Free-to-play games suck.

I know this because, around five years ago, most free-to-play games did. They were poorly translated, pay-to-win grindfests. And some things never change, even after several years. I mean, Bethesda will never do an Elder Scrolls MMO, they’ll never figure out a way to film Game of Thrones, and Peter Jackson will never direct The Hobbit.

Nope, never. Nothing’s changed.

I like to think of free-to-play games as a kind of microcosm for the Internet as a whole. Ten years ago, you probably didn’t even know what a “blog” was. Now, there are 600 billion of them (give or take), and many of them are, admittedly, crap.

But to dismiss the entirety of the blogosphere (I hate that word, but there it is) because the majority are garbage does a disservice to the few out there that are worthwhile. The same could be said of comments sections on those blogs or other sites, most of which are a horrifying spectacle of human debris, but from which an occasional beacon of reason shines through.

(I know you’re going to be the one person to produce that lovely, inspirational comment on this article. Go on, do it!)

There are a lot of bad F2P games out there. That’s a judgment call, obviously, because even the most graphics-poor, grindy, unfun games have their devoted followers. But there are some that the vast community of gamers have all but unanimously declared gamora non grata.

You’ve probably heard it yourself from friends whenever you profess your love for a F2P game. “Free-to-play? lol, those games suck.” And sometimes they’re right.

But to paint all F2P games with such a broad stroke diminishes the “good” ones, or at least the ones that are pretty well-regarded by the gaming community as a whole. Games like League of Legends and Team Fortress 2 have huge followings. You may or may not care for them (personally, I like TF2 but am not a big fan of LoL), but your feelings have nothing to do with the pay model. New and upcoming games, like Firefall, Neverwinter, and Loadout, might also make it big someday.

To be certain, we need to be wary of what a F2P game offers. Some are more aggressive with their cash shops than others and some simply lack quality, whether in terms of graphics or gameplay.

But just having a price tag doesn’t absolve a game of those potential issues. One needs only look as far as SimCity to see how that went. That game was a disaster, for a number of reasons, but I bet that if it had been free-to-play, people would be saying it sucked because it was F2P: EA/Maxis didn’t have the resources, weren’t committed to making it work, needed to bleed players dry with microtransactions – all the same tired excuses we hear when a F2P game fails to meet expectations.

The next time someone tries to tell you you shouldn’t try a game, or that it outright sucks, because it’s F2P, just ignore them and move on. You like what you like, and that’s all that matters.

Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


  1. i tend to buy most of my games about 2 years after they came out, so far the only f2p game ive played continuously is lord of the rings online ive paid maybe 20 dollars into it for the “lifetime v.i.p” (which apparently they consider 2 years a lifetime) second life isnt necessarily a game but is ftp and beats sims and simcity by a long stretch two ftp games that really dissapointed me were were the marvel mmorpg and the DC one the marvel one is just spinning your wheels its a total grind fest nightmare with sub-par graphics yet takes a huge amount of the computers resources dc has a bit more story to it and some decent quests but is by no means ftp (i’m a total marvel fanboy btw so admitting dcuo is better is a kick in the jewels) but i’d still say the original golden axe was less of a grindfest

  2. You are wrong, F2P and blogs are both horrible wastes of oxygen.
    They promise the world, and you think *this* one might be the exception to the rule but in the end it drains your time, your soul and your wallet.



  4. You can claim haters! You can try to make all the claims you want, about it just being a problem with people! But the truth still remains perfectly intact as always! If a game sucks then it just sucks! Deal with it!

  5. Games that enable P2W suck donkey balls. P2W is so prevalent in real life that I don’t fucking want it in my GAME. Rich fuckwits buy themselves all sorts of advantages in real life. I’m thinking that in my game, they should have to WORK for it like everyone else!

  6. Some f2p are well made, some are pretty bad. But to microtransactions are pay to win. And it just makes these games terrible. If they strictly pve, I think the penalties for not cash shopping would be less harsh. But when f2p game forces you play against another opponent who happens to be a cash shopper. Then you know the game is broken.

  7. A lot of F2P sucks because they to be away online to play them, they all bug you to buy things, some games forces you to wait to play a games because that all they allow to do without paying, not all item are available to the people who doesn’t pay for it, item are over priced, most games are baddy writing and crash when your world get too big, etc.

