Forget everything you know about FireFall. Red 5 Studios has given FireFall so many identities over the years, that if you peeped in on the game’s progress any given year, you wouldn’t have recognize the game. Ever since the departure of Mark Kern in December, the direction of Red 5 Studios has done an 180 to turn around their identity confused MMO. From changing the PVP system, the progression system, gear equipment, even the logo itself has changed to reflect the FireFalls new beginning.

“Honestly, the game is in so many ways brand new, across the board,” said James Macauley, Red 5 Studios CEO.

An open world shooter MMO with an intense focus on mobility, FireFall is set on Earth after it had been bombarded by a meteor shower aptly named “FireFall”. Humans discover a clean energy source called Crystite that had fallen with the meteors. Using the Crystite, mankind builds an interstellar ship named Archlight, to travel through the universe.

Unfortunately, the ships crashes in present day Brazil and opens a tear in space (So is life). From the tear comes a deadly electrical-like gas storm called the melding, that engulfs the entire planet. To make matters worse, from the melding comes intelligent lifeforms called “The Chosen” who are hellbent to wipe out mankind. A game of biblical proportions, players fight back the melding and The Chosen to reclaim territory for humankind, and most importantly for corporations that are backing humanity.

Players who participated in open beta previously can expect to experience an entirely different game come the July 29th  launch. With the much anticipated addition of several brand new zones, there has been much changed about FireFall.


Macauley explains,”…We didn’t have levels. We didn’t have battle frame levels, and so we had a very different progression system, very different equipment system, our gear was different, we had things like durability that had permanent breakage items. You would actually lose your item after a while. So we changed all of that, we added levels, you can go 1-40 in each of your battleframes.”

In addition, FireFall has added a zone devoted entirely to open world PvP, in which players fight hundreds of other players over territory control and resource collection. Players can also join together in Armies (FireFall’s guild system), participate in raids together or control their position on the competition board.

Beaming with excitement Macauley said, “We have titan boss fights now, something that we talked about years ago! When we announced FireFall we talked about titan bosses, and for the first time ever players will be able to go experience that content. They’ll be able to fight those bosses. We have our first 20-man raid!”


Will FireFall still be a contender for the E-Sport arena?

According to Macauley, “No, absolutely not. No no, we learned, it was a hard lesson for us to learn, because we put a lot of effort into E-Sports… ultimately we realized that was the wrong direction for FireFall… It was trying to, kind of force something in where it didn’t quite fit, you know, and we made the very hard call last fall to pull that out. So we disabled PVP completely, and now at launch were introducing a form of PVP that feels right for FireFall. Its a large massive scale combat experience with territories and base capturing.”

In case you were ever wondering what happened to that FireFall bus, that was designed by West Coast Customs.

Macauley explains, “ Awww! The bus! That is a slightly sad story. The bus, it’s a beautiful bus, it was in the style of FireFall, I loved it. It had 20 computers in it, it’s own server, so we could actually take the bus to college campuses and parking lots at various places and do LAN parties. Unfortunately, there was some problems with the bus that made it hard to get permits, to get it on the road, there was some structural problems. There was some behind the scenes technical issues with the bus, and so, it’s actually parked in a warehouse somewhere and waiting till someday maybe, I don’t know what will happen. Little bit of sad story.”


Players can experience FireFall like they’ve never experienced before, quite literally starting July 29th.

Ellie Howser

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I’ve been playing since the begining of September and its been awesome so far. I agree it does need polishing , but the devs are definitely active in ways you can actually see. Since ive been on, there has been a large scale event every weekend with devs playing, as well as smaller continuous events that span weeks at a time. I have played many f2p MMOs and can never seem to find one that offers good progression without needing to pay right away. I recommend giving it a try, its looking to turn into a great game.

  2. “Unfortunately, the ships crashes in present day Brazil..”

    So..the heroes would have to worry about soccer players that lose on their own turf and like to dismember referees? AHAHAHAHAHAHA! You so salty Brazil!!!!

  3. I played in the Alpha and several rounds of Beta’s for this game. I loved the feel and the environment but the game aspect always felt cheap and pointless. I will be giving this another chance only because I really want it to work out. However my hopes are not high.

  4. Ellie Howser?

    I’ll wait for a proper video review, checked out some recent youtube uploads of the game, pretty much looks the same

    The obviously spared no expense with the paint for the bus…….

  5. If crafting system not bechanged im not interested in this game! Worst crafting system i ever saw! They talked years ago like now, so not much interest, will see!

    • crafting system HAS changed again with this patch..

      btw, if you have an account that was created befor july 8th, you can download the patch and play right away..only new players have to wait till july 29th..

  6. Mmmh looks like they are serious this time, ok ill bite, ill give it a chance one more time, but if i find a the same old bugs, just one, ill trhow the game to the recycle bin AGAIN!

  7. I’ve played FireFall pretty much since the beginning. It always looked like an interesting idea, but they kinda f’ked it up. I’m probably gonna give it another try. Hopefully they really learned from the past and the game is a lot better than the last time I played it.

    That is one shitty looking bus BTW. it looks like a Transformer’s turd XD

    • Yea, I played during alpha, beta, then OB
      Everytime I came in I always had to make a new char because they would always change how you craft items and gather resources, either they’d make resource thumping give out plenty, too less, too much, or they would rehash the whole thing


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