best MMORPG I have ever played. I am saying this because when I launch Vindictus the character creation always fails for me because an disconnection error always shows up. 🙁

  44. Theres two types of gamers..

    One that likes realistic graphics..

    The other one likes cartoony graphics..

    So there goes..Dragon Nest if ur a cartoonish fan..and Vindictus for realistic graphics..

    So people who likes cartoony will vote for DN..and people who likes realistic graphics go for Vindictus..But the genre is the same..Enjoyed both games anyway^^

    My vote goes to Dragon Nest cuz its a new game and has very good population for MMORPG..The population of the server is very important for choosing a game..More people=more fun!

    • What if your vote wasn’t based on the graphics, but on the gameplay?

      I know they’re similar but hear me out. Although its a fine line between the differences of both games in the playing style, the differences are still there.

      So in a curious matter, (because I have a pretty hard time deciding on which is better) which do you think is better?

  45. I like the combat in Vindictus (you can practically pick up anything and throw it the mobs and you can grab the mob and slam him! :D). oh and the lush graphics.. ++

    I like Dragon Nest cuz its got better pvp, more classes, more towns. if DN add more interactions with environment like vindictus i would love it even more

    for now i would have to vote DN

    • … So you think that Irine underwear-flashing everywhere and Sorceresses exposing everything except innapropriate areas is for kids?


      • Dont worry about them Parf they are just the type of people who cannot accept the fact that Anime games are not just for kids and that many adults/teens play them as well.

        • You seem nice.

          And I can admit, the game does not really have any blood at all, and a kid could play it, but just the fact that there is some mild language (liek Crap, and stuff~) and sorceresses being all exposingz, and that you can look under some female-characters’ skirts makes it liek… 13+

  46. I was thinking about this today xD
    DN or Vindictus?
    Dragon Nest is annoying when it comes to fighting but Vindictus is laggy in party
    I like both and played both

  47. i play both and it’s a hard decision to make they are both excellent games But Us Dragon Freaks have to stick together Dragons Nest has my vote..

  48. vindictus :
    epic gameplay
    awesome graphics
    cool enviroment options ( like breaking and using everything around you )
    gotta love the armors especially after i finished creating Blood Prince set , too bad i had it just few hours b4 CBT closing
    dragon nest :
    epic vindictus copy
    childish graphics

    • Dragon Nest has a perfect graphics too for a anime action game!
      its a perfect mix of action like the third person shotter, and a good story and dungeon to do with your friends and when you have done, you can kill other noob player like you in the colosseum!

        • Wait? Because it has anime graphics you give it 1 less point? Wow closed minded much, might as well bash all games out their for being similar to WoW and say “Wow clone minus 1 point” Like really dude? come on. Oh and BTW have you heard of Mabinogi? Well its a game that came out in 2004 and Vin is actually the prequel to it, and guess what Mabinogi is an AnimeMMO. You know what this means don’t you. It means that Without Mabinogi Vin might not have come out so be grateful to AnimeMMO’s.

        • Dude.. you’re going to remove one point just for its graphic style?
          Alot of games these days are anime styled, and they are popular, and do good. Like Eden Eternal, Grand Fantasia and much more. I must say that you are incredibly close minded for saying such things.
          And how is Dragon Nest a Vindictus copy? It’s like saying that Vindictus is a huge Monster hunter copy. Oh and I guess you can’t play any other MMORPG’s because its a WoW clone huh?
          You need to learn how to be more open minded about things.

    • first of all, vindictus is just one month older.
      and Vindictus is more of a Hack n Slash while Dragon Nest’s gameplay is like a TPS but in close combat (depends on wich class, cuz there are ranged classes).

  49. Vindictus – no question about it. Stunning and realistic graphics, Epic looking equipment, amazing,fun combo based hack&slash gameplay and pretty interesting lore.

  50. hmmmm i never played dragon nest but if you won’t be bored after you become high lvl in dn then i’ll vote it getting really bored of vindictus lvl56 theres nothing to do but lvl up do the quest then colhen gets attacked then new quests in rockeste i need a new mmo D:

  51. i like both games
    Dragon Nest is cartoony and have little more arcrobatics
    Vindictus IS LIKE i name it Slach BooM game you can destroy things all arround and this is awesome
    I vote for both games!

    • I agree, I bet when C9 is released all the other games are going to CLOSE DOWN, because of the fact that they will loose 99% of their players :/
      I was trying to not over exaggerate there, I failed XD

  52. I say Vindictus, it has that sense of realism to it, when your playing you can destroy stuff and then use the rubble to throw at your enemy causing them to fall down like in real life, Also vindictus has more content since it was released a while back, meaning you won’t get bored and stop as soon as you would in dragon nest, and i mean come on the armor and weapons look so cool already, and they look even better when you get the right color combinations with the dye system 😀

  53. well ill vote for vindictus cuz i live in eu and i cant play dn xD but still if i could i would play vindictus cuzz… its more realistic and gore 🙂


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