  8. This is so funny, you pointed League of Legend as a good F2P game and in a fact it’s the worst piece of shit ever made.

  9. There several games who deserve to say for hem day are best because they are created almost perfect and if day are f2p you can not complain you decide to play or not but at the end-You like what you like, and that’s all that matters.

  10. OMG this help me really good right now i don`t know what to play so i ask a friend what game we play and i say maple story from nexon and he say that is not a good game thanks a lot.

  11. I won’t read all of comments (too much lol) and it could be mentioned already, but F2P games don’t suck at all untill it’s well produced game or was P2P before, like TERA for example. This games which became F2P sucks. Too many haters, too many kids who are rude at all times, pretending to be pro gamers who know much more then some1 who played game for 1 year (like me lol).
    For me, if EVE Online became f2p, i would kick ccp in da ass and make ’em regret this decission. more p2p awesome games please!

  12. not to be rude…
    But all F2P still contain P2W aspects, no matter which game it is, there will always be one.

    Yes, even “league of legends” contains some “crappy” things… mostly on the “Pay 2 Play Character” aspect.

    In most MMO, the main P2W aspect is “Enchanting and Upgrading”
    If it have “weapon destroyed at certain rank/level” or “upgrading pass certain rank/level is not possible without Cash Shop” it is P2W.

    Than there are those ultra P2W aspects…
    The “VIP”, where cash shoppers can obtain benefits that’s way too superior to non-cash shoppers, IE: 2~3x more EXP, Drop Rate, 10~30% more HP, MP, increasing Stats by 5~100% (yes, some games have up to 100% stat increase, but you have to pay up to 100 USD for that, but yes, it is P2W literally)

    And the other ones… “costumes” and “Gachapon”
    Where costumes offers stat bonuses that can let the cash shopper win against another player of same level, class, race, using the exact same skill moves/ set. (some game even offer ways to increase costume’s stat, making cash shopepr even stronger)

    Gachapon as we all know it.. are just “internet legalized gambling for kids” (why, it’s illegal to gamble in the real world, let throw out money into digital products and gamble online)… sure… LOL (and no one or the law can do shit about it)

  13. Why are people disagreeing on cash shops and premium packages? How the hell are they going to continue development and pay for their extremely high light bill while running those servers?
    If you don’t want to pay, then don’t LOL.

  14. Most of F2P games really suck,such LoL,Aion,R2 Online-that is really crap like many games with target system,I REALLY HATE THEM and i can say:Who playing games like r2online YOU ARE CRAP!
    But not all F2P game a crap,such games like Warframe,APB RELOADED,Rusty Hearts,i can this games might no all like but if somebody dont try it really idiots so ignore them

  15. (I know you’re going to be the one person to produce that lovely, inspirational comment on this article. Go on, do it!) – Jason Winter.
    You my friend have told the future. Look at all those aspiring comments above me, brings a tear to my eye. Jason’s post did make a lot of sense and in brief. F2P is Fun 2 Play if only companies strive to make more of them.

  16. Some of the best games i have ever played have been FREE TO PLAY,sooooo ya.Been playing video games for 15+ years so i know a thing or 2.

  17. This is a good write up, and I agree with the point it makes. However , to me it feels slightly dated. Today F2p games feel more like the dominate force in online gaming, rather than the ‘red head step kid” they used to feel like. I have been around and watched this market go from a shady “fly by night” buiz model, into what now is the go to model for making money with online games.

    Some still do it better than others, but F2p is here to stay.. Gamers rejoice .

    • You are darn right F2P is here to stay. It has been proven in many different markets that you don’t need a monthly subscription to be alive and be worth playing. It almost seems the ones that have that partial sub model tend to be a love/hate relationship with its players.

