Some free-to-play games are more polarizing than others, with some sides taking the stance of “great, totally non-exploitative implementation” and others thinking “total pay-to-win trash.” We’d like to see on what side of the spectrum the gaming public — and by that, we mean you guys — think of certain F2P games, and so we’ve invented something new called Love It Or Hate It?

Every week, we’ll present a new F2P game and give you the option of passing judgment on it. Then we’ll look back at it the next week and see what people thought. There are no prizes, except for the satisfaction of knowing you clicked on a button and made something happen. Really, what else do you need?

Out with the old, in with the new? Heroes of the Storm got a pretty favorable reaction last week, netting 54% Love It versus just 13% Hate It. By comparison, other big MOBAs were 48/17 (Dota 2), 54/24 (League of Legends), and 70/8 (SMITE). Not too shabby for the “little” guys!

Back in MMO-land, Neverwinter’s had a pretty big recent content update, so I think it’s high time to get people’s opinions on it. It can’t do worse than the other Perfect World game we tried this with, can it?

Tell us what you think of Neverwinter, and leave a comment below to expound upon your views!


  1. Yeah, it’s not bad, I just passed paragon level 30 and now it’s way way too easy as a Paladin, not so sure about all this pay2win comments, it’s embarrassingly easy at the moment solo or in groups.

    Compared to Vanilla LOTRO the PvE in this is faceroll, I can kill a group of 12 same level mobs in about 4 seconds with a ‘healing’ class.

    Looks decent maxed out and is fairly fun to play.

  2. Played it. Is it free to play .. definatly never spent a dime. Was I succesfful without paying, yes very. Was I “Uber” no (don’t buy into even in-game pay for power .. never spent 1 astral diamond [In game time-currency] ). It was moderetly fun, but lack of game play variation gets old quick. It’s just kill endless baddies with 4 buttons.

    So it’s not that P2W where your not un-compentive, or can’t play PVE at some point. (PVPs always P2W when cash is about)

    Is the cash shop an over priced trash heap. Hells yah!

    But that’s actaully not the problem, it’s the D3 “real money” / Astral Diamond action house. Lay down your cash and get all the stuff … I class it as Play-to-PWN-Now. This brings the bots, and expliots. None of which Cryptic are capable of dealing with, it was “exploit as fast as you can” since they don’t ban. Make as big as an AD farm as you can, trade items / siphon it through the AH so you can buy overpriced in game consumables for power.

    So Like: Game
    Hate: Policies

  3. A meh for me. The early and later parts of the game development had no P2W. There was one pet that only was cash shop that gave a few perks,, but you could buy it by trading in house currency and did not need it to enjoy the game. Then they unbalanced it and PvP was just a P2W gank. I am more a PvE person and the game was OK. It falls so short of anything worth a DnD title that is literally a SHAME and EMBARASSING use of the title. The game has the hooks. It opens up pretty dynamic. Nice story with immersion things like a cinematic bridge battle.All that is GONE mid game. And it falls to the bowls of “derp a mmorpg” creativity of grind and pusha map. Armor grind cut immersion.
    The characters are butt ugly. And the character customization is PISSPOOR. I mean, Star Treks model is AWESOME and FULLL of customization (probably best on the market by Perfect Worlds). They used the same model but limited… And when you press SHIFT + Direction do dode…you do this skate board slide thing…where as in star trek you can actually roll and crouch…WTF went wrong? Only get parts of the code to work with? HORRIBLE.
    Button mashing leads to finger aches fast. Boss fights and every monster you fight is same strategy. Just more and avoid hit spots…I prefer a 10 keys of proper skill placement tab targeting than this kind of crap. In the end though, it looks good, has some decent progression, And POTENTIAL. Just potential not realized. So MEH.

  4. Am a beta player, had a great time to cap 2 characters to 50…until they added the first module, it was clear to me then its going to be a steady heavy grind of dailies, keys…etc, & heading toward P2W direction extensively, so I quit, but I truly hope this will change one day, I have pre-purchased founder/packs until Fury of the Feywild. When they increased cap to 60, I thought I would give it a try but apparently I had hope for a hopeless game. This game has the best combat system I ever seen in an MMO, such a waste.

  5. Fantastic game. Great graphics, great combat system, and Forgotten Realms setting. The story is synced up with all the other D&D properties, such as the tabletop, DDO, and the books. Lots of long time guilds in the game, going all the way back to beta. Recently there has been a huge influx of returning and new players. The new Stronghold content is great, and the next expansion, which will launch before 2016, has quest lines written by R.A. Salvatore and focuses on the Underdark. Good things happening right now in Neverwinter.

    • not.even.close.
      story is only up to lvl 60. then it is a train wreck of repetitive quests badly written ones at that.
      the graphics suck nowdays were good back when it launched. the combat is fun still.
      the most annoying thing is the tons of bugs that go unfixed for months and the myriads of exploits.

  6. I have played Neverwinter since close beta, and I had a blast with it until the new module came out, and I got the feeling that the game was becoming more of a PTW but that didn’t affect how much fun I had.

    • Most games are at their best during CBT and OBT. I remember I had fun playing Forsaken World in those two phases and the game was actually playable and somewhat fun for a F2P title. There was no cash shop crap, etc. Last time I checked the game had 98349834 currencies and two different markets, WTF!?

  7. I played neverwinter for one year grinded the sh** out of this game
    The only reason i hate this game its because of its pay to win model
    yea some may argue with me that its not
    but its

    for a “free game” it is fun combat wise and skills
    the lore is fine too interesting enough for mmo

    • they put up some huge paywalls. some might argue that you still can get everything for free. no you cant basically. takes around 3 years of in game time to do that and by then the gear and everything else is obsolete (just to get a very basic feel of the math to calculate how long it takes to get them for free).
      they removed basically every way you can get Astral Diamonds for free except the option to pay for them with a credit card.
      so yes it is P2W now and a P2W with a bad model.


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