  18. I agree with this article because my family (and yes I am a kid) hasn’t been so wealthy so I have always played f2p games and I have some let’s say more wealthier friends then me and they mostly play p2p games and I just hate when I wanna tell them what I did in let’s say ghost recon online or loadout and they don’t wanna listen they are like uhh f2p games are crap don’t play those but then I got nothing to play I just want someone to understand because not all of us can play p2p games andif u ask me I’m happy playing F2P games 🙂

  19. 98% of f2p MMO are either pay to win or hack to get somewhere at least, exceptions are just a handful. In my opinion the best picks of f2p MMO out there are:

    1) Phantasy Star Online 2 – Action RPG
    2) Team Fortress 2 – FPS
    3) League of Legends – MOBA

    Upcoming possible goodies for f2p:

    1) Firefall – FPS/TPS
    2) D&D Neverwinter – Action RPG
    3) Tiara Concerto – Action RPG

    Closers Online perhaps but Koreans mostly release grindfest games and/or once they get a good paying playerbase they start only releasing mall stuff and no relevant content :/ (everyone does that but meh, im gonna hog the blame on north korea)

  20. LOL and TF2 have huge huge communitys. But it is the community is what makes these games stay alive as well as make them great. Valve always takes imput from the TF2 community, they allow players to make items and maps and gear for the game and have the community vote on player made ideas and then add them to the game. When there is an issue with the game the players speak their mind and valve listens and fixes the issue asap and does their best to make the community happy.

    If you treat your players right, you listen to them and take their ideas and suggestions and add it to the game. Then you will make the players happy and they will continue to support your game and throw money at it. Happy customers are paying customers. It is such a simple thing yet thousands of companies do not understand such a simple concept that it is the player/customer who dictates alot when it comes to if a game will stay alive and be successfull.

  21. F2P itself lends its future to the ideal that some people will like it, and some wont. The real drawback i have seen from a ton of Korean imports (RF Online) is that they don’t move forward enough in the US to keep up to spec with over seas. This ends up delaying any real fun to be had for those who spent the time to max level a character.

    I do have to agree with a previous poster about the other gamers generally being hit or miss in the way of being useful/helpful/fun to play with. With the rise of more anon-go-lucky gamers and almost no way to get away from them in game via reporting griefers and so on, it tends to become a time struggle. Not a “i’m gonna wait out these guys” but “what time does this server start to get heavy?”. So you end up playing at times that would more or less be not worth your continued effort.

    There is also the F2P mentality of Pay to Win, which in most PvP oriented games has become a bit of an issue. If people don’t really understand the idea of P2W here is a little example; If at some point you MUST use items from the cash shop that are not easily accessable otherwise, say stamina boosts or some crafting helper, then in general i call it pay to win. A game that has tried very hard to curb this is Allods, still to no avail.

    Finally there is the gigantic problem of finding that right game for you, you can only spend so many days trying out so many different games when you get the chance that eventually the entire F2P experience becomes daunting and unreachable.

    It is wonderful that websites such as this exist so that it helps keep our searching via google or forums to a minimum. I’ve used the search feature many times when my gaming appetite has grown.

  22. I’m actually a bit anti-F2P not because I assume the quality of the games are bad, but the quality of the COMMUNITY. You have to admit that F2P games will usually have a larger quantity of trolls and botters/gold spammers. Of course we have examples of P2P games having gold sellers ( WoW ) but compare the times you see WoW gold being advertised to the amount of people doing it in WoW’s F2P competitor Runescape. Or take the Heroes of Newerth community – that game wasn’t always F2P, but you can ask anyone who played it before they made the change and they will tell you there are TONS more trolls running rampant in that game now. This is because it’s easier to fool around with something that didn’t cost you anything. More often than not, after someone has had to spend money on a game, they’ll behave themselves a bit better than if they were in a free to play MMO, because no one wants to spend $60 on a game and then get banned from it shortly after.

    • Well the game cannot be blamed for botters and all and runescape has tried to deal with it. See you paid nothing so even if you gained nothing its ok . Thats the concept . If you like the game more than anything then only you have an option to pay .

  23. There will always be F2P games because some people cannot go out & buy $60.00 games every year because they got a family to take care of, bills or college to worry about.
    Idc about the graphics of a game I play Combat Arms alot enjoy the game with friends the F2P games was made to have fun & relax.
    I enjoy F2P games better then most pay to play games because most of the players are more nicer & more cool to hang out with.

  24. The F2P business model is frowned upon so much is because the bad games are so horrifically terrible and numerous that they easily overshadow the few good ones. The fact that the bad games are so homogenized makes it even easier to dismiss them all as pure sh*t.

    • The exact same thing can be said for every game market. Most games period are crap.. Right now tho, the best game to play online are f2p and the p2p games are playing catch up, or switching models .

      • You have no idea how much I agree with you. There are some examples for P2P games that are switching to F2P like: lord of the rings, need for speed world, battlefield (heroes & P4F). companies now-a-days realise that if they create a succesful F2P game, it’s financially good from them on the long term.

        • NFS World and BF Heroes/P4F were lazy rehashes and are abysmally bad games. The total revenue generated from them doesn’t even hold a candle to their P2P cousins.

          I not particularly into MMORPGs but LoTR looks like an example of an F2P game done right if it’s Best F2P Game awards are any indication. F2P does seem to be the better option overall compared to strictly subscription based models for MMORPGs. It works easily for them because they are usually mainly PvE and people are used to grinding in those games anyway. It doesn’t work the same for racing, FPS, or other genres of games though. The overwhelming majority of them have extremely short-sighted business models designed to shake the players down for as much cash as possible in the short term before running the games into the ground. Much of the problem here lies with the publishers themselves. They view F2P as nothing more than an easy way to fleece gamers out of their money. Until publishers as a whole smarten up and stop being so reckless with their business models, the stigma against F2P will not change. Frankly, I doubt that’s going to happen before some of them start going bankrupt.

      • “All pay2play games suck! I’m sick of them. I’m going back to my F2P games”
        -said no one, ever.

        No, the exact same thing cannot be said for P2P games. Are you really that sheltered? There may be a number of bad apples out there, but unlike the selection of F2P games, there are tons of great P2P games for all tastes. To insinuate that the bad ones overshadow them as a whole is utterly absurd. I’ve got over 150 games purchased on Steam, and countless dozens for my consoles. I’ve got so many I haven’t even got around to finishing all of them yet. I could spend all day listing each of the good games. I couldn’t say the same thing about F2P games because I can count the good ones with my fingers.

  25. I love and will keep loving TF2, shame on all the f2p haters, I got the game before it was free (not trying to be hipster here) and for me nothing changed much with the f2p, I am glad the major concern is about hats, that never did bother me, and normally only one hat-maniac popped on a team fight but wasn’t enough to ruin anything. Since the paid contect does no offer any advantage to players, and weapons just have different ways to work, but not better than defaults, its why I like TF2.

  26. Nice article Mr. Winter.

    It’s sad to see that the f2p market is full of bs games and I think it’s so easy today to make a game look well from the outside with the proper trailer and gameplay introductions. I’ve tried tons of free-to-play games and I have to say that 95% of them I uninstalled after 30 minutes already just because they are so bad, it’s nearly insulting. On the other hand it’s easy for other devs to stand out from those grindy/pay-to-win/buggy games.

    Yeah it’s very easy to say that some f2p game straight-up sucks but next time someone says that, just ask that person why that game sucks. Most of the time those people haven’t even played a single minute of the game and can’t argue properly. Or because they’re some braindead fanboys and don’t want to feel bad after paying for a game while you can enjoy your games for free.
    Everyone has his own opinion of a certain game and you should’ve at least committed some time to a game if you want to give a proper review on it. Sure, it often turns out to be some grindy crap or that you don’t stand a chance against other players unless you pay a shitload of money but at least your arguments have some reason other than just mindlessly taking arguments from other people.

  27. The problem is, F2P is considered a genre, when it’s really a business model. Some games do it right, but most fail.

  28. Not all Free to play games suck, pay-to-win are(except on private servers thou pretty cheap to get best gear)

    I like single pay-play forever games too (except diablo 3 watta waste of money),

  29. I agree!!90% of the Free-to-Play MMOs SUCK hard… too many stupid restrictions, to many pay-to-win etc. …but there are a few Free-to-Play MMOs out there that are UNIQUE and EPIC like, League of Legends, Marvel Heroes, Blacklight Retribution and Need For Speed World!!Believe me I’ve played almost every Free-to-Play MMO in searching for the best games… like I said 90% of those games sucked… and that’s why I chose these 4 games they are the best Free-to-Play MMOs out there for me.. 🙂

    • and 90% of all pay to play games suck.And I don’t mean just mmos.It’s all video games in general.Sim City is a perfect example of a game that costed players money to get then was unplayable for awhile.Then when the server were working it turned out to be a half assed effort.Doesn’t matter if your a pc gamer or a console gamer but if you look at a complete list of games for any platform.And I mean really look at it,you will see 90% of the games are complete crap.And you can’t always go by what some people say cause fanboys are all over and will give false info.You have to do like kinda did and try them out till you find ones you like and if it is a p2w title well then your probaly a kid with mommy’s credit card.A word of warning Aeria games almost always end up pay to win,if they dont start that way they become that way.Devs need to adhear to this one idea don’t sell anything that gives a player more power then others in cash shops.They can sell skins and other cosmetic items.Pets are okay to.Boost to let people speed up the grind in pve is okay,provided they don’t impose a decrease in xp on players like swtor did.That’s just wrong to force players to buy the boost to even level up at the normal rate.And if you developers are gonna restrict gear then it should be no more then a one time purchase that cost no more then 10 cents in real money.That’s right not forcing players to spend over a dollar each time they want to equip a purple or orange item.

      And as for again swtor’s case with the pvp restriction make unranked unlimited.You want to charge money(again a one time fee only) for ranked pvp fine.As for lockboxes that give random items that i can’t really speak on since sometimes a game does it and it’s okay while some others do it and it sucks.But if you put lockboxes in as random loot frops in game don’t require players to have to spend money on keys to unlock them.Or at the very least have the keys drop off mobs as well.Also and this time I’m looking at you Turbine stop with the pay walls on content.Look it’s one thing to release a pay xpac for a game.But the base game shouldn’t be chopped up into cash shop purchases.DDO has most of the content from it’s based game being sold as quest packs.Really Turbine you want me to buy parts of the original game 3 to 4 quest at a time.When Aion went f2p and all of it quest are free.Instead when i buy from it’s cash shop i’m buying cosmetic items like costumes and have spent more then i have on a p2p title.But i never once felt like i had to buy from the cash shop in order to progress.Remeber devs people will pay more for things that optional not required.

  30. All those who say that the f2p model should not have any premium transsction I totally disagree with you. Becacause if a person makes a game unfortunately he will always want to earn from it. He can not giv his years of hardwork completely free. So an f2p model has to have p2p options.

    • I agree
      I actually I like it more if the majority of the items from premium options can be acquired for free but through hard work playing or if they are purely cosmetic like there is in firefall

  31. Actually there are a lot of f2p games that suck and vise versa
    I am a big fan of league of legends,team fortress 2 and firewall
    I like the concept of D&D but I don’t have the time at the moment
    And except some features I was not impressed by loadout
    Worth to be mentioned are some games that you buy only the game to play like guild wars 2 starcraft they are a good solution if you like the concept of those games

  32. I wont call a game F2P as long as there are Cash Shops in there.
    For example, League of Legends is a real F2P game. U can unlock every champ without paying once. U cant buy runes with real money but thats the reason why i did spend money on that game. To say: Great work, ill grab some skins and thank you for this game.
    With Path of Exile (even if i dont like it) its the same.

    But then there are games out like…Aeria Games, Neverwinter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and so on. Thats not F2P for me if u cant enjoy the whole game without spending real money. Even if u have full access, u wont have a chance at PvP unless u buy some gear in the Cash Shop to even up with the others.

    I tried so many “F2P” games and the only one which did really hook me up was Aion. I also played alot A.V.A bevor they changed the publisher. It made things just worse.

    Actually, i always enjoyd the games i had to buy much much more and i dont think, that this will change anytime soon.

    (sry for my crappy english)

    • Technically Neverwinter is also F2P according to you. You can exchange ingame currency for ZEN(The real money) and then buy the stuff you want.

    • I would like you to think about what you’ve said:
      Let’s say I am a game developer.
      I have the ability to create a game that does great, but if I decide to make it, it has to be F2P as you claim F2P should be, no paying whatsoever.
      Therefore, I would like to ask you one question: what will keep me going?
      I don’t have any motivation to keep updating the game, or even completing it, just because I don’t get paid.
      In fact, my outcome is bigger than my income, since I need to get help for the game(I.E. bugfixes/graphics/world design and so on), and that’s what the cash shops are for, to gain income from the games.
      Now, I’m not saying that it’s not overpowered, what I am saying is that they make those because they have to.

      On the other hand, there are games that allow you to get items sold on a cash shop from other players, like gifting items, trading and so on.
      Basically my point is that you can grind to get in-game money/items to trade for items you could have not paid money for from your own wallet.

      So for the article itself, I agree with most of what you said, but the problem is not the player which purchases the cash shop items or the cash shop itself, it’s the ability of the developers, which usually lack it, to make the cash shop balanced.

        • Seems like that motivation side is a bust, because people do still pay-to-notwin, as proven by the first bit of his post about LoL.

          But you know, this post and about everything else you’ll see really is just the face of humanity; lots of half-assed effort (Even generalized opinions, ironically) and a few well polished gems in the muck, awkwardly sustained by said muck.

    • There will always be cash shops in games. How do you think that the companies behind these games will pay the bill for servers, developers, etc. Think man.

      I agree, the problem is that some companies are too greedy. And in some games, the cash shop is not balanced. I currently play Neverwinter, and I can tell you that the game is very well balanced, I hope it will stay like this and after the beta.

      If you enjoy playing, why not support the company and sometimes bought something in the game. I see no problem there.

      • Like i said.
        Take League of Legends or Path of Exile for example. There is no way to get better things with paying real money.
        That was the reason why i did spend money on LoL.
        I have no problem with devs. wanna make money. Thats why they go for a game but like some of you already said, most of the time the cash shop is just way to imbalance and if u take the 2 games i mentiond above as example, there is no cash shop at all. Just skins and things like that.
        So if GGG und Riot can do it, why not the other companys? Because they are greedy, thats why.

        I guess it wouldnt bother me if they wouldnt call the games Free 2 Play. If i think about it. The real term would be “shareware”. U remember those games back then? U still had the game to play, but if u want the full game u had to buy it. Thats the same exact thing now, just instead of Shareware, its called F2P now because it sounds better.

        • I can definitely agree. The only thing that disappointed me about Jason’s article was that Path of Exile was mentioned as an example next to the other games. Is it weird that after i finished reading a article that describes such a important notion my first thought was “why didn’t he mentioned Path of Exile?” :))
          Since free to play games are.. free to play, i used to call games like LoL and PoE “true f2p”, but now that i think about it you are right. LoL, PoE and the other fair f2p models should keep the F2P term, while for the p2w and freemium models there could be used a different term from free to play.

  33. I like F2P games but when they get pay to win, I simply just hate them…if it’s pay to win at least have some decent graphics/gameplay and some content, it’s like the game says “oh look im giving you the most badass gear you have ever had for some money but my graphics are poor” those items are more like cheats to me.Team Fortress 2 it’s fine becouse it gives the players a small chance for some good gear,also League of Legends it’s awesome without paying to win.

  34. I agree with the article, just because being F2P game, doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. There are a lot of great F2P games.
    If there wasn’t F2P games, I probably wouldn’t even play online games.

  35. I didn’t get the part with Bethesda not making an MMO? NOT FILMING THE GAME OF THRONES? Peter Jackson not directing The Hobbit? Dafuq?

    • Same here :))
      I watched Game of Thrones, but i have no clue and never cared or will care who filmed it. I also seen The Hobbit, but same i have no clue who directed it. Also i don’t know who is Peter Jackson. I guess there must some interesting connection or something but i don’t get it.

    • He meant that once upon a time, most people believed that what he mentioned could NOT be done.That was the way I felt when I heard the were filming the first Lord of the Ring movie, thinking how is he going to translate the book without making a cheesy hollywood summer movie.Any ways..someday we will see a f2p game that haters well..can’t really hate on. ^^

  36. This discussion has no real point for me: game may rule or suck regardless of its paying model.
    Game quality is all about design and pay model is all about marketing
    But all pay to win games really do suck.
    And reason is that there’s no less satisfying experience than beating handicapped opponent.

    • You got a point, but you got to understand that most of the F2P haters think that if a game has the “F2P” tag on it, than it’s probably poorly crafted game, which I believe is wrong way of thinking. Because there are few P2P games that suck, or I dont like paying 60$ for a game, don’t expect me to say that All P2P games suck. The same goes with F2P games, just because it’s F2P, it doesn’t mean that it’s poorly crafted. There are few out that are good or have potential like firefall and alliance of valiant arms.
      Buttom line is, I agree with you, the gamer has to decide if the game rule or suck ONLY on how he\she thinks the game is crafted, NOT on its pay model.

  37. I agree the problems is in thhe game it self in general but not because its f2p I like f2p games and its all about the game in general

    • Alot of F2P games do not ‘suck’ but the community..cant even describe lol and yes a bad community can ruin a game

  38. I’d have to say im mixed with this.. I love playing F2P games, But its really 2 pass the time as a game im looking forward 2 Paying for comes out. It just seems 2 me games that I pay $60 for an 12-$15 every month are just higher quality an I enjoy them more.

  39. Well I have a mixed opinion . You may say I am a fool but I support the idea of f2p and premium shop . I agree that most games are no fun but you see they are free so unless you like the game you dont pay . So till you hate the game you didnt lose any money {except download limit} . The thing I like about F2P games are they have no end. Though I have to agree that out of 100 , 90 f2p games are crap. I love only a handful of f2p games like PlanetSide2 , RuneScape , APBReloaded , and GothamCityImpostors . See but you can’t expect F2P games to be better than P2P games . If a person makes an excellent game he/she will not launch it for free . So who will make a F2P game . Either someone who is new to the field of games will make a crappy f2p game or A well known well financed company will make a nice f2p game only if it has time to put on an f2p. Again a well known company prefers to make pay to plays . So you can say only 1 in 500 games you would find good . But again they are free so you can say something is better than nothing.

    • I wouldn’t say, RuneScape is f2p, having to pay after getting to a point where the game doesn’t let you isn’t free at all. Its like a tial, and you only get the whole game when you play. Also, isn’t RuneScape a game you pay monthly for. Weather they have changed that or not I don’t know.

  40. no Warframe =)? i agree with the above games but warframe is a good game and isnt pay to win?

    a example of pay to win f2p is Aeria games and perfect world well for me so far… =)

    • I do love Warframe, but it is not a good example for his article. I have played it since early beta, but i can definitely say that if you do not spend some cash on it, the inventory slots are gonna be annoying to deal with. Since all beta testers have received some platinum, that helped me get some slots, but other then that i was simply stuck. Yes as a f2p player you have all the content available, but you have to chose what of that content (weapons and warframes) you want to enjoy.
      That is the downside of it’s f2p model. I guess creating multiple account could work, but now you just have to farm for each of the accounts. Maybe after they gonna add trading, multiple account will be a viable way to bypass the inventory limitations.
      I’m happy Warframe got such a big player base after ob (i know they passed 1 million a months or two ago), but for now Warframe is not a good example of a f2p model for his article.

  41. so whats the reson of this article, just to say F2P dont suck or something? most of the games that was mentioned in here are bad at least for me, only firefall seems have some potential to be something intresting, i like dota more over LoL because i didn’t feel any competition out of it. so what, that some games have those followers if they won’t attract new players they will die and the ones that they have will be bored eventually, nothing last forever.

    • This article meant to say that NOT ALL F2P games suck. If there’s a game you like, play it, don’t listen to those fu**tards who gonna say: “oh, don’t play this game, it sucks ’cause it’s F2P”. people tend to generalise, they think if they met few, they met them all.

  42. Agree on most parts and like the post in general. But I must say that games that cost are superior in F2Ps in the way that if some1 can create unlimited accounts for free SOME will troll. For example: HoN was a one time pay game before and after it went F2P the game just crashed in the “low competative zone” (Un-professional competative players) since every1 could just create an account -> Destroy some games -> Receive a ban -> Create new acc -> …..

    I never take F2Ps serious, they are my casual “in between” games.

  43. So true, was a good read and I agree on all point, one should never judge anything based on someone elses opinion give it a try for your self and you never know ya just might love it. Hope to see more articals like this.

  44. Very well said, most games do suck but not because they’re F2P, just because it’s the way things are in general, the rule applies to everything man-made, whether it’s movies, music, cars, clothes, electronics or whatever other crap we manage to pull out of our assholes, some of it is really good, but most of it it’s just made to try to make some profit off of something that is already popular,


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